LETTER: PETA extreme

Why would anyone be surprised at the PETA protests at the Westminster Dog Show and their treatment of our own local Mona Rutger who
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


Why would anyone be surprised at the PETA protests at the Westminster Dog Show and their treatment of our own local Mona Rutger who does so much for the local wildlife.

What are the facts: In the states that PETA operates shelters for dogs and cats they have killed more than 90 percent of the animals taken in since 1998. In the last year reported 2008 it was more than 95 percent. They managed to place just 7 out of over 2,000 taken in. Guess what they store in the walk in freezer? dead carcasses waiting for cremation.

What are some of the things PETA does with its money. In 2001 they donated $1,500 to Earth Liberation Front. The FBI- certified that group as "domestic terrorists" responsible for dozens of fire bombings. They also gave more than $70,000 to the man convicted of burning down the Michigan State University research Lab.

PETA believes in the total liberation of all animals. They oppose zoos, aquariums, animal research, wool, leather, animal farming, the meat industry, honey, cheese, eggs,milk, fur, silk, hunting, fishing and pet ownership. They are even opposed to seeing eye dogs.

When the facts are known its a wonder anyone donates money. Yet they have a $32 million budget.

Matt Meade




I agree with PETA we should not harm animals and we should let them all live free in their natural state and I would completely live up to this if they just didn't taste so good.

dorothy gale

For the life of me I can't figure out why PETA would have a problem with Mona Rutger. Ensuring that wild animals be allowed to remain in the wild is a wonderful thing for the animals as well as people. Wild animals are just that --- WILD --- and if kept as "pets," some breeds pose a danger to the fools keeping them as well as to society in general. I believe we should respect all life, all God's creatures, but if for some strange reason both my son and my dog were in danger and I could only save one of them, it'd be my son. And I love my dog very much. PETA does more harm than good, in my opinion.


More countries in the world eat dogs and cats than the ones who don't. I never seen a cat in Vietnam, ummmm doggie good, ummm number one!! Tell an Eskimo he can't eat a seal. Heck, no one has stopped the Japenese from hunting whales.
PETA woman from California stated recently, something like this, I'm a Vegetarian and against killing all animals, but if you must eat meat, go to the butcher shop where they make it. This is the honest truth, California, they walk, they talk, they breed, and yes, THEY VOTE.

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Exactly on target Mr Meade, but I think you're singing to the choir, but nonetheless, appreciate your letter.


My last post may have given the impression that I don't care about animals. Not true. I love and spoil my dog as if he were my child. I've donated to Back to the Wild, and have brought orphaned wildlife out there for care.

Incidentally, if you haven't met Mona Rutger, you should. She's the closest thing to a saint that I've met, and one of her is worth a thousand PETA misfits. Ingrid Newkirk, the Misfit Queen who runs PETA, isn't fit to clean the cages at Mona's place.

Yes, I believe that animals should be treated with decency. However, merely because we have a duty, it doesn't automatically follow that THEY have rights. They are property. Domesticated animals are private property; wild animals are public property; but they are ALL property.


Mr. Meade is absolutely right. The problem with PETA is that it is based on the warped idea that animals are our equals, and that they have rights.

The very notion of rights is a human concept, invented by humans, for humans. Extending rights to animals is not only childish and ridiculous, it demeans the concept itself. When animals can vote, make laws and form a social contract, or communicate with us on our level, I'll reconsider.

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