Clyde man arrested after high-speed chase

He led Seneca County deputies on a high-speed motorcycle chase Sunday afternoon, with the pursuit ending at a Sandusky County home.
Jun 11, 2013


Mark Mougey II, 32, was charged with fleeing a police officer, no driver’s license and speeding, according to Tiffin Municipal Court records. He was also cited for a registration violation. 

When Seneca County deputies clocked him at 78 mph in a 45 mph zone, Mougey refused to stop. The chase finally ended when Mougey pulled into a home in the 5200 block of County Road 177 in York Township. Sandusky County deputies assisted in arresting him, according to a deputy’s report. 

Mougey was taken to the Seneca County jail. He appeared in court Monday and pleaded not guilty, and he was released after posting $525 bond.



WOW! Posted a cheap bond and left? There is HICK justice for you. Wonder who he knew or who knew him?

Simple Enough II

Probably 10% on bond. Don't worry wait till he is a failure to appear.


Marky Mark has been a bad seed since he was a teenager. He hasn't had a driver's license in YEARS, and his Mother is (or was) an insurance agent in Bellevue or Clyde. Even SHE couldn't write insurance for his sorry butt because his driving record for so bad! What a L-O-S-E-R!!!