Movies by the Bay tonight showing Happy Feet

Sandusky's summer film series emanates from the Paper District Marina
Jun 24, 2013


Silver screen showings in Sandusky are coming to a boating slip near you.

The second of six Movies by the Bay occurs at dusk (around 9 p.m.) tonight at Sandusky's Paper District Marina, located off West Shoreline Drive.

Tonight's free showing is "Happy Feet."

"Movies by the Bay gives the city of Sandusky an opportunity to create a fun, family atmosphere and bring together community members of all ages," city recreation program supervisor Victoria Kurt said.



Nice to finally see something like this in Sandusky.


Is it free?

The Bizness


but now that you brought up that statement I am sure someone will talk about how it costs the taxpayers, it is an entitlement, and a whole lot of other silliness.


Thinking the same thing entitlements blah,blahblah


Ok thanks. And I know! I was somewhat scared to ask!! Just wanted to check though if I should bring cash or not.


That's not an unfair questions. How much IS this costing the City?

I certainly don't object to the idea of Movies by the Bay. In fact, I think it's a really nice way to get local families out, about, and enjoying the downtown area and the entertainment. But I'm ALSO well aware of a City that pleads poverty on a regular basis. So again, fair question: How much IS this costing the City (in other words, us)?

The Bizness

I am curious as well but I think it will be under $100

T. A. Schwanger


Movies by the Bay is subsidized by local business' and individuals sponsoring a movie.


Thank you for that info, T.A. But "subsidized" doesn't usually mean "completely underwritten." So again, how much is this costing the City?

VTX Rider

The flyer posted at the marina stated that the movies were sponsored by......and listed a number of local business as well as an individual. I would assume this means those businesses collectively pay for this. I could be wrong.

Tool Box

We could ask Miss Ard how much this is costing the city, oh that's right! Never mind!


It's my understanding that Ms. Ard has been in attendance at both Movie by the Bay presentations so far.

44870 South

Sounds like a good thing for the city.