Updated: BGSU trustees hike tuition rates, general fees

Increase impacts BGSU Firelands and main campus students.
Andy Ouriel
Jun 21, 2013


Updated (2:25 p.m.): BGSU President Mary Ellen Mazey sent an email to students, indicating school officials approved a 2 percent increase in tuition and fees for in-state undergraduate students.

That means full-time, in-state undergraduate students attending a BGSU school will pay $106 more per semester in fall 2013. Full-time students attending Huron Township's BGSU Firelands campus will pay $49 per semester in fall 2013.

Click the pdf to view her entire letter.

Original story (2:15 p.m.): Bowling Green State University's trustees are set to vote on increasing tuition rates and general fees for main campus and BGSU Firelands students.

The trustees are meeting right now and should take action on the possible hike sometime before 3 p.m. today.

Other media sources have reported on the increase, however, that information is unofficial.

Check back with the Register throughout the day for additional updates.



Attn: M.E.Mazey please along with others in leadership take a pay cut. Thank you.


What is a main campjs?

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The Hero Zone

It's a bit tongue-in-cheek (and obviously not this simple) but when this happens and a government institution raises prices for government-issued loans...isn't it like peeing in a sea of pee?


Where is my letter? I never received a copy of this letter us students were supposed to get.


Breaking news... trustees vote to increase salaries of administrators!


It's getting to the point where learning a trade is going to be better than going to college. I see kids graduating and having 50k-75k plus or more in student loan debt and average starting salaries not much higher than what I graduated 20 years ago. How are these kids going to get ahead when they are strapped with what's basically a mortgage payment. They'll be 40 before they get it paid off and then they might be able to buy a house. They will be debt slaves, 20 years to pay of student loans and 30 years to pay off a house then if they are lucky they can retire if they don't die first.


I just found out that if you have loan debt and do not make that much money there is a program out there that will forgive your debt based upon your income...


Do you have a link? I had a friend go through bankruptcy and he could not get rid of his student loan debt, this was about 15 years ago, maybe they changed the laws.

local man

Angelc - I see your college English classes have served you well - us students!

AJ Oliver

Sorry to all of you who struggle with the rising costs of education. My wife & I went to BGSU back when it was much more affordable.
I agree about the administrator's salaries, but the real culprit is the Kasich admin in Columbus that imposed a $3 million decrease in state funding on BG.
Think about it - Kasich received a heavily taxpayer subsidized education at Ohio State, but he does not think you deserve similar support. He is cutting support for education (in general) so he can give more tax breaks to the One Percent.
Wake up people !!!


Yes he is (gov) a Butt/wipe..My son is starting this Fall and now this ?, W.T.F. ?


Re: "I agree about the administrator's salaries, but the real culprit is the Kasich admin in Columbus that imposed a $3 million decrease in state funding on BG."

Unlike the feds, the State can't create money with electrons and must balance its budget.

Reads like an endorsement for a State sales or income tax hike to help make up the deficit.

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From the 419 all you have to do is anyone whom has student loans and cannot afford the payment should call FAFSA that they have the loan through and ask for the income base repayment program. their loan payment will then be based upon their income however if they have their loan forgiven for the full term like say 25 years they will have to pay taxes on the amount that was forgiven eventually but that is much lower than the 500-1500 per month that they want. Hope that this helps you out . Maybe the register can do an article on this program that so many universities do not want to let those in debt know about. unless they are in nursing or education then the state has programs to write off the loan to either work in Ohio for the next 4-5 years or for a teacher work in a school district in which they have problems with their school district


"Take away more of your rights while charging you more for the privilege."

Excellent comment! Yet you posted harsh comments about political activist Elsebeth Baumgartner?


Re: Kurtje

Right! But….when you see the President’s salary and her bonus…it takes a person’s breath away. She should earn a healthy salary – she has major responsibilities. But, it seems that part of her reasonability (even if it isn’t written down anyplace) should make sure they are being fiscally savvy and helping their customers (students) rather than hurting them.

Raising tuition in this economy is just pouring salt on the wounds of students. With her bonuses, she makes over $400,000. Does she really need that much money to live on? Yes, that is a fair question. I have multiple academic degrees and between the tuition (and the hikes in tuition) and the interests rates (which doubled since I started college) I will have my loans paid off by the time I’m 121 years old. So….Sallie Mae needs to figure out a way to keep me alive that long!

It is absolutely disgusting how much universities/colleges are charging for education. Are the students getting a “better education”? Absolutely not. It’s the same. The executive administrators rape and pillage the students and sit in their ivory towers with their fabulous pay, benefits, and bonus structure.

Administrators take raises and bonuses - - and don’t even offer any of this to their faculty (yes, that is the truth). But, the coaches score high on their salaries.

We will find that more and more students will attend community colleges. It’s the smartest financial decision people can make. They can attend Terra State, LCCC, Owens, Tri-C…..then, transfer to one of the partnership four-year colleges to finish their degree. Many folks are doing this now and they are very pleased with the results. They will pay thousands of dollars less for a bachelor’s degree - - and, the diploma will be from the four-year college.

I don’t know…as Americans, what we can do about this? The education system is so big that, like the government, it’s tough to fight. It makes a person feel powerless. I think there will be a changing of the guard in how employers and others look at education at some point in the future.

You can learn more on the free Khan Academy website about math and science than in school…and…at a faster pace (I’ve personally witnessed this). Sorry teachers, but…that is a reality. Not everyone needs to be lectured to in person. Sharing knowledge and actually being “educated” comes in many forms…if employers begin to realize that…academia wouldn’t get away with looting our kids and adult learners.

There is a huge difference between getting an education and getting a diploma. Once our society embraces that a “diploma” doesn’t necessarily mean you are “educated”…we will finally have some fighting power. People CAN become educated without an academic diploma. That's already been proven.

This is just one person’s “two cents”…then again, I need to take that two cents back to for my student loans. (Smile)!


Here is an interesting video...check it out:



Great link Pragmatic. Very interesting, to say the least.

AJ Oliver

The gummint is actually making a PROFIT on student loans - a whopping 50 billion last FY. That is COMPLETELY unconscionable. Dems are bad on this issue, but the GOP is awful - they want to again privatize all student loans for their bankster friends.
And BTW stay away from proprietary (for profit) schools. Nearly all of them are expensive rip-offs. One of them recently took a neighbor kids for $ 90 grand. Also watch out for predatory student loans. Lots of colleges push them.
Wake up people !!!!


Thanxs Pragmatic. We know don't we? Perhaps the Rorschach test could be utilized.....They can't be from MENSA.