Biker crashes on Milan Road overpass at Butler Street

Witnesses: Traffic pylons may have triggered wreck involving Youngstown-area woman
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 7, 2013

A Youngstown-area woman suffered severe head injuries late Friday when her motorcycle crashed at the Butler Street overpass on Milan Road.

Heather DeMalio, 46, of Howland Corners, Ohio, was taken by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center at about 10 p.m. Her condition wasn’t immediately available, but police and witnesses said her injuries were severe.

As of midnight, a hospital spokeswoman said DeMalio was still being evaluated in the emergency room.

She was in a group of about six bikers headed north over the bridge at Milan Road and Butler Street. Witnesses said they suspect a set of orange pylons on the overpass played a role in the crash. At least one other biker laid down his bike to keep from striking DeMalio, Sandusky police said.

Troopers from the Ohio State HIghway Patrol's Sandusky post are now handling the investigation. It was unclear if DeMalio was wearing a helmet.

EDIT NOTE: The bikers were headed north. A previous version of this story contained inaccurate information.





Vroom vroom


Whether it is bikes or other vehicles, you cannot leave space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Guarantee someone will cut in.


Well don't let that get to you! It happens and if that triggers you then you may be taking driving a little too aggressive. I had the pleasure of watching some young hot shot kid do just that coming out of Detroit on day. His luck stopped when he tried to cut in front of a delivery truck in traffic. The truck readjusted his drivers door, shoving him off to the side and everyone just kept creeping along in traffic. I saw nothing! LOL

Erie Countian

From looking at the photos, it looks like that part of the overpass at Butler St. is well lit. I'm sorry the biker got hurt, but I don't recall any other accidents involving anyone hitting the orange lane divider before. This accident was probably a combination of not being familiar with the area and speeding. And, from what I have observed with all the large groups of bikers I've been seeing this week, I'm almost willing to bet that no helmet was being worn! Hope the biker has a healthy recovery.


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my oh my

She would later be transferred by ground ambo to a hospital in Youngstown...

Dont Worry Be Happy

I own a bike, I live here in Sandusky, I like having bike week here...but I do hate how some bikers ride in groups. But I just am extra careful when they are around me, it is what it is.

I choose not to wear a helmet when I ride and don't think it should be anyone's concern. It states this lady was wearing her helmet good for her but I hate wearing them again that's my choice . It drives me nuts when people always feel the need to down a biker because they choose not to wear one. Let it be I thought America was the home of the free!!!

There are alot of bikes out on the roads, there are alot of cars on the roads, there are amish buggys, there are cyclists on the roads, walkers, runners...accidents happen all the time, health failure happens all the time, nonone is ever promised another second, minute, day etc so live life and enjoy it. Some of you really need to get out and enjoy and stop being so grumpy and negative.


Right on! I think that the group rides are awesome, and love to see bikers gathered like that going down the road. You do have the choice to ride without your helmet, but you also know the risk you take when riding without it. Regardless of what happened or why, that woman needs prayers. Lots of them!


Almost 100% of ICU head trauma admissions are not wearing helmets. Food for thought, if your brain still is in tact.


To all of the ignorant, cold-hearted people that posted the stupid, repulsive comments on this article - REGARDLESS OF THE REASON WHY THIS WOMAN WRECKED, OR HOW "STUPID" PEOPLE ARE, SHE WAS SEVERELY INJURED!!!! IMAGINE THAT BEING YOUR SISTER, DAUGHTER, MOTHER, OR WIFE!!!! GET A LIFE AND FIND A HEART!!!! Those bikers bring excitement, brotherhood, and economy to Sandusky. Their presence in our town makes us a better community! You clearly don't have any respect for other human beings, and I pray KARMA doesn't teach you the valuable lesson of empathy for the negative things you've said in regard to that poor woman. Gods Speed Heather!

your master

That's what she said.


I was in that area last night. Looked very scarey~flashing lights everywhere (from ramp all the way to Perkins)and bikes just sitting in the on top of the ramp as ambulance left. I have ALWAYS thought those pylons are dangerous/rediculous! Accident waiting to happen. Once you get to them the road becomes too narrow. I could see why they would cause a problem with someone who is not familiar with the area~ all at once.....they are just there~in the way. I'm always worried about hitting one with my car~can't imagine coming up to them on a motorcycle and maybe having no where to go but hit one. 250 is a mess all the way from the ramp to Bogart Road~not very well thought out in my opinion. GOD speed to this woman and prayers she will be alright.

your master

That is it now I am convinced I will look a minimum of 83 times before I even move one inch into an intersection

sandtown born a...

donorcycle weekend in Sandusky the hospitals should put xtra staff on duty they will need it

he said she said

I was always told 'be on the look out for everyone else because they sure won't be on the look out for you'

There are alot of safe riders out there. They might be few and far between right now but they're there. It's the young ones, first bike, that want to impress someone. Get a life, kid, cause you sure don't impress me none.

sandtown born a...

I as well as a lot of my family and friends ride and your comment is spot on, Experience is everything, Stay Safe All


There are two overhead signs that direct traffic as to how to exit onto the Butler Street ramp. In addition, there are two flashing signs that state right lane MUST turn right. The overhead street lighting is Ohio Edison's responsibility. The lanes are set up this way to handle the heavy influx of traffic going to Cedar Point, but due to the size of the barriers, it does reduce lane width a little, but there is still enough room for trucks to clear. It may not be a perfect solution, but it is the best way to keep the lanes seperated as both lanes are able to turn right and exit onto the ramp. ALL drivers , when in an unfamilier area must use extra caution when driving/riding.

I hope the injured will recover fully, and that the rest of Bike Week and the tourist season will be safe for all.


Vroom Vroom

he said she said

@Voteno: you're not being loud enough. noone can hear you


Learned Friday that all the concessions at bike week are exempt from paying city income tax according to the agreement that City signed with organizers. Why are we putting up with this noise, congestion and subsidizing this mess. Time to enforce noise ordinance like we do "Click-it or Ticket" and start balancing the budget.


Need DUI checkpoints at every road heading out of downtown.

Free Man

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