Woman killed after van slams tree

Speeding driver loses control of vehicle. Dog inside also perished.
Courtney Astolfi
Jun 27, 2013

A woman was killed Thursday when the van she was driving slammed into a tree off Second Street .

A pet dog in the vehicle also was killed.

Police said the woman was westbound traveling at a high rate of speed when she lost control of the vehicle near Fulton Street. Her identity is being withheld until family is notified, police said. 

The Ohio State Patrol, the Port Clinton police and fire departments and the Ottawa County sheriff's office responded to the scene.



Poor dog.


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


dogs in the car are more dangerous than cell phones


I agree. I have a friend who lets her dog sit on her lap while she is driving. Usually he is pretty good, but when he gets excited it's scary. If you have to put your children in a restraint seat, why don't you have to have your animals strapped in.


speeding is also dangerous. obviously.


Regardless of why this woman was speeding, someone lost their life and a family has lost not only a family member, but probably a beloved pet as well....I don't even know why I subject myself to reading the stupidity that seeps out of keystrokes of most people that frequent the SR!!....You don't know why she was speeding and lost control, maybe she had a medical condition which caused her body to go limp, which would in turn cause her foot to push the pedal to the metal!!...Some of you people should just get a life and have some type of respect for others and their families!!....Most of you cast stones at everyone else, apparently while sitting behind your computer screen and being perfect! It's really no wonder the world is the way it is these days, when someone can't simply post a sympathy remark to the deceased persons family instead of commenting with sarcasm and disgrace!!.....I pray none of you ever have to endure a tragedy in your family and people make sarcastic remarks about your family member!....This world really makes me sick anymore!

Eph 2 8-10



Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).




Well put lmalley


Sometimes it can take just one person to stop a bully.


I do not see any of the comments above yours as sarcastic lmalley. your comment is very judgmental and assumptive. who are you to tell other people to get a life? everyone reacts to tragedy in their own way. you make me sick.


Really reporter? Come on now, you're fishing for commments


I agree reporter54. What angers me is that the SR posts pictures of accidents like these when they say the family hasn't been notified yet. I would be ashamed to be a SR photographer. They take these pictures to shock us and follow up with a feel good story about the victim(s) to cover up their poor taste. My prayers for the family.


Might of been a seisure.


Reporter 54, I could see how unassumer's comment could be perceived as sarcastic. . Just sayin. N I think lmalley 77 has good points. There is too much drama, nonsense and hate and not enough understanding and compassion.


Thank you myfairsher for COMPLETELY understanding what my entire post was all about!..It's not just this article and the first few posts that bugs me, but almost ALL online article posts are negative, unsympathetic comments and it just gets old after awhile. I myself would like to offer my empathy and condolences to the family members that now have to live the rest of their lives after this tragedy.


Imalley77, You are not alone.


thoughts and prayers are going out to this persons family... and to the people that write Inappropriate comments and who don't know the whole story... I live one street over from where this happend... this person had somekind of medical problem that caused this.. so before stupid people start writing and commenting how immature the parents made this person... it was due to a diabetic attack


I TOTALLY agree with you lmalley77


Jcrew510, thank you for clarifying what caused this tragic accident, since Sandusky Register is always too quick to report on something, but never wants to give us the full story. It just really upset me to see the comments that started without people even knowing what happened. My very first thought was that it had to have been a medical condition, but others jumped the broom a little too quick with their sarcastic comments, that's what made me mad.


How sad :(

The Answer Person

Fun part will be when they find out what was REALLY going on with the woman. Sad about the dog.


Sad for the dog and we should ban trees..

Simple Enough II

Life is to short, shame.

Simple Enough II



First of all, it's an ongoing investigation so all the details have not been confirmed. They think perhaps it was a medical condition, but my comment regarding speeding was not sarcastic-that is your perception. It was a general comment about speeding. I was not saying that the accident was caused by speeding. You read that into it. News is reported as it happens with or without all the details. That is a fact of life and is not personal and not meant to be insensitive. Many commenters project their own personal feelings onto others statements or actions which is not objective on their part. When a story is printed does not really matter. If I happen to find out a loved one died from the paper or from the state trooper, what difference does it make? None. It's still a devastating loss. Everyone has their own opinion but I don't have to agree.


This sounds like some type of medical episode may be the culprit here. That is usually not an area where one just speeds or drives recklessly. Sad all the way around!


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