Honda to build extreme sports car in Ohio

New version of Honda's Acura NSX will be produced inside a former Honda facility in Marysville.
Associated Press
May 16, 2013


Officials say the new plant at the former North American Logistics facility will employ about 100 skilled workers drawn from existing Ohio operations. The $70 million Performance Manufacturing Center adjacent to Honda of America Mfg.'s auto plant in Marysville will cover about 184,000 square feet.

Honda's third Ohio auto plant will be only a few miles from the Honda R&D Americas Inc. Ohio Center. That center is engineering the Acura NSX for production. The powertrain will be assembled by workers at Honda's engine plant in Anna.

The NSX was last built in 2005 in Japan, where it had been manufactured since 1990.



And they neither asked for nor received a tax break.

Way to go Honda!! Keeping Ohio strong!


Thanks for confirming that Kasich's beloved and mysterious JobsOhio is irrelevant and unnecessary.


I dislike tax breaks just as much as anyone.

So can we pull them back from GM and Ford?


The $82 million tax credit awarded to General Motors Corp. on Monday is the largest given by Ohio in at least 15 years.

Dated July 29, 2008. Who was the Gov then?


It is funny that the anti-American auto bashers out there continue to bash a "foreign" company, Honda, that is investing $70 million in Ohio while the "american" company GM took OUR tax dollars and are using it to build an auto plant in China!

So, you anti-american auto bashers, what ya got to say????


Why do foreign companies build plants here? Could it be because it is too expensive to ship cars here from home?

Same for GM. ALL the big car companies foreign and domestic already have plants there including Honda. China is the biggest market in the world and GM is the top seller there so the plants build cars for China use only and do no hurt ANY American jobs.

GOOGLE is your friend if you use it for knowledge and give up your right wing wacko views for a minute !!!!!


Google this..Honda is creating jobs here in America while your boy s at GM are creating jobs in China with your/our tax dollars. Like a kick in the nuts!

Really are you ...

Japan is probably afraid of expanding from their island into China. Because they dumped that nuclear radioactive water into the ocean, their main food source. A good portion of the Japanese island will be uninhabitable for a couple thousand years. Glad they are bringing business to (Ohio) the United States, hopefully more will follow.


I looked at a Toyota pick up a few years back, it had nearly 77% American made components and was 100% made in the US (San Antonio) good enough for me. American made by American workers. A similar Chevy model had 56% American made components (motor from Canada, transmission from France and assembled in Mexico, needless to say I did not buy the Chevy.


They lost the war.
They are winning the peace.
end of story.

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The Hero Zone

This is a book I recommend and I believe it actually mentions this plant as where a portion of the true story took place.


I can remember when Obama bowed to a Japanese dignitary.
The republicans had a cow.
He was accused of being less than a man and no American should bow to Japanese.
On the other hand it would be OK if he went to work at a Japanese plant.

Guess it just depends on which way the wind blows.

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Good one.


Glad for jobs. Glad that there are no tax breaks (corp. welfare) Yet many forgot that China & Japan have a storied history. Rape of many women (comfort stations). Brutality towards Chinese (killing babies with rocks). Willing to bet Japan is glad to do business with us. Sad that so many forget their history.


What's your point? The USA has, at some point in its history, done all the atrocious things for which we condemn other nations, including genocide. Some of us try to live in the present.



Take a trip to Hawaii.

What the Japanese don't own the Chinese do.

Try and get on a Chinese Tour Bus.

Not a chance, no Americans allowed.

Been there.... seen that....

Bombs didn't work, but recycled American dollars bought the place.


Yeah, kimo, property rights and freedom of association just suck. There are plenty of countries you could move to that don't have such annoyances, and they'd love your jingoistic patriotism.