More reason to be gay

Pride celebrations especially lively after Supreme Court decisions
Associated Press
Jun 30, 2013

Gay rights supporters crowded parade routes in San Francisco, New York and other major U.S. cities on Sunday — but this year's pride celebrations were especially lively after a week that saw the Supreme Court issue two major decisions on gay marriage.

Among the thousands at San Francisco's event, now in its 43rd year, were scores of teenage girls, opposite-sex couples and families with children.

"You can feel the smiles," Graham Linn, 42, of Oakland said as he stood on a three-foot-tall building ledge surveying the crowds standing 10-deep on the sidewalks. "All around you there is a release. There is a vindication, and you can feel it."

The biggest applause went up for the two newlywed couples whose legal challenge of Proposition 8 made it possible for Californians to wed.

The couples — Kris Perry and Sandy Stier of Berkeley, and Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo of Burbank — waved from convertibles as a group of people carrying cartoon-style signs that read, "Prop. 8-Kapow!"

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, who orchestrated the lawsuit, and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who won an Academy Award for the movie about the slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk, marched with them.

"It's so historic," Jeff Margolis, 58, said. "So many of us could never imagine this would happen, that people would be able to do what they want for the rest of their lives."

Loud cheers went to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and state Attorney General Kalama Harris — straight politicians who have been vocal advocates of same-sex marriage.

San Francisco's parade lineup illustrated how mainstream support for same-sex marriage has become. Companies such as Facebook and supermarket chain Safeway were represented. Police officers and sheriff's deputies marched while holding hands.

There was also a group that called itself "Mormons for Marriage" that drew enthusiastic applause. The Mormon Church was one of the main sponsors of Proposition 8, the 2008 voter initiative that outlawed same-sex marriage in California.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down Proposition 8 and also invalidated part of a 1996 federal law that denied spousal benefits to gay couples. On Sunday morning, Justice Anthony Kennedy denied a last-ditch request from the sponsors of Proposition 8 to halt the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses in the nation's most populous state.

San Francisco City Hall remained open on Sunday so couples who wanted to marry could obtain their licenses. Every other clerk in California's 58 counties will be required to issue same-sex marriage licenses starting Monday.

Parade organizers planned to hold a VIP reception for the newlyweds following the parade.

The parade in New York City, where the first pride march was held 44 years ago to mark the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots that kicked off the modern gay rights movement, also was a sort of victory lap for Edith Windsor, the 84-year-old widow who challenged the federal Defense of Marriage Act after she was forced to pay $363,053 on the estate of her late wife.

Windsor, who was picked as a grand marshal of New York's parade months before she won her case before the Supreme Court last week, walked up Fifth Avenue during the event and recalled watching it on television in past years with her wife, Thea Spyer, before Spyer died in 2009.

"I love it obviously," she said. "If someone had told me 50 years ago that I would be the marshal of New York City gay pride parade in 2013 at the age of 84, I never would have believed it."

In Seattle, the two women who were the first same-sex couple to be granted a marriage license in Washington state after same-sex marriage became legal there last year, Jane Abbot Lighty and Pete-e Petersen, helped raise a giant marriage equality sign featuring a red equal sign on top of the city's iconic Space Needle for the first time.

In another first, the Seattle Mariners flew a rainbow flag — the symbol of gay pride first unfurled during San Francisco's parade in 1978 — during their game Sunday against the Chicago Cubs.

The Supreme Court wins motivated many first-time pride parade spectators, including Michael Pence, 53, and John Moehnke, 46, a North Carolina couple who are engaged, attended Chicago's annual Pride Parade for the first time, saying they were thrilled about the Supreme Court's decisions.

The couple from North Carolina planned to marry in New York in the fall, but want to see gay marriage extended to other states including Illinois, where they attended the parade with a church group.

"We have such a long way to go but we're ready for the fight," Moehnke said.

Efforts to legalize gay marriage in Illinois have stalled. Advocates started the year with intense momentum and received backing from President Barack Obama and Illinois' top political leaders. The measure cleared the Illinois Senate on Valentine's Day, state Rep. Greg Harris, the bill's sponsor, decided not to call a vote in the House because he didn't have the needed support.

Harris was one of several politicians at the parade Sunday. He said he would bring back the issue in the fall, adding that the Supreme Court's rulings have resonated with his colleagues in the Illinois House.

"Illinois is in a truly second-class status until we pass marriage equality," Harris said.




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I'm surprised you were able to get all that out considering the difficulty you must have typing and playing with yourself at the same time. Go away now stalker.

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Don't ya just luv it when our moral authority (knuckle) goes into the gutter.


Well, they took Prayer and GOD out of school, legalized the murdering of innocent babies and called them fetuses and allowed abortions to be legal and said what is good is "bad" and what is cool is "sick", distorted the truth of God for a lie. and now you allow homosexuals the right to marry thru the highest court in the land, pretty soon heterosexual will be illegal. Just wait for the judgement to come.

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You can still pray in school and I thought God was everywhere. How do you throw a mythical being out of a school?


THINK again. Gay activists don't hate God. Gays don't hate God. I don't hate God. None of us even know him or have met him and he did not write the bible. So we don't really know that homosexuality is wrong. It's not against the law as far as I know. I am not gay but if someone is, then they are. I have no opinion really and feel that people should be allowed to live their lives anyway they choose as long as it's not hurting someone else. One day we might all find out the real truth about life, our society and God, but for now all we can do is have tolerance and less judgment for lifestyles we don't understand. Religious beliefs are just that-beliefs. There is no certainty or fact so you'd better rethink what you've been taught.


Ohhh stoppp it.


Article title: "More reason to be gay."

What the h*ll does that even mean? Will MORE "reasons" be forthcoming?

Does anyone know when Tehran's gay pride parade is scheduled for this yr.? :)

When's Sandusky's for that matter?

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You could start one in Sandusky.


Unfortunately Sandusky's spectacle is every year on Fathers Day at Cedar Point, when the regions flamboyant gay activists descend on Cedar Point in order to make a mockery of Fathers Day and rub their lifestyle in peoples faces. Attend the Fathers Day festivities there next year and see for yourself.


One gay man + one gay man = zero gay children.

looking around

Except they also want to be able to adopt and raise children......


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How about those soldiers raping women and MEN. What were they born to be?

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"How about those democrats raping the citizens of the United States?"

Fixed it for you.....

New .72 per gallon tax?
Thanks Obama.....


Apparently you aren't smart enough to see the difference? On your way little man.

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Step away from the computer knuckle.



Relax -- Drink Up -- No Worries


The diet pills made her do it!!!


I tolerate the gays and religious folks equally. The more flaming they are the less I tolerate them. The more tolerant they are of each other the more I respect them. If they mind their own business I respect them, the more in my face they are the more I dislike them and their message. I expect most folks are that way except the wingers from both sides trying to influence others, as demonstrated by those taking sides here. Do as you please in your lives, leave the rest of us ( in public places ) out of it.. When I say religious people I include atheists in that, their religion is anti supreme being, no matter which supreme being, although, in this country they seem to hate Christian believers more, since that is more pervasive in this country.


A voice of reason-thank you. I don't advocate any special rights for any one group of people nor do I have a problem with personal choices just don't dump it on my doorstep.


That is one weird headline.

Now, when are single ( no matter what their orientation ) people ( whether by choice or circumstances ie: divorce , widowed etc.) with NO dependents going to get their equal rights?

It should be fair for EVERYBODY!


I found out 30 years ago that a SWM does not meet the requirements of the SBA or any other organization, government and so on when it comes to startup expenses, facilities and operating capitol. I think it is still the same from what I hear.


What a ridiculous headline! People are either gay or they're not gay. How in the world can there be "more reason" to be gay?

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The Hero Zone

Don't forget, and this is said tongue-in-cheek, that if you offer people less reasons to be gay you may be branded as an insensitive hatemonger by some the very people who offer more reasons TO be.


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looking around

Is the guy in the forefront of the accompanying photograph also a boyscout troop leader? He will certainly help your boy grow to be a well adjusted spiritually and morally.......

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It's the Big Dog!!!


I wanted to throw my 2 cents in on this debate but I decided not to because some christians will not accept the fact that being gay is not a choice. Science backs this up.


Show Me The Science.