14 killed in weekend traffic accidents

State Patrol releases weekend data
May 28, 2013


The Ohio State Highway Patrol made more impaired driving, drug and felony arrests this Memorial Day weekend compared to the 2012 holiday weekend.

In addition, 14 people lost their lives – an increase of one death when compared to 2012.

OVI-related fatalities decreased to three for the weekend, down from seven for 2012.

Patrol OVI arrests increased nearly five percent; drug arrests were up more than 62 percent; and felony arrests were up more than 20 percent. The Patrol’s Columbus District, encompassing Central Ohio counties, experienced the highest amount of OVI and drug arrests, with 148 and 98 arrests respectively.

The four-day reporting period began Friday, May 24 at Midnight and ran through Monday, May 27 at 11:59 p.m. 

The Patrol made 19,728 non-enforcement contacts, of which 4,908 were to assist motorists.



Yea well if one life is lost , its to many , and to have as many as we did , is an eye opener to every driver out here