Prohibition-era bar coming to Sandusky

New public relations building to serve adult beverages at The Volstead Bar
Melissa Topey
Jun 5, 2013


Dames and swell guys, this place is for you.

Ryan Whaley, owner of public relations company Green Door Mediaworks on East Water Street, is poised to open a bar based on the Prohibition Era. He's currently rehabbing and remodeling the space to feature old-school, high-style drinks.

When it opens, it'll be called The Volstead Bar, referencing the Volstead Act, which allowed law enforcement to enforce the prohibition laws of the 1920s and early 1930s.

Whaley expects to open the bar sometime in September.

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Well that's exactly what this town needs another watering hole.

Eph 2 8-10

Yep, bars and tattoo parlors....and bike week lest we has become a great place to live.

Licorice Schtick

In cities that have already redeveloped, the "entertainment district," which often helped spark redevelopment, also devolved into some of the dumpiest and crime-ridden real estate in the city. Part of the point of such a district is to contain the problems that such activities bring within its bounds, but Sandusky cleverly made the district so large that it includes the entire downtown plus extensive areas beyond. So much for containment.


Yes, Licorice Schtick. Just look at The Flats in Cleveland. At first it thrives and draws many people. After awhile, it starts drawing people from everywhere. Like Put-In-Bay right now. They turn the places into little Las Vegas without the gambling and stuff goes downhill soon after. Stripper bars and drugs. The Flats was a good time when it first became known. A good time after an Indians or a Browns game. Look at it now. At least Nautica is there to see small concerts with big names.


It says to read the full story, subscribe to the e-paper. Did I miss it, or is there no mention of this story whatsoever in the print paper or the e-paper?


I remember the Green Door on Water St, wasn't it a house of ill repute? LoL.


Congratulations Tom, Ryan & Chad


I wish them much success in their new business. They're trying to revitalize the downtown area and I hope their new business does well.

VTX Rider

Best wishes on your new business venture and thank you for investing in downtown Sandusky. I look forward to checking it out.

(Too bad you couldn't be open for Bike Week.:)

Dorey - The article was in the print version yesterday.


^ Thanks!!


Awesome family that is looking to put a unique spin downtown. Sounds great.


I wonder what demographic population they are shooting for? I hope it is not a rowdy place but a classy place to have cocktails and great conversation with friends.

Good-luck and congratulations! I will check it out when it opens.


Hello happycamper01, Thanks for the congrats! Volstead Bar will be exactly as you described. The intent of Volstead Bar is a place to enjoy high end, handcrafted cocktails with friends or business acquaintances after work or dinner, complementing the "restaurant renaissance" we are seeing in downtown Sandusky. New businesses and potential residents are attracted to communities that have social options, that is the goal we are working toward in downtown Sandusky.


Thank-you Ryan! I can't wait to visit your new establishment and try some of your cocktails with friends! Not to rush summer but the fall gives something to look forward to!

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I certainly agree with you regarding social options. Let me know if I can assist you with that in any way.


"open a bar based on the Prohibition Era"

Sounds like a winner. Will there be speakeasy door slots?

Raoul Duke

Surf OHIO!


Sandusky needs to make an open free boardwalk along the waterfront somehow...people love VA beach, Hampton Beach, Myrtle Beach. I know it would be hard to make a beach but the water is their for boating and fishing. If you add a boardwalk with vendors like bars, restaurants, live music/entertainment like they have now, fair food, arcades, souvenir stands, among other things people would come. Downtown would be busy. I used to live by Hamptom Beach and it was awesome. Cedar Point is great but you have to pay to get in. This would be free to walk around but people would spend money at all the different places. Anyway, will never happen but it would great if it did.


I think you have a great idea! I know my family frequent a boardwalk.


Congrats...will have to make the drive from Willard to check it out.