Month-long closure to Tiffin Avenue (Ohio 101) starts today

Delay related to construction of west-end overpass.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jun 23, 2013


A portion of Tiffin Avenue is set to close for about a month while construction crews continue work on the city’s west-end overpass project.

The road will close between Harbor Boulevard and Superior Street on Monday and is expected to reopen Aug. 30, according to an email from the Ohio Department of Transportation. The segment includes the intersection of Tiffin and West Perkins avenues.
Workers need the road closed to begin “tie-in work” several months ahead of schedule.
Until the road reopens, traffic head south and north on Tiffin Avenue will detour around the construction site using Ohio 2. Access to homes and businesses in the area will be maintained at all times using Ferndale Road and Superior Street.
The $11.4 million overpass project is expected to streamline traffic on the city’s west side — near the Venice Road and Tiffin Avenue intersection — by allowing motorists to bypass railroad crossings and avoid lengthy delays. A road elevated above the ground will connect Tiffin Avenue and George Street, running parallel to Venice Road.
City taxpayers will pay about $575,000 of the project’s costs, with Norfolk South Railroad matching that amount and the remaining cost coming from state funds.
The project is ahead of schedule and under budget. It is expected to be completed in July 2014.



Isn't that a two month closure? Or are the dates wrong ?


Even the signs that sit out on 101 says 30 days..I bet its July 30th. But hard telling with this town anymore.


It will be closed for 30 days.....but 101 at the RR tracks will be closed forever one the 101 tie in opens.


Last time I saw the signs they said 60 days.

Eph 2 8-10

Not sure if it's related, but at about 9:40 this morning, I got off rte 2 at rte 4. Rte 4 north bound was backed up past Strub almost to rte 2. Not good.


30 day for 101 tie in...the next 30 days is for Venice Rd. tie in...per Mosser Construction phone call we had with them.


Mostly because we accpted Triple Crown that Crestline, Ohio had refused. This is the absolute worst project that has ever taken place in Sandusky. I think it's one of the reasons our finest want the trailer park closed. Keep knocking down houses and you'll be under 10,000 people. We need a Causeway (4-Lane) to connect St. Rt. 2 to the Causeway at the Cedar Point entrance. People should be able to avoid Sandusky at any cost.


This is the worst project ever? Why? (not trying to get into an argument, just curious on your thoughts)


I attended meetings of those that opposed the project. People lost homes and an over-oass like Milan Rd. seemed to be the sensible answer. Every meeting seemed we were talking to people who were not listening. Triple Crown time and time again fails to adhere to state laws on blocking the crossings and instead of a stiff fine we reward them with a larger yard. Just state your opinion, I won't argue, if this isn't the worse project please give me your opinion.


I was just curious. I work on the west side but I dont live in Sandusky so I am happy something is happening to help the traffic issues but I do agree that it is an "interesting" solution to a somewhat simple problem. I would agree that there are other things that could have been done instead of this massive rerouting of traffic. I wish they would start fining NS though for all of the road blocks they put us through on all of their lines but as I understand it the fines are just a drop in the bucket to them and they don't really care. They sure do have a knack for blocking the crossings at peak hours though.


This afternoon at 3:30pm traffic was backed up from the closed sign on the north end of the construction on 101 to the railroad tracks and also down superior street. Why? Because quitting time for companies in the area seems like the perfect time to block the tracks while replacing rails. Anyone working in that area know Triple Crown block that crossing for LONG periods of time EVERY day. Go to a job interview for the railroad sometime and hear them tell you how they run the transportation industry in the US. Guess that's why fines don't bother them. They rule the roads and rails! And I agree with EZOB, this overpass idea is the dumbest thing the city is undertaking. An overpass could have been built over the track off 101 by the old motel ( that's been an eyesore for how many years?) to old railroad road. No one would have lost homes and no streets closed.