Former factory site being deconstructed

First steps in cleanup of property along busy street gets started.
Jun 24, 2013


Work demolishing the Apex building on First Street in Sandusky continues. Check back here for updates. 


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Just curious, who is responsible when a child goes in that building and gets injured or killed because the lack of fencing around a demolition site?


Actually the company performing the deconstruction and the person who hired the company would be liable.


...and the city for allowing this to take place in their jurisdiction.

sandtown born a...

The parents for not watching what their kids are up to!!!!


...and them!


You're confusing liability with responsibility.


The kids too for being delinquents!

sandtown born a...

When I grew up in this town it was my tail if I did something I wasn't supposed to be doing. Parents usually knew for the most part what we were up to. In these times it's always somebody's fault for one actions otherwise who would they sue for the paydays of today.

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So true, the reason we have youth with limited knowledge. My letter to SR editor 1987.

Lawsuit Lunacy American Way

I believe the American way is becoming a way to fear. Today’s society is lawsuit crazy.
I read that Lloyd’s of London, an international insurer, writes 80% of it’s in the United States alone.
The American people have become completely irresponsible with their judgments. The major belief is that all companies and organizations have bottomless pockets.
As far as I know there is not one company or organization that can afford a multi-million dollar payoff without tax or consumer price increases.
We are all affected by this crisis. The cost of every item we buy is controlled by settlements and, of course, the items we make are also affected. How far might you have to drive to find an obstetrician willing to take a difficult case?
Your employer might choose to buy machines in lace of hiring personnel. Employees can sue or cause suits because of accidents, working conditions, poor assembly techniques or a multitude of other incidents machines may create. Without those people there are no suits and no jobs.
What is happening to us as a society? I don’t believe we can be competitive in today’s market if large percentages of our business’ income must go toward insurance premiums. From what I understand and read, insurance will buy almost nothing when the suit goes to trial for a few million dollars.
It could only close your plant, while a few individuals who are judged in favor will make more money than they can expect to spend in a lifetime.
Of course their lawyers will retain a large portion of that. They need the compensation to advertise on television. The people now unemployed will have to look for another job.
We, as individuals, must establish the proper guidelines of intentional and unintentional injustice. It is our choice as consumers and jurors. We made the mess, now we must clean it up.
This lawsuit crisis must end soon, or the American way will go down the tubes. Most of our products will be manufactured offshore.
We, the most powerful nation, may find ourselves on the backside of prosperity as the rest of the world laughs at us and walks on by. The choice is ours, we consumers and jurors. I want to enjoy life and if it takes some risk, I guess it is what my parents anticipated I must accept when they created me.


Years ago, the Follett House provided news articles of historical interest that were published weekly, Saturday, I think that told about businesses and the people that ran them, events, and civic organizations. Collections of those articles were sold under the titles of "From the Widow's Walk".

Maybe it's time to bring that feature back and make it a part of your Sunday edition.

An article that gives the history of the Apex building and the company that occupied it could be a new beginning for such a feature.

That building has been unused since my earliest memories in the 1950's. I recall aunts and uncles, older cousins and others who commented about working at Apex or when seeing a friend would mention that they knew them from Apex. They never shared any information about their jobs but there always seemed to be a special nostalgia and pride about having worked there. Most of the former employees transitioned to New Departure, the founderies or other factories when Apex closed.

Growing up I remember my mom and older sisters having Apex vacuum cleaners. They were a horizontal metal tank, that slid across the carpet on runners, with the intake hose at one end and an access door at the other end. You opened that door to remove the cloth bag that collected the dirt. As a kid it was always great fun to get to empty the bag, which meant making a bit of a mess as you took it outside and shook out the contents into the wind and watched it blow away.

Eph 2 8-10

The building was used well into the 1970's by Cedar Point as a warehouse.


American Crayon also used it for storage.

Pigeons liked it too. :)


I dont know if anyone remembers , but the J.A was in that building years ago , I was a member back then , we were housed in the west end of the building and made hangers back then , You dont see much of the J.A anymore , and its a shame cause they taught you self respect and also help prepare youngsters for the life they have now . Just wish that program was still around and taught in the schools , Its would help students a lot


I personally would like to see someone save the water tower and restore it! Then use it as a Sandusky Landmark in the new development! Now that would be awesome!


Paul that would be , but you will have to look at the condition of it and the cost that it is going to take to redue it and restore it not to mention what its going to cost to maintain it , otherwise it will be like the one on the keller building or like it is now


I wouldn't want it to be functional just sand blasted and painted back to original.."if in good enough condition" but one could dream right! :)


If they tare down the Keller Building..that's where I got the thought of saving the water tower! Scrap the rest!

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looks like nasa slumbrook.

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Not one no trespassing sign. I guess it's ok to play here.

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I never paid any mind to a sign when I was a kid. It Would not matter anyway, it is what they call (an attractive nuisance) like the swimming pool we had, anyone can jump the fence even if the gate is locked and you have signs up and it is still the property owners fault when they drown.

Anyway the site looks pretty clean for under demolition, at least when we drove by Saturday.

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And yet another kid left behind