Teacher, track coach suspended

Gunner says allegations are being investigated; Perkins police mum.
Alissa Widman Neese
May 18, 2013

Perkins Schools officials suspended an athletic coach this week while police investigate allegations she provided prescription medication to students.

Tracey Hiss, varsity girls track coach for 25 years, received a written notice of the investigation Tuesday from district superintendent Jim Gunner. The Register obtained a copy of the letter through a public records request. 

Hiss is also a health teacher at Briar Middle School for sixth-graders and junior high students.

“I am relieving you of your duties as a teacher and a coach, with pay, pending the outcome of an investigation into allegations that you have engaged in conduct unbecoming of a teacher in the Perkins Local School District by providing students with prescription medication without any authorization to do so,” Gunner stated in the letter.

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Hiss is prohibited from district property and should not discuss the matter with any students or employees, the letter stated. A substitute teacher is filling in for her at Briar Middle School.

Amy Didion, teacher and middle school boys track coach, is currently coaching the varsity girls track team, athletic director Mike Strohl said. 

When contacted Friday, Gunner said he couldn’t provide any details other than what he included in the Tuesday letter. Perkins police are currently investigating the allegations, and until the investigation is complete, Hiss is presumed innocent, he said.

Hiss did not return a phone message seeking comment.

The Register has submitted a public records request for the coach’s personnel file, as well as a request for any document detailing recent administrative actions involving her. School officials said Thursday they could not provide the personnel file until early next week.

A similar incident occurred at Perkins Schools in October, when school officials suspended wrestling coach and physical education teacher Travis Crabtree for providing a wrestler with a prescription painkiller. Strohl suspended Crabtree for three matches but did not take the incident to the superintendent or school board members.

Gunner explained at the time that it was Strohl’s responsibility, but Crabtree could appeal the matter to Gunner. The coach opted not to do so.

Late Thursday, district treasurer Lisa Crescimano emailed a news release stating board members will meet in a closed-door session at 7 a.m. Saturday to discuss employment of personnel. The meeting is at the district’s administrative service center, 3714 Campbell St.

Perkins police did not return phone messages seeking comment. 


Raoul Duke

Wait till you see those G^&%@%&@# bats.

Steph Demore

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Betray of trust and authority!


WOW!!!!!!! Sounds like Gunner is playing around with sexual discrimination!!! Coach/teacher TRAVIS CRABTREE was only suspended for a few wrestling meets for giving a student a prescription drug. I'd sue 'em!!!!!


I think so too. If what the allegations are true, it seems odd that the male coach (who by the way is well-liked by Strohl) is given a suspension of 3 matches while she is given these actions.


Don't you know that sports rule in school!


There's more than meets the eye here.


With Pay..are you kidding? Im sure everyone on here that works a normal job..not a head of a company or city official or in the schools...can definitely agree that if you screw up at work or are suspected of something, they DO NOT say go sit at home with pay until we figure it out. If you are in a head position..especially in our schools, you DESERVE to sit home with NO PAY!!!!! As our parents told us growing up.."sit and think about what you have done!"


I would guess that with all the Fred Fox stuff in Huron, that the school is being careful of wrongly accusing someone and suspending pay too quickly (not saying Fox is innocent at all - only saying that situation was mishandled all the way around.) Once proven guilty, then she will be terminated - and from what I heard, that is very likely to happen.


The Huron BOE did conducted an investigation prior to terminating the superintendent. Then two board members chose to fight it with him. But they did follow the proper proceedure.

Tru Grit

You can't suspend an employee without pay if you can't immediately prove what You're accusing them of especially when they are backed by a union. Another great coach who seemed to not think the whole thing through.

indolent indiff...

now we know why their track teams win all the time.


I really don't think this should be public knowledge until she is proven guilty! There is no reason why SR should have her personnel file, nor should Perkins Schools give it to them! In this country (for now anyway) you are innocent until proven guilty. Let's not be so quick to judge this lady without knowing the truth.


Gunner does things "his way." He probably is going after another employee with a lot of seniority to save a buck. Why doesn't he just unload Finn (double dipper)? Meadowlawn School does fine with just one administrator! That in itself would free up $77,000 dollars a year for us Perkins taxpayers.
Why did Gunner move from his position in his hometown of Bryan, Ohio? Why would one drive over 60 miles to a job when he held the same position close to home? Don't forget what he said in the SR. Gunner said, "he had been searching for a perfect “fit” for his family, and he is eager to relocate and jump into his duties."
“It has been a long process in terms of my searching for new opportunities for myself and my family,” he said... Uh,he still has not relocated. The excuse of family health issues has grown old and stale and tends to lean in the direction of a very fat (no pun intended) lie.



Ms. Hiss is a public employee and subject to different reviews by the public. Things are a little different when public money and children are involved. The general public is entitled to her information because she works for the public. Thus, the SR is entitled to all information as a matter of public record. Any public employee understands this concept.



I agree with you.


I agree. As to the charges, I see nothing about anything about her sexual activities. If she is guilty, then smear her name, not before. And if anyone thought this woman was evil, and exploited her team, then they should have reported it, not just stated their opinion here.




Isn't she the same teacher who was encouraging students to leave their classrooms and join teachers on the picket line back when they were striking? I seem to remember an article in the Register about that. If true, very unprofessional, both this and that.


If it is, I'm glad she got caught and hope she loses her job.


I wouldn't wish job loss on anyone. Sort of ironic that the public wants the district's employees to stand against administration, yet there are comments like these. Maybe she did.


If it's true she tried to get kids to skip class and picket with the teachers during the strike, then yes, I hope she gets fired. Not someone I want teaching my kids.


Having known Hiss for a long time, trust me, you didn't want her teaching your kids even with this incident and the strike issue withstanding.


I'm sure if voters knew they would be paying a suspended teacher to sit at home they might not have voted to pass that levy.


As far as we know, she could have given someone a motrin. Big deal! These aren't little kids she's dealing with. She would never do anything to harm any of her students! I guess after twenty-five years of dedication to them, you can't see this? This is getting blown out of proportion, I'm sure! Figures...



I dont believe you need a prescription for motrin.


Actually, there is prescription strength Motrin.


Motin 800mg is RX only. If you buy generic ibuprofen OTC and take 4, it equals the RX strength.



You have no problem with a teacher handing out prescription drugs to student ?

God save us.


I didn't think that any kind of medications were allowed to be given without parental persmission.