Viewpoint: By grace and by guts

Today our country celebrates its 237th birthday as families gather for fireworks, picnics, parades or simple cookouts in the back yard. Others will visit beaches, amusement parks or go fishing
Jul 4, 2013


The choices are endless because of our freedom — something we all take for granted to some degree.

Meanwhile, across the globe there are other families that don't have the luxury of enjoying all the accoutrements that are afforded Americans, let alone have the means to partake in a celebration of true liberty.

America has shined the beacon of democracy, human rights and basic freedoms across the face of the world since our nation was created in 1776, and other countries have strived to have a fraction of what we enjoy ever since. That desire to be like America has increased dramatically in recent years as the Internet, television, movies and more stream images of the relative luxuries we enjoy in our everyday life to those living in Third World countries.

These liberties and freedoms have not come without a tremendous price. Aside from all the lives and limbs lost in wars, including our own Civil War, there has been tremendous sacrifices made by each generation of Americans along the way. It's only by the grace of God and guts of our ancestors that we are here today.

The military ousting of Egyptian leader Mohammed Morsi this week after just one year in office shows how fragile developing a democracy can be, and underscores how well the principles of freedom, balance of power and justice were developed by our country's forefathers.

So as you enjoy our country's freedoms today, take a moment to rejoice in what it really means to be an American and be thankful for living in the greatest nation on earth.



Raoul Duke

You're only as free as your next car payment.


This article had my interest until it mentioned an Egyptian leader...what does that have to do with Independence Day in OUR country and celebrating OUR nation's birthday???


I took it as a reminder how difficult it is for any nation or society to accept and make changes, let alone sustain it. Here at home, we continue to struggle with an ever changing world. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it....

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The Hero Zone

Very true. You can hand democracy to a people but unless they know how to use it, how to weave it into their culture, and how to accept the fact there are things they will just have to adjust to it will never take. Hopefully Egypt can become a free and civil society, but it will take time. If not, well, we can just watch "The Gods Must be Crazy" to see what will happen with democracy en lieu of the glass bottle.

I would love nothing more than to see our Congress or the President offer our Declaration and Constitution as a base upon which they should build. The ideals that we have fought for internally and externally should be America's number one export.


Re: "The ideals that we have fought for internally and externally should be America's number one export."

IMO, it's unfortunate that we seem to do it more often than not at - the end of a gun.

For example: In Africa, the Chinese are investing, whereas the U.S. is advancing (militarily).


Re: "The military ousting of Egyptian leader Mohammed Morsi this week after just one year in office shows how fragile developing a democracy can be,"

A "democracy" on it's way to a theocracy.


The problem with pure democracy is that it's a simple "majority rule" formula. As much as people tout the idea of democracy, it's NOT something that they truly want; they just don't realize it. Whether that's a lack in their education or confusion doesn't really matter in the end.

The United States of America is NOT a democracy. It's a democratic republic. There's a difference. What that means is that we DON'T have a pure "majority rule" (or we shouldn't; that's changed quite a bit in relatively recent years, almost universally to our detriment). The Founders, in fact, appended the Bill of Rights to the Constitution simply to ensure that, no matter WHAT the majority thought, some rights simply couldn't be infringed by the government. Obviously, that hasn't stopped many politicians from trying.

Before you jump on the idea that "majority rule" is a good plan, remember a few crucial things: The VAST majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Guess what the results of votes regarding certain moral tenets or methods of worship are going to look like if they're ever on the ballot? (The gay marriage fights at the state level reflect that debate fairly well.) The majority of Americans don't have a problem letting inroads be made against the most basic of constitutionally guaranteed liberties, such as those enshrined in the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. I've even heard rumblings of arguments against the Sixth Amendment in recent years! The Eighth, at least where money is concerned, has already been ignored on a pretty regular basis. And don't even get me STARTED on the inroads made against the Tenth Amendment! (If you don't know what each of those Amendments involves, shame on you! Look it up.)

The "majority" isn't always right. And no matter WHAT the majority thinks, are you prepared to permit it to take away one freedom or another from somebody else? I understand that it may not be YOUR fight (this time, anyway), but every stripping of liberties from somebody who "deserves" it, or in an area you don't think applies to you means the next law or regulation will be easier to pass, and liberties will continue to erode. You WILL be affected, whether it's now or later, and you WON'T like it when it happens.

Contango is right where Egypt is concerned. Look at the majorities THERE! Then remember that Adolf Hitler was elected. Pick your least favorite President (for whatever reason). George W. Bush? Freely elected. Barack Hussein Obama? Freely elected. NEITHER of them should have been permitted to strip the freedoms that they've stolen from Americans, and yet both of them, with the aiding and abetting of Congress and the DOJ (and occasionally the Supreme Court), have done so.

If there's any meaning left to Independence Day, you shouldn't be celebrating. You should be MOURNING! And then you ought to be FIGHTING (I mean via political activism and civil disobedience lest some of you jump to over-the-top conclusions)!

The best way to get started is to educate yourself not just on current events, but on history. Yes, history is happening right now in Egypt, and yes, there are lessons there. But Egypt isn't the first place, and it won't be the last, to suffer this kind of upheaval. In fact, anybody with any knowledge of history could have predicted this quite awhile ago. Maybe some more of us ought to be paying attention to what history shows is headed OUR way, eh?

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I've had more rights stripped from me by Corporations than Gov. Corporations are listening to my phone calls. Corporations are monitoring what I watch and read. Corporations shipped our good paying jobs overseas. Corporations have stripped pay and benefits from their employees. You keep trying to make Gov the bad guy when it's Corporations bringing our lifestyle down to those of 3rd world countries. Maybe if you righties would get out of the rich man's control we could make progress.


Re: "I've had more rights stripped from me by Corporations,"

You poor, poor DERPY!

Be thankful that a corp. (the SR) is providing you a platform from which to b*tch. :)

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Be thankful? That's the problem. They wouldn't do a newspaper if they weren't making money. Money talks, bullspit walks.


Re: "bullspit walks"

Keep walking DERPY. :)


Best post of the month samadams !


Well stated, Samantha. I was about to post something similar, but then I read yours and mine would not have been nearly as eloquent.

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Ohio's tolerance is .08. Most Businesses are 0 tolerant. Why is this important? Because the business is basically telling you you can't drink on your free time because there will always be a trace of alcohol the next day. Many businesses will tell you you can't smoke at all, work or home. I can come up with many more "Corporate laws" restricting what you can do on your time.