New Dollar Store gets spruced

The store at Tiffin Avenue and Venice Road opened earlier this spring.
May 15, 2013


Workers tend to the landscaping Wednesday morning at the Dollar Store on Sandusky's west side. 


Erie Countian

Nice! That corner will look much better. Now if something could only be done to tear down some of the junky, abandoned businesses ("Martin's Motors" comes to mind, for example) along that part of Venice Rd. it would look even nicer! As a local, I find it embarrsssing to think of what the incoming Cedar Point tourists' first impressions of Sandusky are! I'm sure they are already angry to realize they have been bamboozled into taking Rt. 6 into town, getting caught by slow trains on Venice Rd. and then driving through the old, dilapidated neighborhoods on Tiffin Ave. and Washington St. At least when they get to lovely Washington Park, maybe they might get a better impression.

sandtown born a...

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Perhaps they are seeing the real Sandusky, warts & all.