Naked men run through streets

Vermilion, Sandusky police chase them down. One walking on a mission from God, he said.
May 18, 2013


Erie County had more naked men than a Roman bathhouse this week. 

One incident in Sandusky and one in Vermilion resulted in arrests, but a third case of nudity in Sandusky remains unsolved. 

A Vermilion man believed he was on a mission from God last week when police stopped him while responding to a complaint about a naked man. 

Nicholas Paradassis, 25, refused to stop walking when officers tried to stop him, according to a Vermilion police report. “I was sent on a mission from God,” Paradassis told officers, explaining that he was walking to St. Mary’s church to fulfill God’s mission before heading home. 

He was charged with indecent exposure/public indecency. 

On Thursday, Sandusky police got a double-whammy. Officers investigating an unrelated complaint spotted a nude man kneeling near the window of a home at Garfield Avenue and Sycamore Line. Officers chased the man, who jumped over a 7-foot fence before quickly disappearing into the darkness. 

“While we were looking for him, we get another call about a naked guy,” Sandusky police Lt. Rich Braun said. “This time over at Quality Inn, running through the bowling alley lobby and up and down the halls.” 

Police wondered if it might be the same guy, although it would been a small miracle for him to cover that kind of ground, naked no less. 

“You just don’t get a call about a naked guy every night, let alone two of them at once,” Braun said. 

Turns out the guy at Quality Inn had too much to drink and forgot his room number. Nicholas Calabria, 25, of Westerville, was charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct intoxicated. 

“Not a stitch on him,” Braun said.



The second guy is lucky he didn't rip his jewels off jumping that fence! Though it would've made for some great comments!

Raoul Duke

With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know.


Well, it is Spring.



BULLISDEEP's picture

NEED an update to the PANTS ON THE GROUND song !

looking around

Clearly he was unarmed!


The Blues Brothers were on a mission from God as well.


@Blaze, lol. But fully clothed and with fedoras, Wayfarer shades and gold Timex watches.

Woody Hayes

They read "Ask Eda and Your 5 Minuets Are Up" at the same time and went berserk.


lmao! does anyone know if God requires everyone to be nude when on a mission or just when in a missionary position?

John Harville

Is that your bare 'a' you're 'laughing off'?

John Harville

Why is the nude body indecent?
If it had been a nude female?


@ John, At least he wasn't wearing white before memorial day or after labor day.
Is that fashion rule still relevant?

John Harville

Is the photo NOT indecent?

John Harville

Is the photo NOT indecent?


He has socks on!


Only the back view -- that's not fair!!



That's hilarious.


I'm pretty sure the photo is of Will Ferrel from the movie he was in where he went streaking!!...I love that movie...and would know Will's butt after that scene, even without them saying that's what its from....hahahahaha....Kinda scary that the guy that wasn't caught was naked and creeping in peoples windows!! :/


You are correct. It is Will Ferrell.




Looks like Centauri

Mime Bloggling

So Matt...are you going to have that picture in your print edition? Inappropriate is a word that comes to mind, unprofessional... maybe peddling a little soft porn are we?


If you haven't gone streaking at least once in your life then you haven't lived . And , yes I have : )

William Jeffers...

Bucket List:
Jump 7 foot fence naked being chased by cops: DONE
Run naked through bowling alley asking about 12 pound balls: DONE
Ride a water buffalo naked through Sandusky Mall: TBD


Watch out John Connor. Either one of these guys could of been the T-1000 or the T-101.


Hmm.. Where was the "Adult Content" warning prior to viewing the SR home page?? Nice to see they just let this photo appear on home page with likely-hood for some minor to "accidentally" scroll down and see it...unwillingly. Now how does that fall under the sexting law??