Burning up about gas prices

At $4 a gallon, some Sandusky residents feel they're being taken for a ride.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 7, 2013


The state average for a gallon of regular gas was $3.96 on Thursday, an increase of 12 cents from Tuesday. 

And buckle your seat belts for this one: It's 30 cents higher than it was a week ago.

“I think the prices suck,” said Cindy Lawrence, of Sandusky, who spent $20 to pump a few gallons into her min-van at the BP station on West Washington Street in Sandusky. The price there was $3.99 a gallon.

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Ever wonder where the states and government get so much money to "WASTE"? Just figure, every time you buy 10 gallons of gas $4.64 goes directly to the state and federal governments. It doesn't make a difference if gas is 2 dollars or 4 dollars. This doesn't include any taxes that the refineries of distributors pay.
I surely wish no one smoked butjust the state and federal taxes (Ohio) are $2.36 a pack. Again, not including the companies tax burden. Now consider this, You pay an additional 6.5 percent sales tax on the $2.36 tax that was already included. WOW, it sounds something like "The Boston Tea Party".


Well duh. We have to keep giving the worthless folks food, gas, electric, babysitting and cell phones. Half the food they trade for tattoos and drugs. Oh, and don't forget the folks who file bankruptcy and somehow manage to have a better life than me who has NEVER missed a payment on ANYTHING. Definition of middle class: the ability to pay taxes to fund government programs we don't qualify for.

Left Sandtown

Solent Green Day is Tues-now it`s time you watch it.We are not there yet but close.12.00 hr. full time/24,900,family of just 3,you can`t get aid,how do you make it.The State and Feds now take 17% of my gross wage/my business Ins. went up 38% last year with no claims,all goods nearly rise 5 to 15% yearly there has just got to be some help,or throw in the towel people,heck I don`t even drink or do dope how would you pay for that.Well off to work,another day,another dollar,but does it matter all I`ll do is hollar.God Bless your Day.


Did anyone see the Register Diary section yesterday? The 10 year ago section said gas stations were jacking their prices up to $1.59 a gallon! OUCH


Thank the Federal Reserve. Through their QE and ZIRP policies they're trying to create inflation HOPING it'll spur the economy.


The govt. WANTS consumers to spend more and to take on more debt.

Kinda like hamsters in a wheel.

Left Sandtown

Proggy your right,but it is no longer called the middle class,it`s the milking class.Just think what would happen to you if you ran your household like the Gov.You would be holding a sign along the roadside.35% of are population in the US is on some form of Gov.aid,almost 12% of workforce unemployed,40% of employed on 12.00 and under per. hr.and to top it off 5% of are population is holding nearly 90% of the US funds.I`m so glad now 10yrs.ago I left corp.America and stuffed my life in a shell,we live now in a world of to many Guns and funds.Hold your grand children tight and Go Bless-Remember there is more coming!!!!!!!


You can thank all those O'bama supporters for the gas prices and for all the invasions into your privacy with IRS and with the phone numbers they are investigating from Verizon. don't blame Verizon blame your liberal, socialist president.


While traveling recently in TX: $3.259 @ gal. for reg.

Darwin's choice

Bush was thrown under the bus for the short duration of high gas prices by all the democrats....yet, under obama the sustained high fuel prices are accepted.....morons!


These responses are laughable.