Goodwill mowing

Work crews trim the overgrown grass at empty houses.
Jun 28, 2013


The city of Sandusky recently contracted with Goodwill Industries of Erie, Huron, Ottawa and Sandusky Counties. Goodwill workers are maintaining lawns at nuisance properties.



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Sweet, and while they are at it to check the outsides of the houses to make sure some crackheads did not break in and living inside.

44870 South


Yellow Snow

Didn't we have a lawnmower guy a few years ago who tried to cut overgrown grass in one of the parks and was told to cease and desist?

44870 South

LOL!!!! And he was doing it for free.


They better charge the property owners, or you will see much more lazy owners.


You got that right Wes! No good deed.........