Sandusky Schools announcement at 11

District plans to open regional school in the fall with full-time gifted curriculum
May 14, 2013

Sandusky Schools is set to announce today the next step in its transformation plan: The Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies. 

The advanced academic studies academy will be a full-time school for gifted students from Sandusky and from surrounding districts. It will be located in the former Jackson Junior High School building, at Jackson and West Madison streets.

“Our interest is in serving the needs of students,” superintendent Eugene Sanders said Monday. “In the 21st century, public education is a competitive world now. We’ve got to maintain that competitive edge.”

District officials plan to announce more details at a news conference today at the board office on Decatur Street. They plan to open the new center for the upcoming school year.

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Want to go?

What: Announcement on Sandusky Schools full-time gifted school
When: 11 a.m. today
Where: Sandusky school board office, 407 Decatur St.



Another label meaning nothing. We're all gifted in one way or another. Some have great personalities. Some are attractive. Some can make beautiful things. Some can fix things. Some can sell. Some can draw, paint or sculpt. One is not gifted just because he gets good grades.


Yes but personality and good looks aren't within a public schools realm. Academics however, is.


Good start. Now 'skim the bottom' by creating a creative arts school. Not all students learn in a conformist educational environment- remember the TV show FAME in the 70s-80s? Then combine ALL Erie County High Schools. Further option, to reduce the # of traditional students, is to open a computer-based classroom. Skim the top, skim the bottom, separate the traditional learner from the non-traditional learner, keep EHOVE open for the job training and this area would really have something. Great education tailored to the needs of specific groups, unbelievable sports teams (elementary thru junior high represent their HOME school district, and you severely cut administrative costs. To realistic to ever happen!


How about we have a special school for every individual child. God made us different with it.


This new academy won't be able to keep the thuglets out. All they'll need to get in is an IEP - the new trend is to use the ADA to get kids into gifted programs: