Erie County ponders budget cuts

Commissioners ask staff for help finding savings for improvements
Andy Ouriel
May 22, 2013

A potentially grim financial outlook has once again forced Erie County officials to ponder reducing operating expenses.

A memo recently sent to the county's elected officials, department heads and others overseeing boards and commissions asked what impact a 4 percent funding cut could have on a particular operation.

The letter, sent from the county commissioners' office, also asks how officials can conserve taxpayer dollars and generate new income.

But the memo's not a precursor to taxes increasing nor layoffs occurring, Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo said. Rather, the would-be funds could help cover delayed and neglected facility upgrades.

County commissioners want to spend $401,000 on various infrastructure improvements in 2013 — funds they presently can't afford to expense without depleting their own budget.

Not included in this tab: Major repairs to the Erie County Courthouse and an air conditioner enhancement at the county's services center.

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We can get rid of one or more of the judges we are caught up enough to do that what a money saver

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Here here


Are you really askin' Jules to come in? lol

God Of Thunder

Where in the heck is the 'Like' button??? HAHA

Julie R.

How about getting rid of the retired rent-a-judges that Erie County doesn't want anybody to know they're still using at the taxpayers expense --- like the arrogant one I witnessed in action last year in the probate court ten years AFTER my mother's death. The one that was brought in NOT to handle the complaints that were filed that the probate court refused to address --- instead to do the "final accounting" in the estate. That clown was positively entertaining with those ludicrous laws he was paid to come up with. For example: The reason the probate court did not have to address the complaints that were filed in the probate estates of life-long Erie County residents was because the complaints had already been "resolved" --- referring to a sneaky attorney filing and dismissing a bogus sham lawsuit in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County.

I'm afraid I had to laugh when he said that --- I believe I even asked him: "If that's true, why are you in Erie County? Shouldn't you be in Cuyahoga County?"


How about collecting real estate taxes and water bills that are delinquent? (And not just from the working stiffs.) That should help generate a tremendous amount of money for the county.


How about getting the murderers convicted and sent to prison instead of sitting in the county jail. I counted the other day and there were 8 or 9 murder/manslaughter convicts sitting there..Due process is overdue for some, such as Cliton and others


Yes, what's the hold up ?


Lawyers. Dragging it out makes more cash. It's the "Merican Way"


I was speaking with a gentleman the other day that worked as a defense contractor and he told about his travels to Saudi Arabia 10 years ago. To make a long story short he was told by his Saudi counterparts to go to with them to the city center in Riyadh. What he saw was a public execution, apparently the person killed his wife who was having an affair on him and then went to the man's (the other adulterer) business and shot him. The gentleman asked his friends when did this all happen? The answer, 18 days about swift justice!


Nobody made any $$ on that one. Frippin' divorce didn't cost a dime. I would hope fair to middlin' would happen instead of both extremes, myself.


The unlimited funding from the federal and state levels is ending. We need to make due with what we have and even cut back on some of the bureaucracy.

It's time to be responsible for yourselves. It's a rough road ahead for those who have relied on others rather than themselves.


Vote NO in August!


No for what? This story isn't about an election.


sell some of those county vehicles(they have a ton)...and make employees use their own vehicles...


Start by making the motels in Avery tie-in to the mega-million dollar sewer expansion down S.R. 250. After all, it was becasue of them that the sewer line had to be extended in the first place.

Rent some rooms in the newly "renovated" courthouse in Avery. Lots of space there unless the Judge's office is too big . . . .

Sell the "Industrial Park" property on Huron-Avery Road at a loss. Property is worthless for development and will never be used by the County.

Quit making a park every time someone wants to sell a parcel. You can't tax parks.

Ask Kevin Baxter to repay the money borrowed from the County for his ferry fiasco.

4-wheeler al

all that court cost that people are paying, were is it at


Blah Blah Blah ...why doesn't the Register include information on the balance of the County's carryover from year to year as well as the County's rainy day fund? There's a nice little sum there. I'm sure the 3 leaders (word used loosely) could fix an HVAC system with what is already sitting in their coffers rather than force cuts on an already reduced workforce. What about the article not 3 months ago that talked about the "savings" from not filling jobs?? Seems like the story has changed pretty darn fast. Are there negotiations coming up somewhere?

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Budget cuts? You folks are working for the people.

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Budget cuts? You folks are working for the people.


What is happening to all the casion money they are getting?

J Cooper

Are these the same two county commissioners that wanted to give the City of Sandusky FREE or reduced rent to use non existed space at the county office building at Columbus Ave & Washington Row or FREE county owned land on Columbus Ave to built a new city justice center a few months ago? Maybe the airport at NASA Plumbrook will bring in new revenue, yes that was sarcasm.


Get rid of public unions.


Get rid of idiots that vote no on everything!


You must be in a union. How's that working out for ya?


Great! Excellent benefits, retirement, wages and working conditions! How about you?


Have better than union and don't pay dues to protect dirt bags from losing their jobs.


Thats great! I am very happy for you, and I dont hate you for that,so please dont hate union members for what they have. Instead, Thank God that He has blessed us with all that we have.


I don't hate all unions, only government employee unions. Private sector can do whatever they want, but public unions are killing our country.


Maybe you should take a moment and think about all that public employees do so that you can enjoy a safe and healthy lifestyle. Or maybe you would like everyone to drill their own wells for water and throw their excrement wherever they want to and possibly contaminate those wells. Maybe you would like to eliminate police and fire protection, safe building codes,traffic safety, etc. etc. I could go on futher, but unfortunatly, its just not worth it!

Signed a PROUD public union member!