First FIT Challenge 5K makes everyone feel good

The first-ever FIT Challenge 5K on Sunday attracted 80 participants of all running and walking levels.
Brandi Barhite
May 27, 2013


Laura Cobb of Sandusky placed first overall for women and Joe Guerra, formerly of Sandusky, placed first for men. But the sunny day was more about personal accomplishments.  

To see photos from the event click HERE and results can be found HERE and HERE.

Nicholas Riedy and Chelsey Rennard, both of Sandusky, had never done a 5K before, but knowing the race was sponsored by the FIT Challenge made them feel less self-conscious.“I am doing it mainly because I just went through a whole lifestyle change,” Riedy said. Riedy follows the FIT Challenge — a Register-sponsored weight-loss program — and is thinking about applying to be in the next round, July-December. Rennard showed up with Riedy because the weather is finally getting nicer and she wants to get in better shape.   

“It is summer, and I have been trying to lose some weight. I decided to come out and do it. I thought it would be fun.”

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