LETTER: Cop violated Constitution

Thank you for bringing to our attention the case of the Akron police officer seizing a privately-owned video camera that recorded a
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


Thank you for bringing to our attention the case of the Akron police officer seizing a privately-owned video camera that recorded a police arrest incident (Feb. 21).

I am dismayed at the light punishment given officer Don Schismenos for this violation of the citizen's First Amendment rights. That camera is sacred. That is the U.S. Constitution. What if it had been a news camera that he had seized?

To merely be suspended from the police force for 45 days is not nearly sufficient punishment for this egregious violation of civil rights.

Officer Don Schismenos has abused the Constitution and two articles of the Bill of Rights: the First Amendment (free speech) the Fourth Amendment (against unreasonable searches and seizures).

Where are our highly paid prosecutors and congressional representatives on this matter? None of them have stepped forward with a plan of action. Are they all too complacent with their Cadillac salaries and pensions? The public deserves to be protected against people like Schismenos. Let's make an example of him!

Carl R. Goodwin II




Government thugs tend protect their own. Government thugs violate the constitution all the time by violating our natural rights. Government thugs are continually violating the ninth amendment: "The enumeration in this constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

Every time a government thug violates a person's natural rights, they are violating the ninth amendment. Shame on them. All moral people should shame and ostracize collectivist/government thugs.

Truth or Dare

Hey Oliver; We're not all asleep at the wheel, and yes some of us do care! According to a special report in 06 from the Cato Institute, a non-profit civil rights organization, the majority of our U.S. Supreme Court Justices (the conservative ones), have absolutely no problem w/this, let alone the fact that police officers are NOT being held responsible for their actions. They've proved that through their votes!

A special report by the Cato Institute (a non-profit civil rights organization) was done, it's title: "Overkill; The rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America", and focuses on the militarization of law enforcement and the dramatic rise in the use of paramilitary police units (such as SWAT Teams) for the carrying out of routine police work. It's the latest trend in Policing, and has been a growing one for about 10 yrs. now, if not longer.

Innocent men, woman and children have been terrorized, traumatized and in too many cases killed, with no one held responsible! Evidently it's okay as long as such a mistake is made in the line of duty? As in the military, it's referred to as collateral damage! Shoot an officer though that enters your home unannounced, kicking the door in as intruders may do, and you're dead meat so to speak! So much for CIVIL LIBERTIES, let alone the U.S. Constitution, eh! Finding it hard to hold onto respect, let alone trust for those that allow this to happen, let alone continue! THEY'RE the ones that really don't care, now do they? It's all about POWER, good, bad, right or wrong, isn't it?!

Oliver Hardy

Very good letter, Mr. Goodwin but I doubt many Ohioans read it nor do they care. You can Google the name of Don Schismenos and get a variety of news articles written about him in order to get the news about him. You may notice that many newspapers in Ohio chose not to report the news or the news may be slanted to make it appear that the woman with the camera broke the law.

Americans in general are viewed as a bunch of dummies by other people in foreign countries, especially those in Europe who were once behind the Iron Curtain. They view Americans as very stupid who gladly give up their rights to free speech and other rights. All one has to do is read the news boards of various online newspapers to see that this is true.

The police are enroaching on the rights of Americans with the blessing of the political judicial system. For example read the many news articles about how police check your doors to see if they are locked. If unlocked, they invite themselves in to look around and invade your privacy.

Check out this news article about how police let themselves in uninvited.

What if the sleeping man would have grabbed a loaded handgun at 3 AM in the morning and pointed it at the intruders? Two things would have happened. Either the man would have been shot dead or he would have been charged with murder. To lock one's door is the responsibility of the homeowner. The police could have simply called the man by phone or simply locked the door and left a door tag. But even that would be a violation to privacy if the police opened the door in order to lock it.

How about a gardener who had a hobby of raising Japanese Maple trees? Some varieties of Japanese Maple trees have leaves that resemble the leaves of cannabis (marijuana). A neighbor sees the Japanese Maple trees and calls the police. The police could have simply came into the neighbor's yard to see for themselves and verify. If they thought that the Japanese Maple trees were cannabis, then they could have gotten a search warrant and seize the plants for identification. During a break down of doors of the man's home, the man thought that intruders were breaking into his house. He shot and killed one of the intruders who happened to be a police officer. The man was convicted of murder.

And what about those who protest the government at rallies? The police set up cameras to record who was at the protest rallies. Why?

DEEPsix's picture

A badge and a gun, trumps the constitution everyday... when will we regain our protections, and live within a society that is based on our founders sense and reason? it will not be any time soon... the largest gang activity in the USA is the police!