Hoarded Calif. dogs await rescue groups

More than 130 dogs saved from a hoarder in California two weeks ago need to be saved again — but only rescue groups can save them now.
Associated Press
Jul 6, 2013


The dogs were seized from Rainbow's End Animal Sanctuary in Apple Valley on June 18, where they had been living in one large pack for years without proper food, medical care or human interaction, San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control officials said.

Some dogs had to be euthanized for health reasons. The rest can only be released to rescue groups because of the costly and extensive medical care and behavior work they need. For the same reason, most rescue groups may only be able to take one or two dogs, said Doug Smith, the supervising animal control officer at the Devore Animal Shelter, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles.

Any nonprofit rescue group in the country with the proper credentials can save a dog, Smith said. The rescue groups will have to provide transportation for the dogs too.

The dogs are all at Devore now, but only because other shelters and pet lovers pitched in two weeks ago and adopted every available dog at the shelter to make room.

Devore had to hold the hoarded dogs as evidence until Friday.

All of the hoarded dogs are mixed breed, with a lot of shepherd and collie in them, Smith said.

Smith says the dogs range in age from newborn (born Wednesday) to 11 years old. There are males and females.

Soon they will have to free up kennel space for new dogs and if they don't find sponsors for the 130 dogs, they will have to be euthanized, Smith said.

A criminal complaint has been submitted to the district attorney for review, said Brian Cronin, chief of animal care and control. Because it is an open animal cruelty case, some details about the dogs and their living conditions are not available.

"It is extremely concerning when a self-proclaimed animal sanctuary fails to fulfill its commitment to the homeless animals it has accepted," Cronin said in a statement.




I pray the dogs will find homes!


I looked up the Devore Animal Shelter on line. It's a high kill shelter, with very bad reviews. More than one person called it an animal "death camp"!Looks like these poor dogs are no better off than they were before. I hope someone in CA will investigate this place soon!


NONE of the "so called SHELTERS" are any good! Look them all up! They MURDER animals constantly. People would be amazed if they really looked at what is really going on. Never could figure out why they call them "animal shelters"! They are better off on the streets than in a shelter. The NY area shelters are HORRIFIC! Don't even think about PETA~they are a joke!. Animals don't stand a chance with the "human" race trust me!


Unfortunately California has a high kill rate period. It is a purse puppy state. When these dogs no longer are cute or have health issues their rich owners take them to the shelters through no fault of their.