Clyde-Green Springs Schools up against it

Financial doomsday looms, but district leaders are stuck playing the waiting game before they can attempt to fix the problem.
Alissa Widman Neese
May 21, 2013


Treasurer Joyce Dupont presented a five-year financial forecast to school board members Monday night, noting several variables contingent on the still preliminary state budget. The budget, which determines how much funding schools will receive, won’t become official until June 30.

Under its current “conservative” forecast, planning for no state funding increases, Clyde-Green Springs Schools is set to spend all its reserve cash by 2014, Dupont said. It is forecasting a deficit each year, ranging from about $76,000 in the current school year to about $2.8 million in the 2016-2017 school year. Its budget is about $20 million.

Board members approved the dismal forecast without discussion. 

“We’ll revise the forecast as soon as we get definite numbers from the state,” Dupont said at the meeting. “I’d rather go with the conservative proposal than backtrack on one expecting the funding.”

In his February budget proposal, Gov. John Kasich flatlined funding for Clyde-Green Springs Schools. The Ohio House of Representatives, however, recently amended the budget to include an increase of $500,000 a year for the district. It’s unknown if the amount will remain when the budget leaves the Ohio Senate.

“That would push us out to 2017 before our reserves are gone,” Dupont said. “Hopefully we’ll get some relief from the state, but we’ll see.”

Voters overwhelmingly rejected a five-year, 5.25-mill emergency operating levy May 7, leaving the district in its precarious financial position. The levy would have generated $1.1 million a year for day-to-day expenses.

After the levy failed, superintendent Laura Kagy said the district will likely decrease costs by cutting several staffing positions before the upcoming school year, also after the budget is approved. It may also place a levy on the November ballot.

Without cuts or increased funding, Clyde-Green Springs Schools could face fiscal emergency as early as next year, Kagy said.

In other business, school board members approved Monday a one-year contract between the district’s administrators and teachers union. It includes agreements related to the new state teacher evaluation system and amended health care benefits, but does not include pay increases. The current three-year contract expires June 30.

About 15 people attended the meeting but none spoke about the five-year forecast or the approved contract.


JW Brewer

A glass-half-empty governance policy continues from this Board and Administration.

Maybe this time around, STAFF CUTS will include the Assistant Superintendent position.

All those naysayers trying to blame this on the TEACHERS need to note the new contract includes NO RAISES.

Along with a possible levy in November, three of the seats on the board will be up for election/re-election. Two of the members are 'veterans' who perhaps could do the District a huge favor by announcing their retirements - one after 24 years.


Not one time have I heard any teacher being blamed for the financial situation of the school, JWBrewer. More truthfully, the SCHOOL BOARD blames the TAXPAYERS for the financial condition and it was reportedly said so at a public meeting. So no matter how much taxes, donations, earned income tax is given to this school district BY the TAXPAYERS, the board BLAMES THE TAXPAYERS. If there is blame, it needs to be directed to this administration who carelessly has spent our money and got paid to do it. Neither should teachers or students be mad at taxpayers as they campaign to pass a new tax! They should also look at this school board and administration. And in case you haven't heard, the acting superintendent has accepted a job in Fremont. So we shall see if that position is cut going forward.

JW Brewer

BEN...Where were you during the last levy campaign? Countless times in many locations - FB, blogs, letters - writers/speakers have blasted C-GS teachers for their "high salaries, few hours, large benefits, tenure" - you just must be so out of the loop you never read it. Voters and taxpayers over three years have blamed 'extremely high and undeserved' teacher salaries and benefits.
During the last levy I made several suggestions to the pro-levy people on how to get the votes - register voters, send postcards to each person requesting an absentee ballot (the labels are a penny each from the Board of Elections and the postage is 34 cents); a series promoting the successes of C-GHS alumni/ae like yourselves instead of just saying the education is great.
Yeah, Dr. Kagy is leaving. But the Board just met to discussing 'hiring a public employee'. Of course, Mrs. Kagy still will be taking tax dollars (from Fremont) to Buckeye Central.
If they fill that $100,000+ position, they need never try pass another levy.


Mr Brewer, you would have to show me the factual SOURCE where a teacher was BLAMED or accused of being undeserving. Just because salaries were pointed out factually in debate for discussions, isn't putting the blame on teachers. No one can "blame" teachers for applying for jobs that the administration sets salaries for. I have seen unions and BoE get blamed, NEVER a teacher. And I HAVE been in the "loop" for the last 3 years!
It appears that several CGS district jobs appear to be family related. I have recently read and talked to people in the district that have told me one position suspiciously appears to be created as a full time position for a family member of a long term board member!
If the administration doesn't even listen to your constructive suggestions to get a levy passed, then why would TAXPAYERS EVER expect them to listen to the VOTERS telling them NO (for the FIFTH time?)
This BoE is arrogant and needs to be replaced. When they step down for the good of the schools and "for the children" and cuts are evident and transparent, only then will a lesser levy have a chance.

JW Brewer

Vote No On Clyde-Green Springs Levy .... one example.
I could give you specific names - but Moderator frowns on that.


If you are referring to their webpage, I have followed that and got more information there than I did on the Clyde Levy page or the school webpage. Even though it is a social webpage encouraging ideas, suggestions and opinions, I still found out more there than from any other school related source or Clyde's own newspaper which hasn't even reported the results of the levy!
By the way, I have seen you post on the Vote No On Clyde-Green Springs Levy page as well. It's no secret you were all for cutting administration.

JW Brewer

If you read their webpage, then you saw the published attacks on teachers and salaries.

Long before my posts there, ye who has been 'in the loop', when I ran for BOE in '11 I wrote and spoke often about the need to reduce administration, that the administration 'support' staff cost about $800,000 annually, that five top administrators take ALL their salaries (our tax dollars) out of District and/or out of county and pay no taxes here.
I also campaigned with a "2020 Vision" noting there are potentially 9 levies before 2020. The Board and treasurer still have no plan for future levies.

But you've BEN in the loop three years so you know all that.


As far as you giving specific names...the levy failed with 62% of the voters against it for the 5th time and you claim you could "single" out "specific names?"

JW Brewer

specific names of people who spoke against teacher and their salaries? Oh yeah.

JW Brewer

Exactly when did YOU see the report anywhere on Dr. Kagy's move?


Consider approval of the following administrative appointment
It is recommended that the Board approves Dr. Laura Kagy, Director, Step 6 on the
administrative contract pursuant to O.R.C. 3319.02 for a one-year term commencing
on August 1, 2013 and ending on July 31, 2014. It is further recommended that the
Board approves up to thirteen (13) extended days for Dr. Laura Kagy at her Step 6
daily rate for the months of June - July, 2013

JW Brewer

Thank you. was this reported anywhere?


I heard it announced on 92.1 Radio. You won't be seeing it in the Clyde paper anytime soon. As of 8:43 am this morning, Clyde's newspaper webpage had one 'new' story of the Memorial Day cancer cluster mtg and still the old April news reports and sports "updates."

JW Brewer

Yeah, I know. Charles Boyk, the cluster attorney Ohio connection, sent out the press release Wednesday - when the paper already was on the stands.

Why would you schedule a meeting in FREMONT on MEMORIAL DAY when CLYDE has an 800-seat auditorium? Don't want anyone to show up?


Honestly, I've heard that they have laid off several people and are more like a one person show now. So its really not fair to critique the paper too much. Your only good as the staff you have.

Secondly, I don't think that Kagy has resigned yet from Clyde due to the fact she just got hired on Monday. Until approved, why would someone resign before, correct?

When it comes to admin and where they live, its easy to criticize them and where they live. I look at it from another point - do you want the best for the money - or do you pay someone that may not be as good but if they live in the town, that's great...however, I would still want an ethical, good person leading the building that my kids go to. Right? And living in town doesn't guarantee anything (look at all the issues that have pestered admins from the area - embezzlement, drugs, etc)

Hire the best person, right? Thats all I have to say on that.


JW Brewer, would your argument concerning residency be considered "bashing" of those you were naming in your posts at that page?
As far as salary DISCUSSIONs:
55% of the district expenses are wages, thus discussions of how much teachers get paid. All districts that had levies on the ballot this last election were interested and sharing websites containing that information. The discovery that some teachers make near $70K and "specific people" posting on the levy support page that taxpayers are greedy, tightwads, that don't support the community & don't support the kids, yet expect households to accept cuts to their lifestyles while embellishing their own; while over 60% of home property taxes go to the district for schools. Add in the 1% earned income tax going to the district from taxpayers pockets, & you have taxpayer SUPPORT! Is that the teacher "bashing" you are talking about, Brewer?
Everyone can acknowledge good teachers are the backbone to the students and the system. Maybe the hiring structure and pay structure is flawed and can/should be looked at. The administration asked for ideas, and they got them at the Vote No On Clyde-Green Springs Levy page. You and "specific" teachers you are "representing" should direct your bitterness properly. Not towards taxpayers, but to the Clyde administration.

JW Brewer

Bashing? No.
55% of budget are wages. DUH! Schools TEACH students. But $1.8 million is administration wages.
Some teachers make near $70K... and no administrator makes less than $90K.
I don't represent any District teachers. I don't know the bitterness whereof you speak. My comments all have been in support of teachers and directed to the administration. Obviously you decided to hide behind a new name. All the figures you spout above are not from my computer but from the 'vote no' websites.
So, since you decided to degenerate into personal attacks, I'm outa here.


Bashing? Yes. Now you are bashing me, in addition to the administration and the attorney for the cancer cluster. You are the "master"
FYI The 55% (if you had been paying close attention to figures) is taken from the Clyde Green-Springs School powerpoint presentation. The bitterness whereof I speak, Brewer, is extremely evident in YOUR comments. "Degenerate" into personal attacks? Don't see any attacks from me. I'm not hiding behind any 'new' name. Ben, here. Nice to "meet" you.
You, I see, have decided to use YOUR name on here instead of your other moniker you usually use on here. And as usual, you run "outa here" after brewing up discontent.


"These are OUR children, OUR schools and OUR communities. Stand up for those rights. Cherish them. Fight for them. It has nothing to do with personal feelings toward any members of the board or administration. It is all about the fact that these people are taking our money and using it with questionable transparency, lack of communication, and absence of a public plan for spending."

JW Brewer

And therein lies the issue, Ben.