State hopes numbers improve

Employment, labor data should shed light on state of Ohio's economy
Associated Press
May 17, 2013


Ohio officials are expected to release the newest statewide labor force data on Friday morning, along with the unemployment rate for April.

The state's unemployment rate in February and March was 7.1 percent, slightly higher than in January.

Ohio officials are hoping to see a positive change.

The rate has consistently remained below the national level. The U.S. unemployment rate for April was 7.5 percent.

The state's leaders have said Ohio's economy and its job market are getting stronger, though the process is slow.

Ohio's unemployment rate peaked at 10.6 percent during the last half of 2009 and early 2010 before beginning its trek downward. January marked the first time the rate failed to decline or at least remain steady since July 2011.



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