Biker dies in Ohio 101 crash

Sandusky woman pronounced dead at hospital
Shawn Foucher
Jun 3, 2013


Just days into the festivities, Ohio Bike Week was marred by tragedy Monday when a Sandusky woman died after her motorcycle struck an SUV that pulled out in front of her on Ohio 101 in Sandusky.

Kristina McGraw, 48, was pronounced dead at Firelands Regional Medical Center shortly after the crash. 

McGraw was driving a 2003 Harley-Davidson south on Ohio 101 when at about 6 p.m. a northbound Jeep Cherokee slowed down and turned left onto Superior street, pulling into the motorcycle's path, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said.  

McGraw's motorcycle struck the passenger side of the Jeep, ejecting her off the bike and onto the Jeep's windshield. McGraw was then rushed by ambulance to the hospital, where she soon died.

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Left Sandtown

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Left sandtown try rereading it.

Very sad news. She was a very nice woman and great co-worker.thoughts and prayers for her family and friends.



Mime Bloggling

So sad. Prayers going out for the family.


The jeep turned left in front of her it was not her fault.


OMGosh! So sad...


That is really SAD. People please be causious the rest of Bike week. I know that drivers in cars dont always see bikes as easy as cars. RIP and Prayers go out to the Family.


So sad and why did they not release the name of the driver of the jeep. People just don't know how to be cautious of others. Every year someone dies due to negligence of others:-( Sad truly sad


I knew Kristina from way back. She was a great lady and LOVED riding. Ride on in the next world girl. Thoughts and prayers to her family and hoping the driver of the jeep can eventually find peace. What a tragedy for all involved. We lost a good one today. RIP (Ride In Piece) Kristie. You'll be missed ; (


They did not release the name probably because he looked to me to be under 18.


They probably did not release the name becasue for once the register is being smart..... there are 10,000 bikers in this town right now.


and how many of those bikers are riding drunk ( ie: poker runs) and careless? I've seen many bikers not obey the rules of the road so they have to be more careful too, don't you think?


@starry......your post would be relevant if this was a crash or death caused by a biker. I've yet to read anywhere lately where a biker has killed anyone. 99% of the time they either hit an animal, possibly lay their bike down on a turn, but most of the time get hit by DRIVERS who aren't paying attention.


Have you ever had a biker pull up along side you on your blind side I mean like two inches from your car? Have you ever had one pull out in front of you and you had to slam on the brakes?

Like I said ,Aaron, The Bikers NEED to be more careful and PAY ATTENTION, too. The are many of them who pull stupid stunts like that all the time.


You should have a LIKE button....for all the CRAP I read on these comments you are obviously the only one that still has intelligence!


My prayers go out to the entire McGraw family for their sudden loss. That being said, don't be so fast to blame this on Bike Week. She was a local person riding a motorcycle. Appears someone failed to yield to her when turning left.


"McGraw was driving a 2003 Harley-Davidson south on Ohio 101 when at about 6 p.m. a northbound Jeep Cherokee slowed down and turned left onto Superior street, pulling into the motorcycle's path, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said."

I am sad that a young woman motorcyclist lost her life through no fault of her own. At the same time, I am very angry at 4 wheel drivers who don't pay attention. It was daylight when the young driver slowed and turned left in front of the motorcycle. Was it inexperience or not paying attention? How can a driver heading north not see a motorcyclist going south? Motorcycles are not invisible.

I have the same problems driving a car where other drivers turn left in front of me. Also these drivers do not stop at stop signs but coast through. What is on the minds of these careless drivers? Pay attention to driving and stop day dreaming and stop using cell phones while driving.

Look twice and think twice. What are your eyes looking at? Did you look and give your brain enough time to register what your eyes see? Or did you give a quick glance while your mind is focused on something else?

To the family and friends of Kristina, I am sorry for your loss.


If the driver turned left,, was sun glare an issue? The sun to the west was pretty bad yesterday


What does sun glare to the west have to do with watching for a motorcycle coming from the north? It is the responsibility of a driver to have control of their vehicle at all times.
There is no excuse for inattentive drivers. Keep your eyes and mind on driving a vehicle. Sun glare is a distraction.


Quite a bit since it will probably hit on the drivers's side. Because the sun glare will still be a problem, especially if it bounces off something like a rear window or something else.


This is a tradgic event and I feel terrible for the family. As always things like this happen during Bike Week. As I saw the bikes coming in I wondered how many would die this year.


Another thing to consider is the sun glare , right? What 's the NEW trend in car colors : SILVER! Oh. when the sun hits that color it just f'n blinding. Just a little thought to keep in mind.

Kottage Kat

Ride with the angels
Sympathy and prayers to family and friends


My prayers go out to BOTH families, not just to the family who lost the bike rider but also to the driver of the vehicle. It is NEVER easy to be the driver of a vehicle responsible for a death. That will never leave that person and I am sure it was an accident. No matter what the reason, I am sure the driver never meant to cause anyone any harm. May God be with BOTH families in their time of need.