Perkins Township has no cash for road repairs

With cost estimates for various roads totalling $577,000, trustees approve $2,200 Miller Road project.
Andy Ouriel
May 22, 2013


Township trustees voted to spend just $2,200 for road repairs in 2013 — to smooth out Miller Road — but the waiting list of roads needing repair is growing.

The Miller Road project is the first resurfacing project on a Perkins Township road in two years. The last one — at Fairview Lanes — went over-budget by $150,000 in 2011. 
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Township officials identified roads in need of re-paving but don't have the funds to schedule the work. Here's the list with cost estimates provided by the township:
Street                   Estimated resurfacing costs
Boston Road               $210,000
Richmond Circle         $100,000
Lisbon Circle               $86,000
Memphis Avenue        $56,000
Dallas Avenue             $44,000
Hartford Avenue          $41,000
Denver Avenue           $40,000
Total                              $577,000
Source: Perkins Township highway department



at Fairview Lanes, they never did Hinde Ave which is really bad in parts. not their fault, a couple of the other streets were done wrong and needed completely replaced rather than just resurfaced, but there are places they didn't do because of the overrun


Folks the time of unlimited money from your federal, state and local governments have come to an end.

It's time to suck it up and live within your means.

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You sir, have said it.


Where's all the license plate tax money. Isn't that dedicated to road repairs?

getit right be4...

There is no money to go back to the community, but they still plan on paving, and landscaping the new complex.

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Yeah, but lets keep the officers from driving on our roads.. They should actually convert the police force into a workforce for these type of issues.


They just did Columbus Park a.k.a. Sandusky South, last year.


People b4 you paid for the roads you drive on.
The least you can do is to step up and pay for the repairs.

Americans want everything.... as long as someone else pays for it......

Yo Donut who paid for your "free" ezpass????


There is no law keeping you from donating more of your money to such projects. Either put up, or shut up.


Thanx for proving my point...... you want me to donate more than my fair share so you don't have to pony up "your fair share".

If we all paid a "fair share" we would not be living on "borrowed money" that your kids will end up paying back.