Bike Week has record crowd

Organizers attribute attendance of 160,000 to concert lineup. Click here for more Ohio Bike Week coverage, video and photo galleries.
Jessica Cuffman
Jun 9, 2013

After a damp start, clear weather brought attendance at Ohio Bike Week up to 160,000 in early estimates, making its success comparable to last year.

Unofficially, more than 2,000 bikers rode from Roeder Racing in Monroeville to the downtown Sandusky block party Saturday afternoon, Bike Week organizer Steve Ernst said.

“Despite the weather, we had record crowds downtown,” he said. “Our band lineup was incredibly strong.”

Click here for more Ohio Bike Week coverage, video and photo galleries. 

Attendance numbers met figures in years past despite the cancellation of the All Harley drag races in Norwalk.

And changes are coming for next year that could boost attendance even higher, Ernst said.

Staff are already working on changes for the layout of the event and the date could change too, though there is no official announcement yet, he said.

Ohio Bike Week already makes the map nationally, but its publicity is sure to grow after a film crew from Discovery Communications puts out footage they’ve recorded through the week with police officers and bike week staff.

The crew is making a documentary after filming in Sandusky, at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, and Laconia Motorcycle Week in New Hampshire, Ernst said.

Sturgis, Laconia and Daytona host the largest motorcycle events nationally, he said.

“We’re definitely on the map. It’s a neat thing,” he said.


The General

it was the bomb! Was loaded half the time ,but hey that's what its all me some skirt too

Free Man

please don't call grandma skirt ...




160,000? was there another ohio bike week going on that i missed? and 2,000 riders in the parade? the count from the sheriff was 800.


The bikers were required to register at Roeder Harley Davidson where they paid $20 a piece so the count is accurate. The money went to charity. Don't you just hate bikers for giving $40,000 to charity?

VTX Rider

Actually the cost was 10.00 for each bike (including rider) and an additional 10.00 for a passenger.

Free Man

aint no Harley Davidson after the name Roeder any mo..

VTX Rider

I rode in the parade and would say there were 800-1000 bikes. 2,000 seems a little elevated to me as well. Tough call on the attendance since there were so may events scattered throughout the area.


Hard to believe you all are spending so much thought on how many were there and questioning the official answer, sigh!


I think the figures are fudged. How do you count them? Turnstiles? Motel rooms? What?

Good 2 B Me

There is no way to count the people. They estimate much higher than we actually have. It keeps the Sponsorship Money flowing. If they admitted how the rain affected this last 10 days, no one would want to spend a dime on Sponsoring it. I love OBW, but always get a kick out of the over inflated numbers! It is all about making money!


Maybe they should think about pushing it back a week so no one gets rained on like they have the past 3-4 years and they might have a bigger crowd yet

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

One number that can't be denied was that my till saw an increase for both direct and indirect sales made to attendees, along with business as (somewhat) usual. I look forward to events like this and hope to be able to help the city coordinate more activities for residents and out-of-towners alike to enjoy here.


Heres an idea for Bike week , starting next year , have a one dollar , thats one buck charge to everyone that comes to bike week and use the money to get some big name country and rock bands down there and see what kind of turn out you have then .
I know that if a singer and band where to come downtown you can bet I would pay a buck to see them and hear them play . Just a litle food for thought

sandtown born a...

Bike Week a lot of posers and a handful of bikers. kind of like watching championship wrestling you know its fake as all heck but some must still watch. i guess as long as all have fun and see most for who they really are underneath the costume and fake tough guy attitudes.


Let me guess, you are one of the "tough guys" as defined by yourself. Quit hating people and trying to hold hard working "bikers" who paid $20,000 for their bikes to your low standards. Last I checked, if a person shells out cash for two wheels and rides it, than that makes them a biker. But I suppose they should commit crime, stink like underarms, have a basement tattoo, lose some teeth, lower their IQs, beat their women, have children they don't care for, and call themselves a biker to be a biker. Grow up

sandtown born a...

I guess you fall into the poser category??? I for one don't see nothing but a few bikers at bike week and a lot of yuppie posers or wanna be bikers. You don't have to be a criminal to be a biker. I guess you should grow up and realize you are a poser. I never claimed to be one of the tough guys nor do I walk around like I am one. I like to surprise the unexpected. More fun that way

Free Man

agree.. who the hell pays $20k for a mc and some fake leather ?
oh ya a wanna be. go home.

sandtown born a...

Don't misinterpret my post I love all of you even the yuppie posers we all have fun together. I watch you all pull into Sturgis with your bikes in trailers in your polo shirts and all of course until you check into your room and transform into a biker


Sounds like you and free man are suffering from an inferiority complex; who whizzed in your corn flakes and made you keeper of the official biker gate. Grow up children, high school is over.

VTX Rider

So, if you show up to a car show in car does that make you a classic car poser? Just trying to follow your through process here.

Have an awesome day!!


A biker doesn't have to be your stereotypical long bearded heavy set man in leather you dummy. Wake up.... a lot of people like to ride.. Dr s lawyers and buisnessmen, men, women and most in between. The jokers you r talking about make up like 1% of the bike population. I love that bike week comes here. It generates millions upon millions into this struggling town.

VTX Rider


Free Man

well they all looked like heavy set bearded men to me ..and that was just the women..!


I agree. I saw nothing but overweight and chicks that looked like they had many miles on them. Gross.

VTX Rider

You must not have seen my wife and I. She's pretty hot, and thin. We are in pretty good shape if I don't say so myself. Oh, that's because we try to eat decent and exercise a few times a week. Try it sometime, you'll be amazed at the results.

Have an awesome day!!

Free Man

ya I think shes hot ..

VTX Rider

Thanks Free Man! What a nice thing to say. You seem like a really nice level headed person. :)

The General

I can cut you a discount on some cigs...let me know

VTX Rider

A huge "Thank You!" to the organizers, vendors, bikers and hundreds of volunteers for another successful Ohio Bike Week!! I enjoyed the variety of live music the most.

This is an event that can be enjoyed by a variety of people with varying tastes. You don't have to be a "biker" (I'm not even sure how to define that term) to enjoy this event. I've been riding for 30 years and don't consider myself a biker, although I do ride a bike. Heck, I don't even own a pair of chaps. I do however, wear a helmet, shower daily, have a full time job, pay my bills on time and treat my wife with respect.

Looking forward to Ohio Bike Week 2014!!

Have a great day and be safe everyone. Oh, and look out for motorcycles!!