Woman sues Ohio Bike Week participants

The lawsuit stems from a tent falling on her head during the 2011 motorcycle event.
Jun 21, 2013


A Barberton woman filed a lawsuit over injuries she says she suffered when a wind-blown tent fell on her head during Bike Week 2011.

Ann Smith, of Cleveland-Massillon Road, is suing Double S Industries, Advantage Entertainment LLC and Sandusky Bike Week Enterprises. 

The lawsuit contends Smith was walking past the vendor area when the tent structure was thrown into her after being picked up by the Lake Erie wind. Double S Industries is now known as Ability Works, which provides employment opportunities for disabled people.    

Advantage Entertainment and Sandusky Bike Week Enterprises, organizers of the annual festival, are also named as defendants in the lawsuit, as they allegedly failed to properly secure the structure.

“The injuries sustained ... are permanent in nature and have caused (Smith) pain and suffering and will continue to cause (Smith) to incur pain, suffering and medical expenses and lost wages in the future,” the lawsuit states. 

Steve Ernst, Bike Week’s organizer, said he received notification of the lawsuit a few days ago.

“We are just looking into it with attorneys,” Ernst said. “It is something that Ability Works will have to respond to. Being a vendor at Ohio Bike week, they have to provide proof of insurance, and I’m sure they did that to set up. It is something that should be handled through insurance hopefully.”

Allison Young, Ability Works CEO, said her agency has received the lawsuit documents.

“It is in the hands of our insurance company,” Young said. “They are handling it. Other than that, I know they have attempted to settle it and they need to still reach an agreement.”



Wow...now I've heard it all..she forgot to include the lake in her lawsuit..oh yeah and let's not forget the wind


lol the wind is amune from law suiets ..and so is the lake , so lets see what happens now ..lol


Yes, sue the Lake Erie wind. There's alot of power there. Not sure about money though....

Ziggy Rules

Ann Smith can I borrow your crystal ball? Knowing that you are going to have pain & suffering & loss of wages in the future is amazing. I want to have my future paid for.


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I wonder why it took her two years to file this law suit.


Yea thats a good question , I thought you only had one years to file on cases of this nature , but then I am not a lawyer


To transplant - the attorneys were probably trying to figure in a way to file a lawsuit on an act of God!! I've seen some ridiculous law suits in my time but this one takes the cake!!!! This is beyond insane!


Will God be required to testify? Wind or tornado, an act of God?


A real freak of nature


Someone should sue her for BREATHING MY AIR!!! I heard my new favorite expression yesterday, and I believe it applies here... what a twat waffle. Yep! Now my immaturity feels complete.


Wanna know what the problem with healthcare was, and still is? THIS kind of crap! Forget thousands of pages of legislation, and just add ONE new law:

Anybody who sues has two trials, conducted simultaneously. The jury finds either two or three things at the end:

1. Whether or not the defendant is guilty of any wrongdoing and thus liable;

2. If liable, what, if any REASONABLE sum (not REQUESTED, but REASONABLE, i.e. covering projected losses and not massive punitive damages) the plaintiff is due;

3. If NOT liable, whether or not the premise of the lawsuit was frivolous (if it's found frivolous, the plaintiff AND HIS/HER LAWYERS are equally and jointly responsible to pay all court costs, including attorney fees for the defendant).

See? Three paragraphs and done. I have no idea if this particular suit is frivolous or not (from what's described here, I'd lean that direction, but I'm sure there's more to the story), but I'm betting fewer attorneys would be willing to file crazy suits if THEY faced some possible punishment for it!


"“The injuries sustained ... are permanent in nature and have caused (Smith) pain and suffering and will continue to cause (Smith) to incur pain, suffering and medical expenses and lost wages in the future,” the lawsuit states."

I wonder if she had medical insurance? Medical insurance companies will often recover their payments from a settlement. The attorneys get their share, the medical insurance company will recover their share and the victim gets a little pocket change or nothing at all.


Nothing more than some broke Individual looking to score some quick cash. Wanna bet this is settled out of court for some quick cash?


So it took this broad 2 years....2 years!? to sue for injuries? DENIED.