Most Verizon phones back online

Phones hooked up to the popular carrier malfunctioned throughout Saturday
Andy Ouriel
May 19, 2013


Verizon Wireless officials restored power to most cell phones malfunctioning in the Erie County area Saturday.

Company spokeswoman Laura Merritt tweeted on the Register's Twitter page, saying that most cell phones should now be working.

Nearly every person with a Verizon phone experienced problems Saturday, as many users couldn't make phone calls, send text messages or download data from their wireless devices.

If you continue experiencing problems, let us know by commenting below.



i sure hope Verizon re reimburses the customers for time they couldn't provide service i know i still don't have it at cedar point... sure know they charged me for that time


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What profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language did this post have, SR?

Sharin' Johnson

What a troll!


At least I don't lobotomize other people's names, SJ.


What point in having the "Dispute Comment Moderation" button when nothing ever happens when one clicks it? Just remove it. It is worthless and gives false hope of someone actually paying attention.


Yes "Luvblues2" I have to agree snd laugh with you on this one. I am out to Firelands College several times a week and its so so funny. These college students come out of class and walking to the parking lot. I have actually counted who DOES NOT have a cell phone plastered to their ear. It's like 1 or 2 from 50+ I see walking down the walk.

I laught and say to my wife what do these kids have to do get on the cell phone and call a dozen of their friends to tell them what happen in class. Said maybe they are giants of industry and they are checking with their office to see if any mergers etc they need to address.

To me its so funny how they all have to be on that cell phone ad they immediately leave class. Who knows they must tweet in class ha ha


Have you noticed that they don't wear watches any more. Even an alarm clock is old school. I think that if we had a solar flare take out communication satellites everyone under 30 would have their head explode. They would all be late to appointments or work and wouldn't know how to talk to a real person to ask for help.

Erie County Resident

That is a funny visual there eriemom.. I'm still LMAO!!!
"everyone under 30 would have their head explode"


What? No story on how Sandusky Sprint customers were without service for TWO WEEKS?????? Maybe I WILL switch back to Verizon...


No story was warranted for the 2 of you.


there goes my fifteen seconds


That's what she said.


I wouldn't know, I have ATT and have not had a problem in 10+ years. LOL


I had no service all day Saturday at Cedar Point, and you know what? It was liberating! It felt great, I felt free! I am leaving the phone in the hotel room from now on!


Saturday's cell outage caused a nightmare for our business. Besides ppl not being able to call for a taxi, we could not communicate between dispatch and driver. Hopefully, Verizon will make this right with us so we can compensate the drivers loss of income on Saturday.

Erie County Resident

This explains why the taxis are all over the road then in Sandusky.
Thanks for tipping us off so when we get hit our lawyers will know.


I called and already got a 2 day credit.