Bus driver retires after arrest

Perkins Schools employee David Mulvin pleads not guilty
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 8, 2013

A Perkins Schools bus driver retired from the district in May, about a week after he was arrested for an alleged assault, according to police.

David Mulvin, 56, of Sandusky, pleaded not guilty at a court hearing Wednesday to charges of assault and obstructing official business, a first-degree and second-degree misdemeanor, respectively.

Police arrested Mulvin at about 10 p.m. May 21, after a Corso’s Flower and Garden Center truck driver alleged he drunkenly punched him twice in the face in the business truck yard.

Mulvin pounded the driver’s door of the man’s truck while it was running and yelled at him to turn it off, according to a Perkins police report.

When the driver refused, Mulvin punched him through the window, then fled to the barn behind Mulvin’s Farms, visibly intoxicated, the man said.

When police arrived, the truck driver was bleeding and had a fresh wound on his forehead, according to the report.

Police couldn’t locate Mulvin at the farm, and he refused to answer the door of his home in the 3500 block of Jeanette Drive.

A woman answered and eventually got Mulvin on the phone with police, but he didn’t budge, citing “ongoing issues” he and his mother have with Corso’s Flower and Garden Center.

Police promptly issued warrants for Mulvin’s arrest.

The next morning, Mulvin responded to the Perkins Police Department. He was taken to Erie County Jail, where he was released of his own recognizances the following afternoon. 

The bus driver retired from Perkins Schools on May 29, effective May 31, according to a meeting agenda.

The retirement was not influenced by the charges and occurred because he could receive increased benefits if he retired at that time, Mulvin said. He worked 11 years at Perkins Schools.

Mulvin contends there were no witnesses present May 21 and the police report’s account of the situation is inaccurate.

”What one person says happened isn’t exactly what happened,” he said. “I’m still working on this with the court.”

When contacted Friday, Perkins school board members directed the Register to superintendent Jim Gunner for comments. Gunner did not return two calls seeking comment Friday afternoon.

Mulvin was a 2008 candidate for Erie County Commissioner. During his campaign, a woman filed a domestic violence civil protection order against him in Erie County Common Pleas Court, alleging he was “intimidating, controlling, physically abusive and emotionally neglectful” while she was living with him.

Mulvin’s ex-sister-in-law also filed a civil stalking protection order against him in 2007.



Way to go, takeing out reese,s comments. They were actually factual, I should know, I was there. But then the truth would make the register artical nothing more than a lousey piece of reporting!!!! Which it was

looking around

Thought there were no witnesses.......hmmmmm


Hmmmm....that is just what the reporter said that Mr. Mulvin said, which is not true. Apparently, Ms. Widman misunderstood what he said. Or maybe she heard what she wanted to hear.


How do you know what Mr. Mulvin said, or did not say, to the reporter? Were you there, too?


The reporter had this conversation with Mr. Mulvin over the telephone. I didn't need to be there.


For you to know what Mr. Mulvin said (or did not say), you were either there or you've heard recordings made of the phone conversation. If you WEREN'T there, and if you haven't heard (or there isn't) a recording, then you have no business blatantly stating that the reporter is either wrong or lying.

Put up or shut up, Reese.

looking around

LOL.....OOOOOH you work for the NSA!


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Why don't you stop buying from Corsos also? If they had been "good" neighbors and stopped made truck drivers show more courtesy in late night hours, none of this would have taken place. I'll bet there have been less complaints from Parents whose children Dave has driven then on other buses. Why inquire from Gunner when you could ask the Bus supervisor if they had problems with Dave?
007, Have you seen Dave start a fight? Many people choose to "Mouth-Off" and you finally confront them they immediately call the police. If the truck driver had whipped Dave, no story, if the truck driver locked his door or driven away, No story but Dave "Whatever" and the police are involved. Just goes to show, whe you need a cop in seconds, they are only minutes away.


If the police were called for an assault then they would have a duty to respond. It is an offense to assault someone, however locking a door or driving away is not an offense. Why would the police be called for that?

Common Sense

To reese:
It is very kind of you to offer your support to Mr. Mulvin in this situation. Where were you on the other occasions?
He should have been terminated as a bus driver when he was reported drinking at the Port Clinton football game in 2004. When I discovered he was driving band students, I refused to let my young teen ride his bus at any time. Our former superintendent should have taken care of this when she was notified of the incident.


I believe the man you saw at the game drinking was Mr. Mulvin's brother. He looks a lot like Mr. Mulvin and they are often mistaken for each other. I understand how you could have made the mistake.


No, no, it was his evil twin! *sarcasm intended*


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1.) The victim is from Greenwhich, Oh. (I was at his home) Not Cleveland, as reported.

2.) The police arrived to see the victim with a fresh wound on his forehead, blood dripping down his face.
Contrary what was said here, that there was no wound, and there is a photo of clean face.

3.) Police took a photo of face and wounds, and called EMS to come to the scene.

4.) Witness said that Mr. mulvin was highly intoxicated, with a strong odor of alcohol emanating from him, and was

5.) Two other witnesses at the scene were threatened by Mr. Mulvin.

6.) A witness reports Mr. Mulvin was pounding on his truck and " climbed up on driver side foot boards"
This is why Alissa does not need to go stand beside a semi, she already knew how Mulvin reached the victim.

7.). Two other witnesses report David was "intoxicated and having a hard time walking to his truck"

And my favorite....Witness states, Mulvin pointed to his muscles and said, "do you want some of this too?"

Notice the "too" since he had already punched the victim twice in the face, he asked this guy if he wanted to be next.

It is important to note that all of these men were at work and had not a drop of alcohol. So if you are a judge who are you going to believe?


to much information if you ask me!


You just made me laugh!! I know that some of what I have written has been long. I apologize sincerely.


Brain-washed bar fly? Mr. Mulvin would out-score you on any kind of intelligence test. He's very, very Smart; Very, very strong; a very, very hard worker; and you could only wish to have him as a close friend. He's much to honest and to much common sense for the political arena. Like Trayvon and Zimmerman, let the justice system run the coarse.


If he is so "very, very, very smart" why is he wasting a college education driving a big yellow bus?

I guess since he got fired from his career job at the city, his reputation and domestic violence, make him unhireable in a four county area.

Amerian Dad

He may have been fired from the City....he received a healthy undisclosed pay check from them.



Mr. Mulvin has a college degree in agriculture and business from The Ohio State University. He is obviously using it for what it was intended.

He enjoyed driving the big yellow bus. Many college educated people choose to drive school bus. Are you insinuating that school bus drivers are lesser educated and/or less intelligent people or that they should be? Or do you think that it is not an important job and that it is beneath him? If so, let me tell you that you are wrong, and Mr. Mulvin definitely does not feel that way!

There is no record of Mr. Mulvin ever being fired by the City of Sandusky in his personnel file or anywhere on file in the City.

Mr. Mulvin won a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit from the U.S. Federal District Court in Toledo, Ohio in 2003 that was heard by the very well-respected Federal Judge Carr.

You already know that, however you persist in trying to humiliate him by bringing up things like this and other nullified past events.


I would have thought that a well educated person with a college degree in agriculture and business from Ohio State University would know that it does not entitle him to assault a truck driver.


Whether I'd outscore Mr. Mulvin or not on any kind of intelligence test is immaterial. However smart I may or may not be, I'm certainly smart enough to know better than to hang out with the Mulvins. Their area reputation for fighting and drinking is older than I am!

Amerian Dad

Well said. It will be a long time before the stink blows off of that reputation......


I am not the one that called anyone a brainwashed bar fly. That was Dick Tracey. That is why she responded to you. I am on here for the same reasons you are. She seems to be on a personal mission.


Truth is everyone who knows the Mulvins knows that they are notrious for their tempers and the bar scene. It has been going on for years and years. But who cares...it it his life. Why be judgemental. It doesn't concern my world. People like to stir up the pot.


To all,
He had a very good wage while with the city. He also enjoyed a real decent wage as a bus driver. If you were to add up His settlement from Federal court plus His bus driving wages, Monetarily the city did Him a huge favor by firing Him. Now both jobs were under the same retirement. He didn't lose his worked years when He was "Fired?" from the city. Voila, now He can enjoy a nice retirement and still take advantage of His education. He took advantage of His education while working for Chem-Lawn, we all benefitted while he was with the city, and He's still in the same field. I'd wager that He's in the minority of college graduates.

Common Sense

Concerning my previoous post, I would agree with you except for the fact that the bus driver sitting with him at the football game, a very pretty divorced woman, referred to him as "Dave". I know you weren't with him on this occasion, nor were you with him when he drove off from an interstate rest stop despite several warnings to stop because there was a student chasing the bus. Thank God for the number of parents who had stopped at the rest stop as well. Forgive me if we do not see Mr. Mulvin in the same light.


I remember hearing about that field trip. And I agree that it must have been a frightening experience. The point at which the bus driver was alerted about the problem, he was too far along on the entrance ramp to I-75 (that's what I recall anyway) to consider stopping or backing up. In these situations, the bus driver has to make a quick decision and he made it. He is responsible for the safety of all the other students on the bus, too. I believe that someone was able to contact one of the other parents on his/her cell phone and they were able to pick up the student. The chaperones are responsible for making sure that all the students are on the bus before it leaves. It is very fortunate that the problem was able to be solved as quickly as it was, but it would have been solved. You may not feel the same confidence that I feel in Mr. Mulvin's quick decision-making ability, but he would be my first choice of Perkins bus drivers that I would want transporting my children or grandchildren, especially on field trips. There are several of the coaches that routinely requested him for their field trips. He is a very safe driver and does not panic in inclement weather. That doesn't mean the other drivers are not safe, but there are things about Mr. Mulvin that give you the feeling that he is going to be able to handle "whatever". It is okay with me when people disagree with me. I just prefer if they would do it respectfully, as you have. Regarding the football game, I can tell you for sure it was his brother, but I am aware it probably won't change your mind.

Common Sense

It really is incredible that if you were not there, you seem to have all this knowledge. Perhaps it is time for you to post as the person you really are. Actaually (and I was there), Mr. Mulvin was made aware of the student being off the bus a he began to back the bus out of the space. He made no attempt to return to the spot. Also, unless you are a female named Georgia or one of "Mr. Mulvin's brother's" children, you weren't at the football game either. It seems apparent that you are trying to protect someone dear to you or yourself.