Police rescue young woman from lake

17-year-old was found 3/4 mile off the Lake Erie shore after seeing her face just above water.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 27, 2013


Vermilion police rescued a swimmer Sunday evening after the girl's mother called when she was concerned her daughter was too far from shore. The girl was found in the area of Showse Park.

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what in the world was this 17 yr. old girl doing in water that is around 60 degrees at the max and what parent would allow their child in the lake this time of year, can you say stupid.


And yet again I say, you can't fix stupid!

tell it how it is

She's 17..do you expect her to listen if her parents told her no? She's plenty old enough to make her own decisions, no matter how stupid and dangerous they may be.

Can't always blame the parents. Every child has to grow up. Tired of seeing everything being someone else's fault.


Parents are legally responsible for their kids until they are 18 whether they listen or not.


I totally disagree with your statement a 17 yr. old is not old enough to make their own decisions, this is what is wrong with the country we allow children to make decisions instead of being parents and raising them with love, correction and at times punishment for doing things they shouldn't. The world today wants us to allow them freedoms and they haven't even been introduced to the world as a whole and we let them loose and expect good things.




Yea, I agree too. Where do these nut cases go in the winter????? come the warmer days of late spring they all seem to reappear just like the June bugs etc. I guess for next 3-4 months we will have these nuts out in the water who need our help. Somebody has to do their thinking of them they sure not capable of thinking logically for themselves.

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It's Bush's fault : )