State troopers to partner with Border Patrol

Sandusky Post will open new station at federal headquaters
Jun 25, 2013


The Ohio Highway Patrol will expand its partnership with the U.S. Border Patrol by establishing a sub-post  at the Border Patrol headquarters in Port Clinton. 

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is subject to state laws governing law enforcement agencies. 

The Border Patrol and other federal agencies do not respond to public information requests or provide any information about activities of federal agencies, arrests, detainees or other standard documentation required by state law. 

The new station will begin operating from the Border Patrol HQ at 709 SE Catawba Road in Port Clinton later this month.

The Ohio Highway Patrol Sanduky Post made the announcement this morning in the following news release: The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced today that it will open a sub-post in Ottawa County to better serve the motorists and residents in the area.  The Sandusky Post, which is located in Erie County, but also provides patrol services for Ottawa County, will begin operating from an office located at the United States Border Patrol Office, 709 SE Catawba Road, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452, beginning on June 26, 2013.

Troopers working in Ottawa County can use the sub-post to meet with the public in order to complete crash reports, enter case investigations and process evidence.

“A sub-post in Ottawa County will allow the Sandusky Post to provide a more consistent level of service to the residents of Ottawa County,” said Lt. Anthony L. DeChoudens, Sandusky Post Commander.  “The establishment of this enhanced presence in the county is another way in which the Ohio State Highway Patrol is contributing to a safer Ohio.  It will also continue to enhance the strong partnership created between the Ohio State Highway Patrol and United States Border Patrol.”

In 1933, the first Ohio State Highway Patrol class graduated from Camp Perry and was assigned to six districts across the state, with each district having three substations.  These substations were initially located in private residences.  The major organizational change to the structure of the Patrol occurred in 1953.

In January 2012, a plan was outlined to reorganize the Patrol’s structure to continue providing a high level of service at a reduced cost.  In January 2013, the Patrol completed the reorganization from ten districts to eight.  Headquarters for the eight districts are in Findlay, Bucyrus, Warren, Piqua, Columbus, Cambridge, Wilmington and Jackson.

As part of the reorganization, plans are to establish sub-posts in the 31 resident counties that do not have stand-alone posts to ensure appropriate traffic safety services and coverage in all Ohio’s 88 counties.

Area motorists and residents in need of Patrol services should contact the Sandusky Post at (419) 625-6565.

(End of news release)

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This Border Patrol is getting out of hand!! In 41 years I have never seen, heard, or read of any illegal alien crossing the lake to come to Ohio! You can't even go fishing or Island hoping without being stopped not once but "Twice" every time you go out! Most people have limited times they can go because of work schedules and they'll eat up sometimes a half hour of your time on each stop! I sure hope that law of illegal stop and search falls in favor of the public! Remember people, We are the Government!


I've been stopped once by CBP, and they were asking if I saw a boat they were looking for.


Paulyall, you are factually incorrect and ignorant. The Border Patrol never stopped you while you were on the lake unless the Agent was swimming or drove his car in the lake. Flyboy86 was correct in stating that he was stopped by CBP, not Border Patrol. When you get stopped by a boat that has a green stripe on it and it says "Border Patrol" then you can whine about being stopped by them.


For the record, I'd rather be stopped by CBP than USCG any day. CBP guys are easier to deal with than USCG.


Either way your just as ignorant! Obviously you don't own a boat or ever been pulled over!


No, I do own a boat. It's called respect. If you show respect to an LEO, they are going to show it back. If you think that CBP has it out for you so bad, then don't boat on the Lake.

Eph 2 8-10

I'm afraid to park at the Jackson street pier to make pictures for fear of being harassed.

Peninsula Pundit

I have taken pictures for years of the freighters that come into Marblehead. I take the pictures from the Coast Guard station side.
For the first time ever, I had fresh-faced pipsqueaks come out and ask me what I was doing.
I said, 'Don't worry about me, sonny, I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you against any terrorist threat that comes across Lake Erie!'
I don't think they thought I was serious, but they went away, all the same.


ROLMAO , Now thats something that you can be proud of . that was good

Eph 2 8-10

LUV it! I probably would say the same thing along with "sonny I was making photographs on this pier long before you were born!"


What part of Police STATE do you not understand ?


You all panic way too much. Stop drinking the Glenn Beck Kool-Aid. I for one welcome the Patrolmen to Port Clinton.

sandtown born a...

More of the same to come not following the laws they swore to uphold. Perfect place right near the evidence hiding chief of Port Clinton PD. More police are needed everywhere but they need to be transparent with the public not picking and choosing what rules they follow TRANSPARENCY is what we want from law enforcement


You don't live in PC so why worry about our PD?

sandtown born a...

Because I can and just maybe you should as well

Peninsula Pundit

Freedom-Loving Americans should always be concerned when law enforcement gets to a place where they,' not respond to public information requests or provide any information about activities of federal agencies, arrests, detainees or other standard documentation required by state law.'
So since it's the feds house, whose rules do you think are followed?
So now the Ohio State Patrol has a 'Safe-House' where they can ignore state law.
And someone thinks this is a GOOD thing?
I guess some folks will actually welcome a police state so they can feel 'safe.'
Freedom-Loving Americans, take heed!


Wasted money!!! How many minutes away is the Sandusky Post? 10-12?

Government is crying they need more and more money for what? this kinda of crap?


Aside from the possibility of illegal aliens coming down through Canada - which is where anyone from the Middle East will come from - Northern Ohio is one of the heaviest areas of Human Trafficking/kidnapping to sell for the purpose of trafficking. Thank you to any law enforcement officer who works to keep us safe.

looking around

I thought they already partnered with Perkins police by the way they patrol Perkins ave and Strub rd. Guess we need no new levy's passed for Perkins police with all the help.


@Pundit, Why give the kid a hard time? He was just doing his job. If I was the young man, I would have escorted your a$$ off the government property. You must of never served in the Military, because you would have known he was doing his job. There are signs stating that the Coast Guard Station is Government property. If he hadn't said anything you most likely would be b!tching that no one was doing their job protecting the station.

Peninsula Pundit

As I've said, I've taken pictures there many times and never once complained that no one ever said anything to me previously.
That's an example of the freedom you served to protect, O over-proud vet.
I guess you just didn't realize it, then or now.
PS, I wasn't on gov't property.
But go ahead, puff your chest out.
Real heroes don't have to tell you they are.



Rationally Speaking

Good luck in trying to get Troopers out of the parking lot. Two ill-designed intersections on Route 53, accidents from cars leaving Bergman's Country Market, and bumper to bumper traffic from Friday Night to Saturday Evening northbound, will add to their difficulty in response. At least they will be close-by. Welcome to Ottawa County.....

Just one comment to Pundit. Border Patrol will be hiring Agents. How about you taking the entrance exam and going through the training and keep us informed with your experience and knowledge? :~)

Peninsula Pundit

Why would a freedom-loving American join the modern-day Father, er, Homeland Security?
I don't wanna play at goose-stepper.
It'd be like George Washington joining the tories.


Pundit I can understand your disgust in someone interfering with your picture taking and that which you have done for many years. Yet, I have to side with the USCG as today with all that goes on who knows without asking. I mean a few months ago who would have guessed what could happen with a person carrying a large pot at the Boston Marathon. Frankly, I don't care if a person in authority asks me...I figure they have a job to do and they also have a family they want to go home to at the end of the day.

I agree with others. US Customs is fine but Border Patrol the guys with the green striped cars are at least locally in my opinion a accident wating to happen. I have hear even local law enforcement officers question the actions of several US Border Patrol officers.

As to OSHP and Border Patrol existing under the same roof.....sounds good to me. One may be Federal and other State BUT THEY BOTH use my TAX DOLLARS to operate and if they can save expenses they heck yes lets get them using the same facility. Infact, if it works then lets shut down that OSHP new facility on Venice Road and move everything to Ottawa County and save the taxpayers having to pay for two locations. We economize at our homes and so can they.


Gardenman, vital to our system of limited government which answers to the governed are the principles of subsidiarity and separation of powers. These principles are served by a strict separation of federal and state power, including a limitation on the circumstances under which federal law enforcement is not subordinate to local/state. Government bodies are to be kept divided so as to limit their power, and when they collude, power is concentrated. This is contrary to the Founders' intent.

As for picture taking - the First Amendment protects taking pictures and video in public. The government is using the bogeyman of terrorism to justify security theater which only serves to curtail liberty and expand and centralize government power. This is how it happens when tyranny comes in. There's always a precipitating scary event so a tyrant can promise to guard the barricades for our safety.