Bus driver retires after arrest

Perkins Schools employee David Mulvin pleads not guilty
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 8, 2013

A Perkins Schools bus driver retired from the district in May, about a week after he was arrested for an alleged assault, according to police.

David Mulvin, 56, of Sandusky, pleaded not guilty at a court hearing Wednesday to charges of assault and obstructing official business, a first-degree and second-degree misdemeanor, respectively.

Police arrested Mulvin at about 10 p.m. May 21, after a Corso’s Flower and Garden Center truck driver alleged he drunkenly punched him twice in the face in the business truck yard.

Mulvin pounded the driver’s door of the man’s truck while it was running and yelled at him to turn it off, according to a Perkins police report.

When the driver refused, Mulvin punched him through the window, then fled to the barn behind Mulvin’s Farms, visibly intoxicated, the man said.

When police arrived, the truck driver was bleeding and had a fresh wound on his forehead, according to the report.

Police couldn’t locate Mulvin at the farm, and he refused to answer the door of his home in the 3500 block of Jeanette Drive.

A woman answered and eventually got Mulvin on the phone with police, but he didn’t budge, citing “ongoing issues” he and his mother have with Corso’s Flower and Garden Center.

Police promptly issued warrants for Mulvin’s arrest.

The next morning, Mulvin responded to the Perkins Police Department. He was taken to Erie County Jail, where he was released of his own recognizances the following afternoon. 

The bus driver retired from Perkins Schools on May 29, effective May 31, according to a meeting agenda.

The retirement was not influenced by the charges and occurred because he could receive increased benefits if he retired at that time, Mulvin said. He worked 11 years at Perkins Schools.

Mulvin contends there were no witnesses present May 21 and the police report’s account of the situation is inaccurate.

”What one person says happened isn’t exactly what happened,” he said. “I’m still working on this with the court.”

When contacted Friday, Perkins school board members directed the Register to superintendent Jim Gunner for comments. Gunner did not return two calls seeking comment Friday afternoon.

Mulvin was a 2008 candidate for Erie County Commissioner. During his campaign, a woman filed a domestic violence civil protection order against him in Erie County Common Pleas Court, alleging he was “intimidating, controlling, physically abusive and emotionally neglectful” while she was living with him.

Mulvin’s ex-sister-in-law also filed a civil stalking protection order against him in 2007.



I am not required, nor inclined to reveal my personal identity. Neither is anyone else who is blogging on this website. That rarely happens. The female that you are referring to, and I believe you should not have put her name on here, has been a close friend of Mr. Mulvin's brother in the past. One of Mr. Mulvin's brother's children was playing football for Perkins at that game.

Tracy K. Thom

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal information.

Tracy K. Thom

I am telling you now "reese", to cease and desist. Stop using my name or any reference to me, in your attempts to defend Dave Mulvin. You can continue your efforts at damage control with out defaming me .


I never used your name. I have only used the screen/user names of people on this blog.

Tracy K. Thom


Mon, 07/08/2013 - 9:14pm

Sorry Tracy, Mr. Mulvin did not say,......

REALLY??? I let this one go! But on Thurs at 10:49 you did it again, while responding to "looking around"

My friends called and told me, then did a screen grab before it was deleted. I have a copy of it, that is why I came on this disgusting story and created an account.

The Register left my name off this story for a reason.I had my day in court and the truth prevailed. This new arrest just vindicates me even more than my trial did. It has nothing else to do with me.

You have been told to cease and desist immediately, any use of my name or reference to myself.


how many hours does a school bus driver work to get a retirement plan. Maybe 4 hrs a day plus some school events. I take it that part time workers at schools get retirement. No answer will would suprise me.


What is your point, Cast?


reese, if you have any familiarity with the Register you already should know Westerhold never prints more than half a story and usually that half is incorrect. Its not even worth your time trying to explain it to them.


I know, thanks!


WHOA! I get it now! Dang! I wondered why reese kept referring to me as a chic! Hahaha!

You don't know DickTracey, yellow trench coat? Yellow fedora? I been around since 1939. Been on tv and comic books, got a bad a$$ watch better than any iPhone! Who didn't have my lunch box?!

I been commenting here since the inception of the comment section. I have indeed been called a few names and rightfully so, but never a chic? Everyone regular on here knows who I am!

I love it when the newbies join in, just to protect their family or friend who is in trouble! They don't realize each time they comment, its like feeding the sharks! What they don't know is if they just shut up the story dies and goes away, and no one thinks of it again. But they keep the fire going trying to defend their thugs. How many times have we heard, " theres two sides to every story", " the real truth will come out" , " you weren't there I was"

And my favorite......IT'S THE REGISTER'S FAULT!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!

Look at this story, reese has a THIRD of the comments, she put it to the top of the charts and keeps the Mulvin name out there for everyone to rip on, she thinks she is helping. Now THAT'S funny, I don't care who you are!

You've been schooled, reese!!


I guess the only thing left for me to do is to try to forgive you, Dick, and to pray for your soul.


Why pray for me? I have never beat a woman, been arrested, had a mugshot, assaulted anyone, or defended a woman beater.

And by the way, have never committed adultery.

Can you say the same?


Neither have I, to all of the above. Your words throughout all your blogs seem to be full of hatred and cruelty towards others. I really don't understand this.



Is it really true that "What they don't know is if they just shut up the story dies and goes away, and no one thinks of it again"?

If it is true, then why do people get on here and make any comment in the first place? Why would anyone make any comment at all? I commend those who try to correct false or incomplete information, and who point out opinion/conjecture vs. fact.

For the record, I don't know who Reese is, and I don't know Dave Mulvin.


Well than you should commend me. Because in this story, reese came on here and immediately gave FALSE information. She said the truck driver/ victim was from Cleveland and had a criminal record.

If she had even seen the police report, she would know that in FACT, the victim is from Greenwich, no where near Cleveland. The word Cleveland is not in a single page of the five page report.

The FACT is that Mulvin has committed physical abuse on a woman, there was a finding of domestic violence, after a court trial and that victim was awarded a five year protection order. Yet she continues to split hairs, in an attempt to defend him. If he beat a woman, chances are the allegations that he beat this guy are probably true, don't you think?

Another perfect example is the story on the Norwalk Reflector. There was a missing married woman who was last seen at a bar, with someone other than her husband. When the girl was found, the family said she was drugged and beaten and trashed the poor guy she was with.

The next story was that the girl lied and made up her story because she was having an affair! The family that went on to try to defend the girl just stirred the pot and made a lot of false claims about the story, and then looked like total idiots when the girl turned out to be a cheating little druggie.

Had not the family started blogging and stirring the pot, the story would not have been so big, but as soon as the truth came out the commenters were on there like sharks!


Nice detective work, Mum! Looks like you have discovered reese's true identity!

Here I thought reese was just another Mulvin Flavor of the Week, trying to defend her man.

Interesting to note that reese made the comment that the victim of domestic violence had moved, that means her and Mulvin are still keeping track of her. That's a little scarey.