Man throws fake head at child

Police: Sandusky man threw Crash Test Dummy head at boy, 8
Andy Ouriel
Jun 14, 2013

UPDATE (3 p.m.) Perkins police have arrested a suspect in this head-tossing case.

Matthew Clark, 41, of Sandusky, was arrested Friday and charged with inducing panic, a first-degree misdemeanor, as well as a charge of disorderly conduct, Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

When Klamar contacted the Erie County Sheriff's Office and told them about the incident on Douglas Drive, deputies recalled an incident a few weeks ago where a man had a number of crash test dummy parts in his truck. That soon led Perkins police to Clark.

"We found out he is employed at the business in Huron that manufacturers this stuff," Klamar said. Supervisors at the business said the items Clark had were likely scrap parts. They also said Clark called in sick Friday. When Perkins police caught up with Clark, he told them he was driving down street and he saw a little boy playing in a yard by himself.

"He thought it would be fun for this kid to have (a crash test dummy head)," Klamar said. "He asked him if he wanted it. He tossed it in his direction, and said, 'Go scare your brothers or sisters with this.'" 

The boy told police the suspect told him "come here and get this," Klamar said. 

A Perkins detective is still interviewing Clark. Additional charges could be filed depending on the outcome of the investigation.

UPDATE (1:03 p.m.): Perkins police provided the Register with a photo of the fake head allegedly thrown by the man.

ORIGINAL POST (12:51 p.m.): An unidentified white man possibly tried to lure an 8-year-old boy into his pickup truck around noon Friday on Douglas Drive.

The incident began when the driver approached the boy. The man asked if the boy wanted a Crash Test Dummy skull mold made at Huron-based Humanetics.

When the boy said no, the man threw the mold at him. The boy then ran into his house and told his father what happened.



This is just weird. You can NOT make this stuff up. All I can say is WOW


How can we watch out for this creep if there is no description of the truck. There are lots and lots of white guys in trucks.

Raoul Duke out for ALL of them.

Left Sandtown

If this is even true.This guy is throwing the works of his labor at children.Then maybe this guy should be the test dummy.God help the Dummy in all of us!!!!!


Talk about a TRUE DUMB a$$ attack!


WTF? Needs a life!


strangers dont use candy anymore?

Big Momma

This is why I moved to sandusky. So glad I got out of Perkins.


"got out of Perkins"? And you think Sandusky is better? Sandusky WILL be the next Lima. Prediction for this summer in Sandusky? DRIVE-BY shootings start appearing instead of plastic heads being tossed.

Big Momma

I was being facetious.


So whats the charge for tossing a head at a lid if it was for him to catch?


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The Hero Zone

Hmmm makes me rethink the mannequin torso we have in the basement to perpetuate the store-wide myth about the "Gateway to Hell" we have in an old coal furnace room in the basement. Which if any of you have played the Silent Hill series of video games you could get a kick out of.


Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm...Heads will roll!!!


I hate to admit this but I do know this man through an old but good friend. He is not the brightest bulb in the bunch but I truly do not believe that he was trying to lure a child into his truck. He does like to do things that could impair his judgment and make him lose all common sense. Yes, he was extremely stupid and obviously did not give much forethought to his actions about what kids are taught about strangers. Again, while his behavior was idiotic I truly don't believe that he would lure a child or hurt a child in anyway. All I can do is shake my head and hope he learns from this.


Its sad that people can't just be friendly anymore because everyone takes it the wrong way. Yeah, there are a lot of creeps out there who do sick things to children but if those were his intentions, he would have tried to get him in his truck and actually stopped to talk to him..... All he did was drive by, and give a lonely looking kid a dummy head to play with. You know like the barbie heads that parents buy for their kids at toys r us and walmart. Oh wow, so malicious.


Regardless of who knows the guy and whos friends with him donest make what he did right... what he did was WRONG... He tried to lure the kid to come to his truck and take the head (mind you he called off work today) ...good thing the kid is smart enough to know better an didn't talk to the guy and went and got help.. He needs to get a life and know he is right where you belong tonight behind bars!!! CREEP


He did not call off work, he had a scheduled day off for a family function...his family lives in that neighborhood.

He did not lure the kid to his truck, he tossed it out the window to the kid for him to have. He told the kid not to scare any other kids with it and the kid said he wouldnt. it is a shame but true fact that we live in a world that you cant do anything nice with good intentions towards someone without someone thinking your a freak. Oh, and he is not behind bars.


What a weird paranoid world we live in.

dorothy gale

Anything to sell papers. Shameful. When there's no local news, just make stuff up.


He ALLEGEDLY took scrap parts out of a facility that makes parts that can determine if people live or die in a crash. Regardless of intentions, he can kiss that job goodbye and he should face charges on behalf of the company for what he did. It is NO DIFFERENT than taking scrap jet engine parts out of such a factory


Wow-these headlines are malicious! He tried to "lure" an 8 yr old boy into his truck by throwing a "fake skull" out the window.

Give me a break, SR. This has the potential of ruining some guys life-or-perhaps, causing him great physical harm by some vigilante who actually believes he was trying to "lure" an 8 yr old into his truck.

I don't know this guy-but although this wasn't the smartest thing to do-it does sound like he was just being nice. I have a 9 yr old boy and MANY of the kids in our neighborhood are boys his age and they would likely fight all day over who got to keep the cool crash test dummy head!


making mountains of out molehills I'd say.


Ya just can't drive down the street offering a little head, it will get you in trouble every time : )


Bahhha! Too funny!


ha ha :}


2 cents... you make my day! Cute comment! LOL


My pleasure, just can't be serious all the time here, now can we :)


I don't care where his family lives nor do I care if he called off work (which is what one artical said) or if it was a schedule day off.. He is creepy and he did try to get the kid to come to his truck to get the mask... With that being said, things that happen in this world today maybe he should have kept to himself and kept driving!