LETTER: Canada knows health care

Want an answer to the health care dilemma? Ask any Canadian -- they're only a few miles across the lake from Sandusky. If they get s
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010

Want an answer to the health care dilemma? Ask any Canadian -- they're only a few miles across the lake from Sandusky. If they get sick: they walk into a healthcare provider, they get treated, they walk out -- without a thought about money, because it's all free. For every single Canadian.

They don't worry about finding a plan with a level of coverage they can afford. Or losing their house to pay for one extended stay in the hospital. Or what they'll do for health care when they get older. They just get it.

Occasionally they wait for a complicated procedure, but they don't have an insurance company telling them that they'll have to die because treatment's too expensive. No worrying about insurance exchanges or public options -- it's all one big public option.

Before the hate mail from right wingnuts begins arriving at my house -- no, I'm not going up there to live if I don't like it down here, and no, Canada's isn't more expensive than the true cost of health care in the U.S. if you factor in everybody turned down by insurance, those who can't afford it, the high deductibles, out-of-network charges and procedures that aren't covered.

We need to fix it here, like they did in Canada, Europe and countries where corporations don't control their citizens' healthcare -- where people's number one worry isn't whether they'll go bankrupt if they get sick -- where they are happy to pay a few cents more for a candy bar if it keeps them from losing their house over medical bills.

Put Congress on the same health care as the rest of us and watch how fast they "socialize" health care. They could hitch a ride with the seniors who bus to Canada for prescriptions, if they want to see for themselves.

Gary Polvinale




The collectivist thugs are at it again, using government thugs to violate my natural rights and coerce me to comply with their values and pay for it to boot. Shame on you all. All moral people should shame and ostracize collectivist and government thugs.

And Gary, you don't even have to move to Canada to have your health care system. Just start a health care cooperative here based on the health care bill you promote and invite others who feel the same to join the cooperative with you. That way you can have your health care system without violating mr natural rights or the natural rights your fellow citizens and neighbors. Then if your system is good and succeeds, it will grow and prosper and everyone will join it.

You see, I uphold and defend your natural right to do this even though you want to violate my natural rights and impose your values and choices on me. Same goes for my collectivist friend brutus.


Gary, have you spoken to any Canadians? I have spoken to more than a few, and they do not like their system. For the freeloaders, it's great. However, for the majority of Canadians who work for a living, the cost is great. Their taxes are astronomical. Not just on their income, but the "sin taxes" on beer, cigarettes, and cigars are ridiculous. I was up there last year, and a 12 pack of beer (Molson) was over $20.

Canadians aren't told by the insurance companies their too sick to die, they are just ignored by their gov't and left to die.

brutus smith

Well put Gary. Where there is money involved there will be fraud, waste and abuse. Should we lock up all the Drs. and healthcare CEOs who know about this fraud, waste and abuse in their offices and companies??? I'm all for it Winston, how about you?

6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Polvinale:

Apples and oranges Mr. Polvinale; for a couple of things, Canada has a small and mostly homogeneous population.

On the other hand, the U.S. has a large and highly diversified population.

The program is not easily transferable.

Tell your fellows to eliminate the billions of dollars worth of fraud, waste and abuse in the current Medicare and Medicaid programs.

A pyramid scheme can only survive as long as an increasing number of suckers are brought into it. It contains the seeds of its own eventual destruction.

Universal health insurance as designed by American socialists is actuarially unsound as well as a sucker’s bet that will financially help to bankrupt the U.S.