Biker seriously injured in Wednesday crash

Motorcycle veers off Ohio 101, slams into garbage bin outside tavern
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 5, 2013


UPDATED 11 p.m.: While the crash is still under investigation, troopers said alcohol and drugs appear to be a factor.  

The crash victim is Daniel Gierlach, 55, of Avon, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. He was not wearing a helmet, and he was ejected off the bike, sliding along with it until he struck the garbage bin. Previous information indicated he was from a different city.

He has since been flown from Firelands hospital to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

* * *

A biker was taken by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center Wednesday evening when his motorcycle veered off Ohio 101 and slammed into a garbage bin outside a tavern.

The man's name was not immediately available. Margaretta Township firefighters and Erie County deputies were called to the scene at about 6:40 p.m.

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are handling the investigation.

It appears the motorcycle, a Honda Shadow 1100 drove off Ohio 101 and across a lawn and then a parking lot before slamming into the large garbage bin. The man was alive when paramedics loaded him into an ambulance.

The crash comes two days after a Sandusky woman died when her motorcycle struck a Jeep Cherokee that turned in front of her on Ohio 101.

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my oh my

The biker is being flown from Firelands as we speak.

Clark W. Griswald

How do you know?


They have police scanner applications for smart phones

Peachy Keen

Just another normal day in this wonderful time of year known as "Ohio Bike Week."


This has not a thing to do with bike week, just saying.


I hate Bike Week. I will not go into Sandusky or Perkins Township on 250 during this week.


Good, one less car on the road

BULLISDEEP's picture



This is seriously rude.


Here we go again. Let's wait to see B.A.C. levels.


: \

Molon Labe

I'm curious to know what happened exactly. My Mother witnessed the whole thing. She said it looked like he was going slow enough to navigate the turn, but somehow it was like he hit a bump or hit the front brake and went over the handlebars. That is a really bad curve anyhow! Always accidents there.


That curve used to be nicknamed "deadman's curve" by people that lived in the area because it was and still is such a bad curve, especially in the winter. With the fencing pulled back from what used to be the junk yard it's a little easier to see coming around the corner if you're stopped on Bardshar Rd., but still pretty dangerous. Really hope the biker comes out ok and that alcohol wasn't a factor, no matter what the outcome. And like others, I don't like Bike Week either but it doesn't have much to do with the way bikers look like someone mentioned to me in another post, it has everything to do with all the added traffic and the added risk of accidents because people - cars and bikers alike - don't always drive safely. There's other reasons I don't like it but that's the biggest.


Not to be picky, but that bike in the picture is not a Honda Aero. The Aero has big front tire and fenders, and was first made in 2003. The bike in the picture is a mid 1980's Honda Shadow 1100. Just sayin.

Hope the rider comes out OK.

Molon Labe

I too hope he is ok, but if you would have read the bottom of the article, it says Honda Shadow. Not Aero.


It's too bad there are accidents to mar the Bike Week. There are a lot of motorcycles and add to that all the car and truck traffic on Route 250 and that route is especially dangerous. I go that way almost daily and give myself lots of stopping room.

I was at Ryan's buffet and so many cars/vans wanted to stop in front of Mad River Motorcyle as they could not pull in the parking lot due to roped off. I give Perkins Police as they were actively patroling the road and time after time they came along and told cars/vans to move on no parking her in Route 250 After a time even the State Highway Patrol came along moving cars/vans along and saying no stopping.


A few years ago a Cadillac went off the road on 101 around there.


Over/under on how many more accidents there will be during bike week?


I think you betting on the amount of bikers needing to be peeled off the pavement is disgraceful.


Who is taking bets?


Unfortunately. Over. Drugs, Drinks and Bikes dont mix well. Not to say all are partying. But alot are. Be careful when your driving and pay attention to the Bikes. Slow Down.


Better yet, just stay away from the area.

VTX Rider

I hope this person recovers quickly.


It's a law of averages. With hundreds of motorcycles in the area at one time, the crashes will increase. Why this is bold front page headlines is beyond me.

Sal Dali

That is a bad curve for someone under the influence to negotiate, you have to slow down for it. He was from out of town and likely, unfamiliar with the road. Maybe DUI check points would be beneficial during Bike Week? I hate to be a party-pooper but if it will save lives and motorcycle related injuries, I'm all for it.


He is familiar with the road! He lives down here with his Fiance.


He is familiar with the road and has been riding since he was a kid. Alcohol was not the problem the bike had a problem. You assume he was under the influence based on an article in the you read National Inquirer and Star magazine rags too...very reliable lol what a joke.

Sal Dali

The State Highway Patrol said alcohol and/or drugs, the paper reported what was told to them by law enforcement. Either will impair a persons response whether they're on 4 wheels or two. His blood will be tested and after that it is a moot point. I don't read rag mags but you seem more familiar with the titles than I am, do you subscribe? As for his residence, I read what was reported, it is still a dangerous curve and if he lives here, he knew it. They still need DUI check points for this event, it may deter drinking and driving and if it does, lives will be saved. Can you possibly find something wrong with that also?


Hunny hate to say it, his BAC wasn't high enough to be charged with a DUI. Know your facts lady, this wreck had nothing to do with the fact he drank a few it's called something went wrong on the bike as we've said before!


The state Patrol can say whatever they want to say and that does not make it fact. His BAC was checked at both hospitals, he was taking the curve at the appropriate speed, and I do agree they should maybe consider check points even though they are generally ineffective as cell phones get that word out fast and check points can be avoided. You are running your mouth about crap you know nothing about in this case. It was a bike issue as when he hit brake only one side grabbed and through the wheel sideways. Hmmmm maybe I know that because it is in my garage and has been looked at by a pro. Bottom line GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before you start running your mouth and being slanderous, he is hurting enough without loudmouth no nothings like you!

Sal Dali

I did not personally say he was drunk. Try reading again. I've lost more than a few friends to bike accidents, including my fiance. I understand your grief and anger. Was all that extra "running your mouth" stuff necessary? Whatever caused the accident, I am glad he survived it period. Only those close to him would have the BAC results, do you want to share those? Maybe the Register will since their article is what started this in the first place. I'm not going to exchange cheap shots with anyone, it's inappropriate and rude. I wish him a quick recovery.