Summer workers cry foul

Women say Sandusky hotel supervisor threatened to rape them if they didn’t obey his rules
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 8, 2013


Four Asian women living in Sandusky for the summer have accused an employee at their former workplace of threatening to rape them if they failed to obey his rules.

The alleged threats were made at the Rodeway Inn on Cleveland Road, where the women lived and worked for most of June.

The four women, ages 19 to 22, said the man ordered them to turn in their room keys anytime they left the premises. They said that was just one of numerous rules he imposed on them, according to a police report.

The man said if they broke those rules, he would use one of their key cards to enter their room during the night and rape one of them, the report said.

One woman also believed the hotel supervisor stole $1,000 in emergency cash that was concealed in an envelope in her book bag. On Tuesday, June 25, she returned to her room to find the envelope and its contents missing.

The women contacted United Work and Travel, the job placement organization that coordinated their summer employment in Sandusky. The organization asked local resident Robert Beese to house them.

Beese and his wife have hosted summer workers in their large Osborne Street home for five years. They agreed to take the women in, and Beese helped them file a police report on Thursday. 

“These kids should not come to America, then get threatened like that,” Beese said. 

“These four girls were just lost — they were scared out of their wits,” he said. “They didn’t know nothing. There was no one to guide them. I think it’s wrong to bring these kids to this town and say, ‘This is where you’re living,’ and then leave them on their own. What are these kids supposed to do?”

Beese added that one woman said the man warned them not to tell his wife.

Later that day, officers spoke with the man, who denied making the rape threats. He said he held their room keys to ensure they did not get lost and that nobody took advantage of them during their stay, according to the report.

The man further stated the women repeatedly left their window open after he told them not to. He told police it was inevitable someone would enter their room and believed that was how the money was stolen.

He said he didn’t know why the women made a complaint about sexual threats because he has a family and business, and it would not be worth it to have that destroyed, the report said.

Officers did not charge the man with a crime due to the parties’ conflicting stories, and the women found new jobs at a different Cleveland Road hotel.

A message was left at the Rodeway Inn on Friday, asking the man to contact the Register. He did not return the call as of late Saturday.



Other men recruit women from other countries to work at motels and put them up but take most of their salaries. There are alot of horrible people in the world, many exploiting or abusing women. Others abuse or neglect animals. It's sad and there are not enough good people or organizations to help.


What a complete loser! He seems to have an excuse for everything!
I would never stay at this hotel. I wouldn't feel safe and wouldn't trust this predator not to slip into my room at night or rip me off. Sad.

Guess he thought he'd get away with it with these young girls who now probably think that United States is full of thieves and pervs. I hope his business tanks as a result.

☆~*’¨¯¨’*·~★ Starr ★~*’¨¯¨’*·~☆


Conflicting stories means the women were not all telling the same version of the truth. Maybe they didn't like their jobs and decided to get out en masse. Females have been known to use the sexual assault-charge to put many men through hell. Not saying that this is the case, but maybe it is a possibility.


I understood it to mean the different stories between what the owner said versus what the girls' said. He said/they said!


That is NOT what conflicting stories mean. It means He told a different story than the women and there was no proof or evidence to back the women up. I have no doubt this guy took advantage of some young women who didn't even know how to file a police report.


Is this place of business still owned by Sortino?



J Cooper

I still can't understand with an unemployment rate higher than 7% why we need import workers, are these jobs posted for local taxpaying people. Recently I waited in line at the Sandusky Social Security office to get a new social security card and observed Cedar Point bring three van loads of foreign students in with English being a challenge for some of them.


Businesses all around this state ship in foreign workers....they house them and use them to work menial jobs like housekeeping or dishwashers....why? Because they can't get American workers to do these jobs....the problem is some if these people come to this country and are not monitored properly.....


We don't have 7% because there are no jobs. There are no jobs people want or are willing to take. This job is perfect example. Fast food places, hotels, and gas stations are almost always looking for help. We just make it too easy not to work in this country. Let's just say that if your mother takes you to the welfare office for your eighteenth birthday, she is probably not teaching you a very good work ethic.


I wouldn't say there are no jobs out there, but it's more like there are jobs out there but people feel that the jobs are below them and they won't lower themselves to work the menial jobs that are available. Personally I think that even $1.00 an hour is better than $0.00 an hour! That's what my mom taught me anyway. If you don't have a job and you need one, you need to be grateful for whatever you can get that will support you.

As for what's happening with these girls, it's hard to tell who's telling the truth. I don't know that I believe the thing about the room keys. Most hotels use those card keys and it's not like they don't get those in boxes of 1000 at a time so what's the big deal about keeping them. How many times does a normal hotel guest for whatever reason not turn the key in when they check out? Does he turn them over to the police for theft or charge their credit card for a replacement? Probably not so why make these girls do something he's not doing to his other guest. It does sound strange but it is unfortunately a he said/she said situation at this point.


Why work for min wage when they can stay at home for the same amt from unemployment?


Spoken from someone who OBVIOUSLY has never been on unemployment.

sandtown born a...

Sandusky kids won't work if it messes up mommas welfare check and food stamps they will stay home and rob and steal to finance a fun summer. Something's never change

sandtown born a...

I guess I should have said Grand parents or Aunties welfare check/food stamps


I would not try to guess which party is telling the truth. I DO wonder why young adults aged 19 to 22 are called kids.


It's clear the Register didn't bother to send a photographer to get the photo, since those trees in the photo died years ago and were removed. Somehow this story leaves out the part where the young women refused to work two days in a row because it was a bit hot outside and were fired and their story only came out after this happened.


pitiful attempt


Deertracker....yes...I haven't. I have lost a job before. But my parents taught me to have a matter what it was. But I know many people who are doing just what I said.


I wonder if these gals are paying city taxes? sure know they use the transit system to get around that we pay for in subsidized taxes for the government no wonder why the transit states they have over 300,000 people riding it per year . would love to see how many people ride the transit when cedar point is closed


Another business subsidy. We all pay for minimum wage jobs.

The Big Dog's back

Pay a decent wage and people will be pounding the door down for that job.


What would you consider a "decent" wage for the job?

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$20 bucks an hour.

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The Hero Zone

Please come to my store and tell me how I can afford to pay $20/hour. I would love do that. I will be here until 9 tonight and will open at 3 tomorrow.


sell some weed out the back door!!!!!

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Maybe you shouldn't have employees in your business if you can't afford it. Do it yourself. Be self-made.

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The Hero Zone

So giving 0 people $0 is better than giving some people ~$8. Gotcha. You must run a tight business yourself to be able to afford to pay your employees $20/hour for un/semi-skilled work. I am an open book, please share your secrets with me so that I don't have to fire people for not being able to pay them enough.

You make it sound so easy - so teach your young student, honorable master. I bow in humility before you. orz <-bow

I wish to help and advance humanity and do a helluva lot on my own to self-make myself. In fact I do my own promotion, ordering, cleaning (toilets are VERY much included), shipping, receiving, errands, customer service, phone calls, bill paying, and anything else that my facility and community demand of me. Even I don't meet your threshold of $20/hour income.

I may as well not work then, right? I should shut down my business and find someone else to pay me since I am worthless as a businessman by not being able to afford $20/hour for myself let alone my other employees.

Give me the keys to your world so that I, too, can reap the bounty of effortless money generation. Please?

In the mean time I must live dishonorably to your standards. Forgive the mud of economic ignorance I track in on our conversation, I will be sure to mop it after I leave. I will also immediately cease helping the people who come to my store find jobs that don't pay $20/hour. I will also cease helping them find affordable housing and giving them reasons to come to or live in our area. I will cease advising them to get assistance if they need it such in the case of a young family. I will also cease offering a clean and safe place to my community.

I am worthless. Sorry. I wasted your time. It probably took two minutes to read this. Bill me for $.66 I cost you at your rate.

P.S. - Charge me $1 to round it up, but I'm sorry if I am sounding overly sarcastic but while my offer to learn the techniques of paying employees $20/hour is VERY GENUINE, my utter disbelief at your flippant attitude and inhumanity astounded me. I don't usually snip at people but...have you read what you posted? If you are simply trolling me then bravo, you got me good.


I applauded you for hiring someone and pay them wages knowing you continue to keep them on welfare


you aren't worthless. you are doing the best you can given the circumstances. You cannot change the situations of the government, the way things are around here nor the way things are in the world no matter how you try. It just isnt possible. So let the crotchity people just keep yelling about the past jobs paying out 20 bucks per hour. That will never come again. And the reality of getting about 12 to 15 per hour being top bucks now which is what the new reality is. Whatever you are paying your people is a gift.


IAC in Huron pays 10.50 per hour and Whrlpool pay 9.99 per hour. There are many people working there and surviving.

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Good for you on all accounts! Your response was appropriate, your points well made and I lmfao! :)))))

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Trolling you? You asked a question and I answered it. You asked my thoughts about it, I answered it. I'm sorry you don't like my answer.

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It's easy, just import more Chinese made goods at a lower cost so you can pay your people $20.00 an hour. Your widget will be the same price as it was and you just helped create a new Chinese manufacturing millionaire!

Yellow Snow

Very little of that money will be spent here, it will travel back to Asia with them, and how much do you suppose they'd be getting paid for same work if they were in Asia?


I thought these individuals had to return back home if they left their first sponsor job? isn't this rules and laws of their work visa?


I guess now these girls can save money by not paying weekly rent to the person for their housing!!!!!!


Mr aaron Voltz isn't running the place is he? LMAO


I think some of these comments are copied and pasted from one article to another! Lot of anxiety out there. Breathe in, Breathe out, it'll be ok.


Hero Zone remember the debacle years ago with Hershey & the euro-students? The company lied to them after they got here (America). Hershey tried to scam them ($$) Many in America subsidize seasonal/migrant help too. btw we both know if you own the business cleaning toilets comes with the territory.

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The Hero Zone

Having worked at Cedar Point for five summers as well as being active on the International Student Union while at OU, I have a soft spot for international relations. Without taking overt sides in the story, if a business or even a family (through Rotary, etc.) is going to be hosting internationals there needs to be an extra level of interaction and sensitivity given. I really remember the Hershey story for that reason. You just can't do that to people who come here legally and in good faith to work and/or learn.


One, the register is awesome at using pictures from....(WHENEVER), but on the topic of wages. When I was a kid, most of us wanted jobs at Cedar Point. In this day, kids don't want to work, or don't have to work. Mommy, and Daddy take care of everything. ( They have no sense of andy work ethic.) Look at all the people who worked at Ford, and GM that had to go from $30 to "$14, or relocate. Big Dog, It ain't that easy. Been an owner of a business for 25 years, and wish it was easy as you make it seem.

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I never said anything was easy, especially when you have people who are so so happy just to have a job. It's a shame that's what we've been reduced to. The top 1% are oh so happy you feel that way. More money in their overflowing pockets. Happy, happy happy, joy, joy, joy.

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The Hero Zone

I ask this honestly and straightforwardly: "What do you think 'rich people' do with their money? In followup to that, why do they do what you think they do with their money?"

I need to understand your perspective better so that we can more easily communicate. I am open to it but I am having a lot of trouble connecting the dots of your posts.

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They invest their money in cheap labor, so they can have even more money. I'm sorry that you are having trouble "connecting the dots". Must be awful. I hope you overcome that problem.

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The Hero Zone

I often ask others what they think as I can never know everything. According to your response I can better communicate with you knowing better what you think and why. Whether it is right or wrong is irrelevant as I now have a better idea of how you view the world. So in that respect, thank you, I am overcoming the problem I had before understanding you as I desire to. If I didn't want to actually listen to you then I would just call you names and incite bickering.

If you don't mind another question, then, how do you solve this problem with rich people?

"Protect rights of immigrant whistle-blowers"