Sandusky teen used gun

Arrested after Sandusky police link him to an April 22 armed robbery at a Water Street apartment.
Jun 17, 2013


Shakill Fenderson, 19, of the 1600 block of Remington Ave., was charged with aggravated menacing and aggravated robbery, along with underage consumption.

Police dispatchers received a call at about 2:30 p.m April 22 from a man who was held at gunpoint in his downtown apartment. The victim said the robber made him remove his clothes and lay on the ground while he stole cash, his wallet, a cell phone and set of keys from his apartment.

Fenderson was identified by a resident on Thursday in connection with the incident, police said.  

His arrest came as a result of police piecing together bits of information from several sources, Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell said. Officers knew of Fenderson’s usual locations and they found him at one Thursday night. 

“Everything kind of snowballed,” Newell said. 

Courtney Yancey, 23, also of the 1600 block of Remington Ave., was indicted by an Erie County grand jury Monday for complicity to commit aggravated robbery. Newell said she was arrested for involvement in the April 22 incident.

Sandusky police are still investigating a string of other armed robberies in which Fenderson may be involved. They’re also looking at six or seven other unidentified people.

At least one of the robberies has been documented in a police report, but Newell said detectives have been gathering a lot information from residents who chose not to file reports at the time of the robberies.

Newell hopes other people who may have been robbed by Fenderson will come forward with their stories. As they investigate Fenderson’s alleged criminal activity, Sandusky detectives are also working in conjunction with law enforcement officials in another state.  

Fenderson was charged with felonious aggravated assault, felonious armed robbery, burglary and obstruction near Atlanta, Ga., in March 2012, according to an online database. 

He remains in the Erie County jail on $56,000 bond. 


sandtown born a...

What a upstanding citizen he is. Like he would ever be able to find a decent job with all the ink on his neck. Just lock his tail up and save the public the trouble

The Bizness

There are plenty of polite, responsible people with ink on their necks.

This man however isn't one of them, but please don't lump all people with neck tattoos into a group.

sandtown born a...

I would hire him to stand in front of the public representing my company looking like he does NOT A CHANCE. I have a lot of tattoos myself but still have enough sense to keep my self marketable for steady worth while employment. We always need mcdonalds food workers or dish washers or general laborers, NOBODY will take you serious looking like that. Fair it is not but it is REALITY

The Bizness

I agree with you 100%, but you are missing my point. A person with neck tattoos could still be a great human being.


The era of "we need to get past this PC crap!!" seems to have lasted much, much longer than the actual PC era.


if obozo had a son..

The Bizness

Wow, racism and stupidity on these posts are astounding.


Obama said it himself with a different African American boy, and it was ok. Someone else says it with a different kid and it is racism. I am kinda of tired of everything someone says about the president being a "racist comment" I can talk about his bad taste in ties and shirts and someone would call me a racist. Heaven forbid you just do not like the man and the way he does his job.

The Bizness

I disagree with a lot of what Pres. Obama is doing or has done but this was clearly meant to be a racist comment. No, I would not think if you talked about his ties or suits that you were racist.


racist? no. that card will not get you a damn thing here..

The Bizness

If your comment wasn't meant to be racist, what did you mean by it?


there are the similarities that obozo himself pointed out with the other thug, but I was just pointing out that they are both criminals, you know, like father, like son..

The Bizness

Ok, I stand corrected...

"My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," Obama said. "All of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves."

He was saying that because his son would be a young black man, not that his son would be a thug. You can have your opinion though.


The comment was CLEARLY meant to be racist as usual when the suspect is BLACK. Don't try to equate how someone may dress with racist comments. How ridiculous. Also, there is no evidence Trayvon was a "thug" yet some still call him one. Why?


your card is no good here..


Correction, your card is no good here. Say what you will. It is cowards like you that back away from comments once called on them. What does your son look like ?


coward? damn! you're so tough.. white guilt is not one of my problems. I call it like it is with no political correctness getting in my way.


Toughness has nothing to do with it. Does your son look like the guy in the picture? Do you even have a son? Would he look like the guy in the picture? I rest my case! BTW, white guilt is not one of my problems either, I just call it the way it is!


So the president himself can make the comment and it is OK? But when someone else points out the obvious it is racist?


Context, it's all about context. Get it????


Oh I get it. I know exactly. But the point is, it was said. Everyone gets their panties in a bunch over CONTEXT. Point is one person says something and it is ok...another person says it and it is racial.

The Bizness

What do you think he meant by his statement then ladydye_5?


Who's comment the presidents or mikeylikesit? Both comments said the SAME THING. If the President (a black man) had a son he could look like Trayvon (a black teen). IF the President had a son it could look like the guy in the story above. Same comment...just the CONTEXT is different. I could really care less about EITHER comment. My point is the fact that you cannot say or do anything anymore without someone screaming racism. My point is....when the president said it NOONE called it racist, someone else says it and everyone cries racism! So to answer your question....I think he meant that the president said one black teen could be what his own son would look like .....that this man in the story could be the presidents son also.

The Bizness

Ok, I guess we just agree to disagree


Nice try ladydye, but wrong guy! What's that saying about pigs and lipstick?


Yet they STILL let you post, eh Bizness? Troof HURT?


especially your post! The guy is a gutlesss punk!

The Bizness

My post? Which one? Please elaborate.


A piece of %^(@ is a piece of %@!$ no matter what color or race. It seems to me that Sandusky has been filling up with them more and more. It also seems that the good residents have moved out or want to. There you have the problem. The level of population in Sandusky that is hard working (legally) Tax paying, upstanding & family oriented has been harder to find.

The Bizness

I agree that he is a piece of work, should get a sever punishment.

I am a good resident of the city and do not want to leave, and will continue to work to improve the condition of the city. I can't wait vote in the next election for the Commissioners.


Fortunately PC Nazis BLINDED by political correctness often end up being the victims of ALLEGED criminals like this one. Not you of course, just people who refuse to recognize or admit that PER THE FBI/DOJ Blacks are SEVEN TIMES more likely to commit murder or violent crime than whites

FYI MODERATORS, that is NOT racism or stereotyping but comes directly from the FBI/DOJ Bureau of Crime Statistics, Source below:

FBI DOJ report on Homicide Trends in the United States

FBI DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics


Totally agree NotyourAverage !! What is up with this P>O>S haircut? Fire the barber....And who comes up with these weird names? You don't see them in any baby 'name' books...


I dont see billybob or marylou or maryjean either. So whats your point? What are you getting at?


It appears as though you are defending him. I will not even have a discussion with someone that condones this type of behavior. Maybe part of the problem with society is those like yourself assume they are being 'attacked'. Reality sure hits a nerve with some people, doesn't it ? Grow up and quit trying to stir up your "race" card BULL !

Erie County Resident

With ink like that showing he'll fit right in with the prison punks.



HOW is that DIVERSITY working for you Sandusky... I mean LITTLE LIMA?

Tool Box

Ha ha ha ha ha, I thought the thug was wearing a turtle neck!



Just ask long-time residents of Lima how great the spread of DIVERSITY was from DETROIT.

Worked GREAT for LIMA. No longer were they limited to watching GANGLAND to see what violent street gangs are like.

in once-good small town neighborhoods they got to see the violence UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, DRIVE-BY'S, gang shootings every week

THAT is what awaits SANDUSKY unless GOOD, TRADiTIONAL anglo-american people make a stand now

Not encouraging anything mean or violent.

Just the opposite.

Create a giant LOWER CASE "t' out of wood in the front lawn and light it as a sacrifice to the druid gods. It is a FLAMING "t" for TOLERANCE and the fire signifies the LIGHT OF GOD spreading TOLERANCE and love


FACT - Per the FBI/DOJ Uniform Crime Report and multiple reports from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), VIOLENT CRIME DOES HAVE A COLOR, at least a PREDOMINANT COLOR in terms of offenders.

OF COURSE all races commit violent crime. NOBODY, ever said all crime was committed by any one race or that whites commit no crimes

Those are ridiculous false assumptions that politically correct white-haters read into any FACTS posted about violent crime


SOURCES BELOW. YOU DECIDE if there is a problem or not

Non-Hispanic Whites - 65% of US population. 20% of MURDER offenders, 20% of VIOLENT OFFENDERS IN PRISON

Hispanic Whites - 18% of US pop, 25% of MURDER offenders and 25% of VIOLENT OFFENDERS in prison

BLACKS - 12% of the US pop , 50% of MURDERERS and 50% of VIOLENT OFFENDERS IN PRISON

Those FACT are NOT subject to interpretation. They stand alone as is

They come directly from conviction records and prison offender data

SOURCES for the white-hating bigots who can't stand to see their imaginary all-one-color fairy tale world

FBI DOJ report on Homicide Trends in the United States

FBI DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics


Word of advice for those who think that COOPERATIOn will save your life when confronted with an ALLEGED beast like this dreg of society?

FIGHT BACK, they will KILL YOU REGARDLESS of whether you cooperate

Just a couple recent examples from a city literally destroyed by people like the one pictured, Toledo:

MATTHEW DUGAN - 20's, father, collge student, working at BP near UT in Toledo, an area now surrounded by ghetto

A SUSPECT BLACK MALE entered the station with a handgun,demanding the cash. Matt Dugan COOPERATED. The suspect BLACK MALE then ordered Matt to give him lottery tickets. When Matt turned around to get the tickets, the suspect BLACK MALE put the gun to the back of his head, pulling the trigger POINT BLANK. Matt never fought back. He cooperated hoping to see his child and wife again. The area behind the counter was covered in blood because people don't die like on these JOKE network CSI shows. A point blank shot to the head expands it like a balloon and sends a fountain of blood everywhere

After the black male left, another one, just a customer, came in. Saw the blood, looked down at the dead body, REACHED OVER IT TO STEAL CIGARETTES and left without calling for police or even an ambulance

CASEU BUCHER - 20 yr old college student going to UT studying to be a personal trainer/physicall therapy. Confronted by a BLACK MALE while walking back to his dorm. This was no ordinary black male. He was a sociopathic career criminal who had TWICE before targeted and attempted to murder a white person as part of a robbery using a knife.

Casey was the 3rd white person he had intentionally targeted for robbery and murder /attempted murder. This black male demanded cigarettes and money. Casey had neither and told him.

The black male could have just walked away. Casey was not trying to fight or be a hero. INstead the black male STABBED HIM IN THE HEART.

Casey managed to make a 911 call but since the knife has pierced his heart he was dead when police arrived

The BLACK MALE had been coddled twice by lucas county prosecutor PLEA BARGAIN BATES, having been convicted of robbing and stabbing two previous white victims. He admitted to targeting whites.

This was a RACE-MOTIVATED SERIAL KILLER. You would think that 3 crimes like this and succeeding in murder on the 3rd try would earn DEATH

NOPE. Out of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and not wanting to be seen as "targeting" blacks, PLEA BARGAIN BATES took the DP off the table and gave him a slap on the wrist 15 - life sentence.

Oh, this WANNA-BE HATE CRIME SERIAL KILLER? He as barely over 20 himself, having just spent less then 2 years in jail for two robberies and two attempted murders

he will be out well before age 40 to continue to rack up white victims

If Sandusky does not stand up against the GHETTOIZATION OF ITS NEIGHBORHOODS, it will become like TOLEDO and LIMA

You have a CHOICE. Toledo and Lima did but chose wrong, especially Lima.

You can make a stand or put TOLERANCE over everything else, even the lives of your spouses and children and elderly parents.

Once DIVERSITY hits your neighborhood, it is the beginning of the end

As your street becomes more "DIVERSE" you will see HOUSING PRICES DROP.

First small crimes rise. Then car breakins. Then HOUSE BREAKINS. them HOME INVASIONS. By that time, it is TOO LATE


One or more from a good family KILLED IN A HOME INVASION by people like the one pictured



your master

Yo peeps this be how Sandown be now to yo and if you ain't down then you jive