Guns stolen from Huron home

At least a dozen large-caliber rifles were stolen recently from a Surf Drive home, according to Huron police reports.
Jun 11, 2013


The Surf Drive resident called police May 19 and said he arrived home to find the set of high-quality guns missing from a wooden case in a locking closet. The man, 34, told police he immediately noticed some items out of place in his home, and he soon found several guns lying about in his bedroom, the report said.

When police noticed the keys to the lockable closet were still in the lock, the man told them he suspects he left the key in the lock the last time he was home. The man said “it appeared as though whoever did this, knew what to take and what to leave,” the report said. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called to the scene to investigate. 

A few days later, a Surf Drive resident called police after spotting a white man in his 20s trying to break into the home where the guns had been stolen. The resident told police she saw the would-be burglar ride his bicycle behind the house. When she heard glass breaking behind the home, she went and confronted the man, who told her he was working for someone. The man then fled on his bicycle. In inspecting the home, officers found the window screen cut and a glass pane broken.

The homeowner had set up surveillance cameras. A Huron detective could not be reached Monday for an update on the case.


sandtown born a...

I bet it was one of those darn Sanduskians


You can bet your sweet A** that Huron has their share of rift- raft. Riding a bike all the way to Huron, seems a little far fetched.

sandtown born a...

It's called SARCASM look it up

The Big Dog's back

Great! More guns that weren't secured are now on the streets. Wonderful.


Huron Pizza House was broke into on May 15th. Stole both registers. Got only change, and of course busted back door.

looking around

I agree Big Dog, "When police noticed the keys to the lockable closet were still in the lock, the man told them he suspects he left the key in the lock the last time he was home" I wonder if he leaves his keys in the ignition and doors unlocked in his car? As I've stated before gun control isn't about what kind of gun you can have.....It's about responsible ownership. I wonder where the ammunition was stored and if any of the guns were loaded. It's one of many story's you won't see printed in the NRA's rag in the armed citizen page.


this is the best example of playing both sides of the fence i've ever seen... fist you use one of the mantras of the NRA and then bash the NRA for it's publications... priceless.

looking around

@vicariouslyAlive I don't quite follow you....what mantra? And as I said this is not the type of story the NRA would promote in their regular column called the armed citizen. I think this person was very lax in how he stored his guns, this is exactly how guns end up in the wrong hands.


Personally, I'm thinking insurance scam.

dire wolf

Refreshing feeling that a citizen exercising his right to bear arms for his own protection, now has provided/allowed all these deadly weapons onto the street, most likely for use in crimes against us. This guy should lose his CCW licence for his extreme negligence.

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swiss cheese kat

May 19? Almost a month later it becomes news?


So everyone is MORE upset this man had a "brain fart" and left the key in the lock....other than someone BROKE into his home and STOLE from him? I say you lay the blame where it is due, with the CRIMINAL. No one is at fault here other than the CRIMINAL. The way you all make it sound if someone breaks into my house and takes a butcher knife out of the kitchen and goes out to kill someone or rob them, it is MY FAULT because I didn't secure my knives!!! Ridiculous!

Darwin's choice


The Bizness

This is 95% on the criminal. Obviously the owner who left the key in the safe is also at fault, what if he had a kid and the kid opened the safe and shot himself or a friend?

The knives argument is passé

I personally think the criminal knows the owner, or as someone stated before maybe an insurance scam.


Right now you could get MORE money selling them at a gun show than from an insurance claim. I agree it does sound like a set up or an inside job.


So he gets the insurance claim PLUS a percentage of the cash when sold at a gun show. Who leaves keys in a gun cabinet? What is the point of a lock if one doesn't use it? Locks just keep honest people honest and kids out of gun cabinets.


I love all the judges and speculating people!! Point those fingers and look down and see how many more are pointing back at you.

Take care of what's going on under your own roof and maybe there won't be so many problems in the world and in the perfect world we won't have to own weapons. His house was locked! It was broken into. You don't know if he had children and he had them in a safe. If a crook wants something them come prepared to do what it takes to get what they want. The owner reported the guns stolen, if he was a criminal and had no right to own those guns I highly doubt he would report it. Now at least the police are aware that the guns are missing and out there.

looking around

And if he would of had trigger locks installed they would have been useless to the thief as he would have destroyed any value or usefulness trying to remove them....of course that is if the owner didn't leave the keys hanging in the lock or in the closet with the guns. You are right it is near impossible to prevent a break in, but it's not impossible to store weapons in a manner that they can not fall into the wrong hands in a usable condition.


I have two buds that have their respective gun safes bolted to the floor and have to have their finger print to open them. No glass doors either. They aren't showing their guns as museum pieces and understand the responsibility of owning them. I go with them to gun clubs and they let me target practice using their guns. I love the sport.


my small safe does not have the option to be bolted to the floor, nor do I want to drill into my floor. So if someone steals my safe (easy to lift) and breaks it open offsite and discovers my handgun in there......I should be responsible?

Wow, the people on this forum cease to amaze me.


Thank you that was my point too. Everyone is more upset about the way he "secured" his guns than the THEIF that STOLE them. Our safe is not bolted to the floor either.


I can promise you that I can make your gun safe boltable to the floor. It would make it much more difficult to remove it from your home. Having said that, I also know how to take it, even when bolted.


If you don't secure your guns, don't have them. Why is that concept so hard for some to understand?