Study: Lake Erie home to dirty beaches

Check the water ratings before you go swimming this summer
Associated Press
Jul 3, 2013

An environmental group says Lake Erie beaches in Ohio were the worst in the national last year for water quality.

The annual report from the Natural Resources Defense Council on coastal beaches ranked Ohio last based on how many times E. coli
bacteria posed a health threat to swimmers at Lake Erie’s
61 public beaches.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that in 2012, E. coli was detected in 21 percent of beach water tests. That put Ohio last. Wisconsin ranked 29th with a 14-percent rate.

The percentage of 2012 tests that found unhealthy bacteria was down only slightly, from the 22 percent in 2011.

Tessie Pollock, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Health, said sewage overflows, failing home septic systems and feces from geese and gulls contribute to bacteria contamination.



How many government agencies do we need to protect the environment? There's the EPA, Dept of Natural Resources, Dept of Agriculture, and many others. Then you take into account some are federal while others are run by the state. They overlap, point fingers, launch studies that result in zip, and countless other ways of wasting time and money. We're already paying for all these services and are getting crappy results. Giving the EPA more money wouldn't improve anything

Darwin's choice


The Big Dog's back

The agencies in the state are very political and they shouldn't be. On the Federal level the EPA and the like have been castrated.


The authority granted to the EPA has exploded under the Obama administration. So why are they doing nothing about the lakes? Thats right, all their time end effort is focused on the coal industry.

Really are you ...

Give our Lake Erie E coli bacteria tainted water to the Chinese, or send it to Mexico. They are taking everything else.


The photo may be taken at a strange angle but when blowing it up so each pixel is about 0.25 inches across on my monitor it appears that they interlace as original. If they were Photoshopped then it was a real good job putting it together. The adjoining pixels have mixed color density and sharpness in the transition as well, something hard and time consuming to do manually.

On another note, what is wrong with these girls dress? Girls have been wearing bikinis since the Bikini Island nuclear blast tests. For some strange reason men’s shorts have gained about a half a foot in length over the same period? I consider them knickers when they come over the knee more than a few inches. Very strange, I just have mine tailored to come above the knee, too uncomfortable when shorts hang up on ones knee during activity.

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Nice to see some real technology info shared on here. Thanks!

Oh and yeah, focus on the point of the article. We all are still dumping to much stuff into our lake.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


A bachelor's degree graphics artist said that the pic was manipulated. A 1/4 inch in pixelation isn't anything. One can fade the colors and light direction in. It wasn't done in that pic. The heads are too big.

Also,I have no problem with the bikinis, either. I'm not dead. I also agree on the mens shorts. I wear them at least just above the knees. I won't cut them as short as happy joy gay guy on an older article with the pockets hanging out, though. We have to have some decorum.


(One can fade the colors and light direction in)

Yes, but why would you for this picture?

(The heads are too big.)

Typical teenagers :)


On topic: From Plymouth & North all field run-off goes to Lake Erie. Plymouth & south it goes to the Ohio River.