Men try to abduct children

Group attempted to coax girls, 8 and 10, into white van with 'new puppy' Sunday near Port Clinton High School
Alissa Widman Neese
Jun 10, 2013


A group of five men tried to lure two children into a van Sunday near Port Clinton High School, according to police.

A witness saw the slow-moving white van stop near two sisters, 8 and 10, at the intersection of East 10th and Jefferson streets at about 6:30 p.m., Port Clinton police Detective Corbin Carpenter said. 

Its driver told the eight-year-old he just bought a new puppy and asked if she would help him find it, according to a police report. The girls left the area and told their grandparents, who contacted police. They were unable to locate the van.

The girl described the van's driver as a white male with dark military-cut hair, wearing a light gray T-shirt. All of the men are estimated to be in their 20s or 30s. 

A witness described the white van as older, rusted near its wheels, with several windows. Its make and model is unknown.

Police are still searching for the suspects. They're distributing a flyer with information to local agencies and schools.

Anyone with information should call the Port Clinton Police Department, 419-734-3121.



They are moving around the area. Please keep an eye open for this van. This is just sick!


This was happening in the Findlay and fostoria area too not too long ago.


Really glad the girls were able to give as good a description of the creeps as they did!! For as young as they are and I'm sure as scared as they were they did a great job! Hope those pieces of scum are caught quickly

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Find them, firing squad. I'm in! Ill pay to assist!

dire wolf

Lets get all hands on deck in LE to find and get these guys off the streets.


It might be better if those outside law enforcement found them first.


Very disturbing


Why is there no reward offered? I'd rather OUR MONEY in taxes go to some type of REWARD fund to capture these animals then most of the crap OUR TAX DOLLARS are spent on. I'll gladly put up every penney I have to spare at the moment to help find these sick f*#ks. How about we start a sort of vigilante group and use some online fundraising site like or whatever, to raise reward money to offer those who lead to capturing animals like these?