Mona Rutger of Back to the Wild nominated as CNN Hero

Wildlife rehabilitation facility in Castalia receives national exposure, feature will air this weekend.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 30, 2013


Mona Rutger has received another honor, being featured as a 2013 Hero by CNN.

Click HERE to see the video of Mona at Back to the Wild

Read more in Friday's Sandusky Register


Capt. Ford

Mona, her long supporting husband, and dedicated staff and volunteers are a great asset to this community, hope the support for this necessary service continues.

Yellow Snow

Mona, her husband, volunteers, our community are amazing. Back to the Wild deserves all the funding and publicity that comes their way. They've committed their life to serving nature for all of us. We are so fortunate to have you locally.


Congratulatons Mona and Back to the Wild! So wonderful that the nation will get to see your love for and commitment to wildlife. You tirelessly serve our community and you deserve to be recognized.


Mona & Bill..Thank you for all that you do !! I hope you are feeling better and keep the tradition going with the younger kids, if you can get them off the phone, computer, etc. LOL If you look at my screen name, you will know who my Mom & Dad are. Mom has done various things with you guys over the years. She is finally retiring this year, Yeah!! God Bless

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

This is an honor well-earned! Thank you for what you do on behalf of humans and animals alike.


Good for Mona! So glad to see her get this honor.


You guys are awesome! Looking forward to stopping out this summer. Anyone looking to donate to anyone, these guys do awesome work!


Congratulations for a nomination well-deserved! It is so refreshing to see something so positive about something so good from our local area in the paper!


Congrats Mona! Your hard work and dedication are inspiring- can't wait to see the program!


Congratulations to you Mona! It is about time the rest of the world see what we already know! You deserve this wonderful recongnition for all your hard work. I hope the donations come fast and furious!