Erie County commissioners propose raising sales tax

Raising the rate should generate an extra $7 million for infrastructure, facility upgrades
Andy Ouriel
Jun 27, 2013

Erie County commissioners voted 3-0 Thursday to purse the process of raising the sales tax rate from 6.5 percent to 7 percent.

The proposed one-half of 1 percent would generate an extra $7 million for Erie County's budget.

Commissioners Tom Ferrell, Bill Monaghan and Pat Shenigo said they're raising the rate specifically to address and fund long-neglected maintenance issues, including infrastructure and facilities at the jail, courthouse and nursing home.

The commissioner's $26 million operating budget can't afford these expenses.

At least two public hearings must occur before the rate occurs, tentatively slated for Oct. 1.

Pick up Friday's Register to read more about the proposed tax hike.


J Cooper

How many articles have we read how wonderful the Erie County Commissioners (at least two of them) were by living within their budget, all the while trashing the City of Sandusky at every turn. Now we know the secret, live within the budget while raising taxes on the working class. Can the pie in the sky airport at Plum Brook be far away?

True Blue

Perkins School, Health Department, and now the the Commissioners want to raise the sales tax. While people are taking cuts in wages and benefits or losing their jobs altogether, these idiots want us to pay more for their needs. What are families suppose to do. More foreclosures because these iditos won't stop spending. Why don't they take a cut in their wages and benefits. Gunner is using sports to get the parents out to vote. I don't know what these others will try to do to get votes, but I'M VOTING "NO."

Julie R.

Forgive $200K in back taxes owed by a county public official but raise the sales tax.