Downtown bank branch to close

Second PNC location in Norwalk also being phased out
Melissa Topey
Jun 26, 2013


Two local PNC Bank branches are slated to close in September.

The PNC branch at 404 W. Washington St. in Sandusky and 9 E. Main St. in Norwalk will close Sept. 20, said Marcey Zwiebel, spokeswoman for PNC Bank.  

The locations simply aren’t getting the number of customers needed, as compared to busier locations on Perkins or Milan avenues, she said. 

“Our research is showing people are banking very differently today with online and mobile channels,” Zwiebel said.

For mobile banking, a customer can simply use a cell phone to take a picture of a check, depositing it by sending the photo to the bank. 

PNC Bank averages 15,000 deposits a day through this method.

Automated teller machines are also popular, as about 85 percent of all transactions can be done at an ATM, Zwiebel said.  

Customers who are used to visiting the West Washington Street location or the East Main Street office will have to travel to another location. There is no indication other bank branches in the area will close, Zwiebel said.   

As for the employees at the closing branches, their futures are unknown. Zwiebel said she can’t definitively say what will happen.

“We do our best to place employees (at other locations),” she said. She did not immediately know how many people work at the two closing branches. 



Not surprising that the regional and community banks and their branches are consolidating or closing.

The Fed. Resv. favors the BIG BANKS through it's Primary Dealer program.

Be sure to take a look at the list of "Who's Who" on "Additions and Removal" tab.


Hey maybe they foreclosed and the building will be bought at 1/4th the value and renovated into low income rental property!


Since when is PNC a regional or community bank? They have locations in Virginia!


PNC is considered to be a "regional" bank.

The point: The Fed favors the BIG BANKS.


They favored PNC plenty, giving them TARP money to buy out NCB even though they didn't issue any mortgages.


That bank is full of crooks anyway. I hope they all shut down!


Why would anyone join PNC when there are sevearl good Credit Unions in the area?


Define regional bank. Their "region" is most of the country. That is a big bank. Small banks would be like First Federal of Lorain.


Re: "Define regional bank."

They're NOT national (like Citi or BOA) and they are not a primary dealer.


First National Bank..Locally owned and serviced since 1865!! Great people,rates..etc Kudos to them !!


By the way, they service their home loans too.. better that having it sold and sending payments to 5 different states in 5 years to 5 different companies !!!


doppleganger...that is a horrible thing to say! I have been through a factory shut down/job loss and it's awful. I certainly hope you never have to go through something like that. I think very highly of the PNC bank people. They are great people with families. I hope they never have to worry about how to feed the family or pay the bills...No one should!

Brick Hamland

I am a Citizens Bank fan. The best thing about them is that the decision makers are on the third floor of the Water St. office, not in Pittsburgh. @margaritaville88- keeping home loans in house is a tough way to make money long term for a bank. 30 year fixed rate at 3.5% or lower is a recipe for disaster when rates rise especially for small banks