More reason to be gay

Pride celebrations especially lively after Supreme Court decisions
Associated Press
Jun 30, 2013

Gay rights supporters crowded parade routes in San Francisco, New York and other major U.S. cities on Sunday — but this year's pride celebrations were especially lively after a week that saw the Supreme Court issue two major decisions on gay marriage.

Among the thousands at San Francisco's event, now in its 43rd year, were scores of teenage girls, opposite-sex couples and families with children.

"You can feel the smiles," Graham Linn, 42, of Oakland said as he stood on a three-foot-tall building ledge surveying the crowds standing 10-deep on the sidewalks. "All around you there is a release. There is a vindication, and you can feel it."

The biggest applause went up for the two newlywed couples whose legal challenge of Proposition 8 made it possible for Californians to wed.

The couples — Kris Perry and Sandy Stier of Berkeley, and Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo of Burbank — waved from convertibles as a group of people carrying cartoon-style signs that read, "Prop. 8-Kapow!"

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, who orchestrated the lawsuit, and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who won an Academy Award for the movie about the slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk, marched with them.

"It's so historic," Jeff Margolis, 58, said. "So many of us could never imagine this would happen, that people would be able to do what they want for the rest of their lives."

Loud cheers went to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and state Attorney General Kalama Harris — straight politicians who have been vocal advocates of same-sex marriage.

San Francisco's parade lineup illustrated how mainstream support for same-sex marriage has become. Companies such as Facebook and supermarket chain Safeway were represented. Police officers and sheriff's deputies marched while holding hands.

There was also a group that called itself "Mormons for Marriage" that drew enthusiastic applause. The Mormon Church was one of the main sponsors of Proposition 8, the 2008 voter initiative that outlawed same-sex marriage in California.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down Proposition 8 and also invalidated part of a 1996 federal law that denied spousal benefits to gay couples. On Sunday morning, Justice Anthony Kennedy denied a last-ditch request from the sponsors of Proposition 8 to halt the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses in the nation's most populous state.

San Francisco City Hall remained open on Sunday so couples who wanted to marry could obtain their licenses. Every other clerk in California's 58 counties will be required to issue same-sex marriage licenses starting Monday.

Parade organizers planned to hold a VIP reception for the newlyweds following the parade.

The parade in New York City, where the first pride march was held 44 years ago to mark the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots that kicked off the modern gay rights movement, also was a sort of victory lap for Edith Windsor, the 84-year-old widow who challenged the federal Defense of Marriage Act after she was forced to pay $363,053 on the estate of her late wife.

Windsor, who was picked as a grand marshal of New York's parade months before she won her case before the Supreme Court last week, walked up Fifth Avenue during the event and recalled watching it on television in past years with her wife, Thea Spyer, before Spyer died in 2009.

"I love it obviously," she said. "If someone had told me 50 years ago that I would be the marshal of New York City gay pride parade in 2013 at the age of 84, I never would have believed it."

In Seattle, the two women who were the first same-sex couple to be granted a marriage license in Washington state after same-sex marriage became legal there last year, Jane Abbot Lighty and Pete-e Petersen, helped raise a giant marriage equality sign featuring a red equal sign on top of the city's iconic Space Needle for the first time.

In another first, the Seattle Mariners flew a rainbow flag — the symbol of gay pride first unfurled during San Francisco's parade in 1978 — during their game Sunday against the Chicago Cubs.

The Supreme Court wins motivated many first-time pride parade spectators, including Michael Pence, 53, and John Moehnke, 46, a North Carolina couple who are engaged, attended Chicago's annual Pride Parade for the first time, saying they were thrilled about the Supreme Court's decisions.

The couple from North Carolina planned to marry in New York in the fall, but want to see gay marriage extended to other states including Illinois, where they attended the parade with a church group.

"We have such a long way to go but we're ready for the fight," Moehnke said.

Efforts to legalize gay marriage in Illinois have stalled. Advocates started the year with intense momentum and received backing from President Barack Obama and Illinois' top political leaders. The measure cleared the Illinois Senate on Valentine's Day, state Rep. Greg Harris, the bill's sponsor, decided not to call a vote in the House because he didn't have the needed support.

Harris was one of several politicians at the parade Sunday. He said he would bring back the issue in the fall, adding that the Supreme Court's rulings have resonated with his colleagues in the Illinois House.

"Illinois is in a truly second-class status until we pass marriage equality," Harris said.



Darwin's choice

Big Dog.....Love the photo of look so relieved !!




Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights) and Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..


Why is it wrong..because YOU say it is? Because the BIBLE says it is? I have an absolute hate of people that sit around all day spewing GODS WORD. Your GOD is not the last word on everything. YOUR bible is not the only word to follow. YOUR bible is a work of fiction. YOU cannot prove anything without quoting your BIBLE. Do you have ONE single thought of your OWN? Can you think for yourself?


Thank you for a perfect example of a typical tolerant liberal hypocrite.


ONE THING I AM NOT IS A mother taught me to think for myself I do not need a religion or a bible to think for me or tell me how to live my life. I stand behind NO BOOK OR RELIGION. I also do NOT stand behind a political party. I am NOT tolerant of any who will try and tell me what I need to think or do. I speak my mind and will tell you exactly what I think (ask anyone here, haha.) SO take YOUR god and bible thumping and try it on someone else it does NOT scare me.


Thank you thinkagain for pointing that out. The gays will stop at nothing in shoving their agenda on us god loving people.


@ ladydye


OK, I'll feed the troll.

You simply use religion as a crutch to hate. Do you think they actually say one day "I want to be an outcast and voluntarily find someone of my own sex sexually attractive?" As an experiment, think of the ugliest person you can of the other sex. Now, choose to become sexually aroused by that person. It's not going to happen in one instant or in one lifetime. It's not possible is it?


Of course it is a choice, no one is born homosexual.


So you can force yourself to be sexually attracted to someone of the opposite sex you find ugly? No, you are wrong. You are also full of hate. Otherwise, you wouldn't feel compelled to post. I'm not gay, but people like reinforce my belief that the christian religion is not one of love and acceptance, but one of hate and control. I'm glad that I finally rationalized for myself how wrong the teachings of the bible are. If gays are atheist, I really can't blame them. The so-called "accepting" religion rejects them openly. Knowing they actually didn't choose to be outcasts, they realize that if the words of the bible say they chose to be gay, then the words of the bible must be wrong. So go walk on water, turn some wine into water and live in a whale's stomach. Have fun with those fairy tales.


Sharing the Gospel and telling the unrepentant what God requires of them is hateful? Never mind Paul's unequivocal teachings on homosexuality. If we quote him, if we quote Christ himself, if we call out sin, we're hateful?

I reject your label of hate.

Recognizing sin is the first step to overcoming, no matter which sin is being discussed. But “progressives” are trying to say that homosexual sex is good, right and moral. This is the reason to address it.

Marriage is ordained by God to be between a man and a woman. The idea of two homosexuals marrying is a an offense to the God who created marriage.

Christians who proclaim the truth that homosexuality is a sin are homosexuals' best friends, whether those in the homosexual community feel that way or not.


blah blah blah, all fiction used to control the masses. There is no god and no hell, you are just delusional. Once I started thinking for myself and realized there is no god, I started treating people and other living things with more respect. You should really think hard about your failed logic. Hey, if it makes you feel better to believe there is a god and all these parlor tricks happened, go for it, but don't try to tell these people that they have been rejected. You know why so many gay youths commit suicide? Is it because they chose to be gay and couldn't live with their choice, so instead of choosing to be heterosexual, they end their life? No!!!! You are killing kids by your hate.


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I see the Sandusky Register will resort to telling a bald-faced lie to defend their agenda.

Glad I read the Norwalk Reflector today. Very inspiring article, missionary’s helping where help is desperately needed.

The Register has become nothing more than a proponent of the homosexual agenda.


You got issues, seek help.


Don't forget about that "virgin" that gave birth!




I find it amusing that you actually think homosexuality is a choice. By saying it's a choice is like saying you chose to be certain race. In some sort of warped thinking you assume that its a choice with no facts to prove it. There are numerous studies that show how the brain reacts in certain hetero and homosexual settings. And guess what? They both had almost the exact same affect on the brain, and the body's response to the situation. Instead of relying on a book, that by today's standards could be viewed as ramblings of schizophrenic, try doing a little research and learn something new. When you stop learning you stop evolving. Now a days you can learn new things right in the comfort of your own home. Be open to the possibility that not everything you think you know is going to be true.


Trying to argue with the ignorance and intolerance of a liberal is about as intellectually rewarding as a conversation with the family dog.

NO one is born homosexual. Absolutely no research supports this claim. The homosexual life style is a developmental disorder.

Get educated and do something positive with your life.


I am extremely educated and I do a lot of charity work, which in my eyes is something positive. So as you judged me without knowing me, shows exactly what kind of christian you really are. One that uses the bible and its verses to suit your agenda. You of all people shouldn't be using the bible to make a point. Remember Matthew 7:1. And I'll assume that you are an expert in human genetics or study that you can say that " NO one " is born homosexual. So with all that being said you should probably take your own advise and do something positive with you life and stop being so negative. Nobody nominated you or put in charge of spreading the gospel based on your diluted interpretation.


Ever notice how liberal atheists are preachy, judgmental and intolerant? Or how hypocritical they are when they espouse the same traits they proclaim to hate?

First, you displayed your true intention, with an often seen display of anti-Christian bigotry. Secondly, you resort to shaming techniques to feel superior and in control of what other people think. Thirdly, you’ve deluded yourself into believing barely literate and incapable of rational discourse is “extremely educated”.

Yep, I'm a Holy-Spirit filled Bible believing (and thumping) Christian that prays all of the time (especially when I'm being less than kind to a liberal). God will forgive me.


You DO NOT know me well enough to say I'm a liberal. It seems to be your favorite and most used term against anyone that doesn't agree with what you have to say or takes a stand against what you say or believe. So when you pray, pray that the heavenly father forgives your bigotry and intolerance. You have come off not as a good christian but as an intolerable and insensitive tool. I am a christian not an atheist as you think I am. So why don't you come on down from your high horse and join the rest of civilization and spread some love. From all the comments that you have left you are by far the biggest hypocrite on this forum. And you want to sit and talk about shaming techniques, why don't you do yourself a favor and go back and read the bs that you have left and the responses that you have left in order to make yourself feel superior. By what I have read here you are no more than an insignificant, diluted and brain washed hypocrite with that false belief that homosexuality is a choice. You want to blast homosexuality as a sin, yet the biggest homosexuals are guarded and protected by the church. The difference is their homosexuality is also pedophilia. So you can put that in your pipe and smoke it. The church knowingly allows pedophiles to move from church to church and your worried about gays wanting to get married. So go and leave your donation in the plate so you can contribute to the legal fund to help protect the very monsters you hate so much. AGAIN you are a hypocrite!!!


Thanks for demonstrating how a “real Christian” shows love and refrains from judging. lol


I am very interested on your position of the atrocities going on in the church. Can you defend what's going on with priests molesting little boys, and the church covering it up? A male priest molesting a little boy is still homosexuality and against the law. So how do you defend that? I hope you can see the hypocrisy in the churches stance against homosexuality.


Go read the new article posted about the priests. Proves what kind of hypocrites you bible beaters are. Shame the homosexual protect the pedophile priest. The whole organization is a complete mess. Worry about what's going on in the church and flush these monsters out of the ranks instead of worrying about homosexuals wanting to get married. H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S!!!


I find it absolutely hilarious that my point was just proven in this newest article.


You calling everyone who believes what the bible says a "thumping hypocrite", is no worse than me assuming everyone in a burka/turban is a terrorist, or every Asian is good at math. True the bible/God does say its wrong, but he also says not to judge others, and to love one another. How is it that Shane Windmeyer, a homosexual and Leader of the student led LGBT, and Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-a, can befriend each other during the height of the whole "chick-fil-a ordeal", and recognize their differences, respect them and still be close friends, yet you all can't recognize each others differences and leave it at that. Your both screaming "TOLERANCE OF MY IDEALS THROUGH INTOLERANCE OF YOURS". Your calling each other intolerant while being intolerant towards each other. NO ONE on here said anything about hating homosexuals, and neither does the bible. Anyone who claims to be a Christian yet acts contrary is not, no matter how much scripture they quote. I work with and have friends who are homosexuals. I personally don't agree with homosexuality, that being said I don't treat them any different than anyone else. I know their beliefs and respect them, and they do the same for me. Its folks like the both of you who are giving BOTH sides a bad face. No one approves of priests molesting kids, saying that is just idiocy. And accusing everyone that disagrees with you of being a illiterate liberal is just as worse. A real Christian doesn't pick and choose the parts of the bible they are going to abide by, they abide by it all, or at least strive to. Obviously no one is perfect, thus the need for forgiveness from each other as well as God. Just my 2 cents, if you don't agree with it then your a liberal thumping gay hating obama loving tea bagging socialist loving gun toting redneck...just kidding haha.


Oh goody, just what this thread needed, another individual judging while preaching about not judging.

The Brownie Elf

I have no dog in this fight but would like to see him/her answer that question in reference to the priests as well.


"Absolutely no research supports this" says the person quoting the bible as "proof". Absolutely no research supports that any "miracle" in the bible actually occurred. There are no miracles, only coincident. And by the way, saying in one line that "homosexuality is wrong" is not exactly proselytizing, it's being judgemental. Given that you assume anyone opposing your viewpoint is liberal and atheist, you are also stereotyping people in broad strokes. Take a look at your words and really evaluate what you have said. You are talking in circles.

It just occurred to me that you may very well be one of those people from the Westboro Baptist Church.

Ah what's the use? Arguing with a person from Westboro is like arguing with a goat. I'm sure we'll chat in another topic one day. Hopefully your little rant of hate about gays and my response will help at least one person "see the light" - that religion is there only to control and appease the populace. There is no god, there is no after-life, there is no eternity for your soul. Live a good life, respect ALL others, treat others with respect. Why? Not for some carrot at the end of the stick (heaven), but because you need to realize that all living creatures have a finite life. There is one concept from the bible that is actually wise: the golden rule. Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Who are you to snuff out the life of a gay youth?