Erie County commissioners propose raising sales tax

Raising the rate should generate an extra $7 million for infrastructure, facility upgrades
Andy Ouriel
Jun 27, 2013


Erie County commissioners voted 3-0 Thursday to purse the process of raising the sales tax rate from 6.5 percent to 7 percent.

The proposed one-half of 1 percent would generate an extra $7 million for Erie County's budget.

Commissioners Tom Ferrell, Bill Monaghan and Pat Shenigo said they're raising the rate specifically to address and fund long-neglected maintenance issues, including infrastructure and facilities at the jail, courthouse and nursing home.

The commissioner's $26 million operating budget can't afford these expenses.

At least two public hearings must occur before the rate occurs, tentatively slated for Oct. 1.

Pick up Friday's Register to read more about the proposed tax hike.



Yep, you get to pay more taxes without a public vote. Wonder how this will effect the upcoming school levy. Can't be good.

This is becoming a common occurrence in Perkins township. The school board moves funds, and plans a new building without a public vote. Now the county commissioners add more burden to the taxpaying public without a vote.

Also, the health department wants more too. Let not forget the township would have no police if a levy wasn't passed.

Ya just gotta love government bureaucrats. Can they ever be stopped ?


Unfortunatly, the general public isn't smart enough to vote out these people that are not serving the community. Much like the City issue with Ard, the public should be able to see which city commissionners are defending her and costing the city precious dollars they don't have.


More money to squander.


It is too easy to raise taxes then to balance the budget. Sandusky will be doing the same thing. Just pass your extravagant spending onto the taxpayer. The taxpayer is feed up with it all.

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(should generate an extra $7 million)

Should is the key work here, I was on the phone about one hour ago with a friend who ordered his lawn furniture from Meijer. He lives on the west side of Cleveland where the rate is about a point higher. How will you be able to figure how many sales will be lost in Erie county? Did he buy fuel while he was here? Did he and his wife dine while they were here? What other items did they buy? Trust me, he also shops at Menards as well.

Take this guy who told me this an hour ago and multiply him times???

Please do not be short sited, these are Obo style tactics that tend to backfire!

The Bizness

We should be raising bed taxes, not sales tax. We have a very low bed tax rate for a tourist area.


Think how refreshing it would be to hear a bureaucrat say "we can live within the money you provide."

But, what you hear is "tighten your personal belt, we need more."


How about an entertainment tax? Either 5% or 10% on admission and room fees on places that offer entertainment. Such as Cedar Point, Kalahari and the rest of the water parks. That would be a decent amount of cash flowing into the local coffers even at 5% or less just on tickets sold at CP.


As much as I don't like higher taxes, at least this way the tourists are going to get taxed as well. Any other tax would not affect the tourists and we would have this burden on residents alone.


Going from a 6.5% sales tax to a 7% sales tax is an increase of 7%.

If you spend about $20,000 in the county its an increase in your tax of $1,000. Analysis what you spend per year it's not hard to spend this amount in the county.

$1,000 sales tax increase
$ 500 property tax increase for schools
$ 200 property tax increase for police

$1,700 increase in taxes over 6 months

Ya gotta love bureaucrats ?


Your math is wrong by a factor of ten, it would be an increase of $100, NOT $1000 as you quote above. Raising the tax a half percent on 20,000 takes the tax from 1,300 to 1,400. If you are going to get on here and complain about increased taxes, at least do the math right. If you don't like the increase, then vote out the commissioners when they are up for reelection. If you don't like Obamacare when it kicks in next year, then vote for a new Congress/President. If you don't like how Perkins Schools are being run, then vote for a new school board.


Sorry but your both wrong. 5.5 of the sales tax goes to the state. The county is increasing their portion by 33.3% going from 1. to 1.5


It is more fun for Sprinkles, if he just complains.


Try 7.692307692307692% which rounds out to 8% not 7. Looks like you were sucked in by "New Math". This is Sandusky not Washington, DC.


If it were just used for those items!!!

4-wheeler al

use the court costs they collect from people.


They are just trying to keep up with Sandusky, Seneca, Huron and the other 45 counties that already collect 7% - they view the extra 1/2% as "lost revenue"

The Answer Person

Not a problem. It is a fair one for all to pay equally.


I agree. It's well past time the government starts living like the rest of us! Tighten belts when needed, spend wisely at ALL times, and go without when we must.

Here's a newsflash for the County Commission: Almost everybody in Erie County has had to deal with making money go further, or doing without. Yet you want people who are already hurting to hurt yet some more? Don't think we won't remember that come election time...!


Given a choice between property taxes and sales tax I would choose the sales. It is a consumption tax.



I agree with that simple choice. I don't agree that taxes are increased without public vote. That should be a choice too.


Infrastructure? That includes the water system, doesn't it? The one that Jack Meyer put the county so far in the hole to expand.

And during the past year the commissioners have also talked about raising the water rates.

The health dept is going to have a levy on the ballot too. And the last time it was passed, the head of the health dept got a "healthy" raise and is now either the highest or one of the highest paid county employees.

Plus the county engineer is pushing for an increase of $15 on every license plate too.

That's another tax you don't get to vote on.

All that plus the increase in health care costs from Obamacare! Here's a news flash...the well has run dry!


You know the state is proposing to raise sales tax too in their new budget, where is all this money supposed to come from? I haven't gotten a raise in years.


Anyone who has ever read the Blogs on here knows how much I have been against taxes. I am 100% plus, for the 7%. These commissioners have done an excellent job with the economy they inherited. Spending has been reduced from 31 to 26 million.
This is a one year deal 1 Jan. 2014-31 Dec. 2014. If it has to be voted on it may be forever. We have been very fortunate in Erie Co. and Ohio. We have a low sales tax rate and are not taxed on food unless you are in a retaurant. The number one thing to remember is that these improvements are for taxpayer owned property. Yes, these properties belong to us. These improvements benefir 100% of the Erie Co. residents. If we don't spend a little now it will cost us a whole lot later.


If you spend $100.00 on clothes you'll owe $7.00, 50 cents more. Or you could go to Cleveland and buy your clothes, as many do, and spend $7.75 in sales tax. 48 counties in Ohio (We have 88) already are at the seven percent level.


I left a message with your brother, give me a call anytime.



That's kinda hard to leave a message with my brother. I don't have a brother.

As you can tell from my posts I'm into public involvement not government control. But, if all taxes were sales tax you could at least control how much you were obligated to pay.


Re:"But, if all taxes were sales tax you could at least control how much you were obligated to pay."

Who paid for your free Ezpass from Mass?


I was waiting for someone to say it and EZOB did not disappoint me. Here goes the old statement.....its ONLY a few cents more on a purchase yada yada yada. How many of us have heard the schools cite well the raise is ONLY a cup of coffee a day. The raise for this or that is only a few cents a day over and over. WELL I have have a flash message that few cents more for this and for that and that and even that too adds up to DOLLARS and those go up in amount very quickly. So few cents or not EZOB it does cost and it does hurt those who have the least ability to pay it.

I am surprised Jack Meyers is not into the act of raising whatever at county level.......he always has some need for an increase....OH THATS RIGHT the county commissioners headed him off at the pass and told him to justify his last request for an increase and that has him working harder to raise our sewer and water rates.


Actually If you really want the truth about taxes look at why they are raising the taxes. Obama care,free phones welfare cards that allow you to eat steaks and lobster,witch is traded for drugs. YMCA, schools,colleges and the rest of the stuff that the FREEBEE people get. Hang in there peeps it wont be much longer and the system will not be able to handle them. Cant wait for that to happen we will see FREEBEE peeps working. Imagine that.

J Cooper

How many articles have we read how wonderful the Erie County Commissioners (at least two of them) were by living within their budget, all the while trashing the City of Sandusky at every turn. Now we know the secret, live within the budget while raising taxes on the working class. Can the pie in the sky airport at Plum Brook be far away?

True Blue

Perkins School, Health Department, and now the the Commissioners want to raise the sales tax. While people are taking cuts in wages and benefits or losing their jobs altogether, these idiots want us to pay more for their needs. What are families suppose to do. More foreclosures because these iditos won't stop spending. Why don't they take a cut in their wages and benefits. Gunner is using sports to get the parents out to vote. I don't know what these others will try to do to get votes, but I'M VOTING "NO."

Julie R.

Forgive $200K in back taxes owed by a county public official but raise the sales tax.