Sandusky Schools announcement at 11

District plans to open regional school in the fall with full-time gifted curriculum
May 14, 2013


Sandusky Schools is set to announce today the next step in its transformation plan: The Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies. 

The advanced academic studies academy will be a full-time school for gifted students from Sandusky and from surrounding districts. It will be located in the former Jackson Junior High School building, at Jackson and West Madison streets.

“Our interest is in serving the needs of students,” superintendent Eugene Sanders said Monday. “In the 21st century, public education is a competitive world now. We’ve got to maintain that competitive edge.”

District officials plan to announce more details at a news conference today at the board office on Decatur Street. They plan to open the new center for the upcoming school year.

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What: Announcement on Sandusky Schools full-time gifted school
When: 11 a.m. today
Where: Sandusky school board office, 407 Decatur St.



Ah yes the fight for the almighty open enrollment dollar continues. They might be on to something. Placing it in another building at least ensures that the ones that are there to learn aren't forced to co-mingle with thug culture in the main building.


YAWWNN: Why don't you go back to sleep and wake up again with the correct information? This has nothing to do with open enrollment dollars. It seems like people like you who don't have a inclinging of a clue as to how the public system works is the 1st to criticize. It is about enhancing education and preparing the students to be more connected to the 21st century standards as it relates to college readiness. It pathetic how these districts that are trying to do good for the sake of the kids are always put down by clueless people like you. It doesn't matter if it's at Jackson or at the Follet House, they are promoting new programming for the sake of the kids that are being serviced in their district. Go back to sleep and wake up out of your cloudy dream so you can be connected to the sunshine of "21 century" learning.


If it takes kids from outside the district, then yes, their state funding will follow them. That's open enrollment dollars.

Unfortunately, there will be no escaping the thugs. Some thug's mama will scream and holler about her little monster not being admitted, claim all sorts of nefarious reasons, and threaten to sue, and the punk will be admitted. I've seen it happen over and over since these gifted programs began 30 years ago.


Would you like to compare education credentials? If you would pull your head out of your nether region, you would see that I actually think it is a good idea. It moves the kids who are gifted to an environment that is conducive to learning, rather than keeping them in a building with kids that are only there to pass time and are a distraction. As for open enrollment, I just got off the phone with the board office. They informed that in fact their gifted program would be accepting applications for open enrollment. This school is a pseudo-charter school for the gifted, run by the city school district. Maybe you should wake up and do some of your own research.


YAWWNN: You really don't want to post degrees on the web because you would really regret the challenge. With owning my own business and having not one; but 2 master's degrees in business and finance, a bachelor's in education K-8, and an associates in communications, that would speak for itself with the education credential question. Now my reply to your original comment was about the open enrollment dollars that I already knew the answer to and you had to "call the board office" to get the answer to. So to tell me I need to wake up and do some of my own research, I already did (which you should have done before you spoke)! Thanks for the reply (with a smile)!


I think its a great idea. Skim off the cream at the top and put them under one roof. Accelerated learning for those who wish for more than a public school can offer.

This would be great for the grade school and junior high level. But, for those who want to succeed they have the option of attending BGSU Firelands and obtaining free college credits.

My son was taking classes at BGSH as a sophomore and had about two years of college under his belt before attending OSU. It sure was less expensive for me.

On a negative side it maybe the death toll for SMCC.


There will always be those of us wso wish to mix our faith with our childrens education.
I think this is a great idea for Sandusky schools!


That, and no matter how hard they try, as long as it's public, the courts will prevent the enforcement of any meaningful standards of conduct.


Just remember, the TRULY gifted do not go to/finish college and still succeed. A lot of these "gifted" kids just have good memory and can just spit more back out of what they are told. What you know doesn't matter, how you use what you know is what matters, and unfortunately, most of these kids waste their potential with college.


Too bad Jackson is a old, moldy, hot, and stinky


The only question I had was why was Jackson closed if it is good enough to use again?


Jackson was closed due a decline in district enrollment. We didn't need two buildings for the number of children in the 7th and 8th grades.


Gee they are cutting staff while starting an academy. I'll go out on a limb and predict they farm out the staff at this new adventure. I think the union Prez sold the staff down the river.


oldpirate: Cutting 5 positions could easily mean through attrition. You need to do your research to before you abandon your pirate ship and venture into unknown territory.


So we really aren't fixing the problem. We keep dividing off the kids into different categories and the rest of the kids are left on their own. The school needs to address behavior so the rest of the kids can have a chance at learning. No wonder there are so many charter schools.


What problem isn't being fixed? The gifted children finally will get the attention they deserve and not have to pay for the actions and behaviors of the thug kids lagging behind. Sorry, but you're never going to change that. School can't do anything about it and it starts at home with the parents. THEY sure don't seem to give a crap! Do you have a child in Sandusky city schools? I do and he/she could do so much better if we didn't have to worry about all the other students who don't give a crap and fall behind. Not to mention the behavior problems that interrupt the entire learning process. Many states have "Magnet" schools for this reason. Like they said, gotta keep up with the times and be competitive. I think this is a blessing many parents in the area have been hoping for.


Nonconformist: Bravo !! Excellent points for sure....


Nonconformist: Thanks for the wise insight! It's people like you and others that have common sense and knowledge about what's going on in today's educational society instead of being stuck in the 20th century error when principals and teachers could paddle kids at school and then they had to go home to parents that would give them double trouble for getting in trouble in school, and that way more teaching and learning took place. The challenge that society faces today in the educational society is the disrespect and disruption that teachers have to face because there is NO discipline at home for most and parents wanting to go to school and curse out the teachers and principals for their child's wrong behavior. It's ashame that it has gotten to this point for separate schools, but there are students who really want the best and to be challenged more without disruption and if creating a new school to do so is the key, then so be it. At least they are not misleading the taxpayers to vote on building a new school to do so. Bravo for your insight, Nonconformist!


Thanks for your kind words guys, but seriously, it's not rocket science here. Obviously anyone who sees an issue with this doesn't have a child in the school system who is affected by these issues.


Your kind of thinking is a reason why America is now junkyard America. Kid's are being told they are whatever god their parent's believe special little child. They aren't being told that there are winners and losers, parents are shielding their children from reality. Ignorant parent's pressuring their kids to go to college and get thousands of dollars in debt, instead of letting them live their life the way they want.(On a side note I hope we can do away with college scholarships and grants as soon as possible. If you are going to go to college, expect to get in debt and don't complain when you can't pay it off.) Junkyard america baby.


A great idea. Many schools do not challenge their gifted kids.


First, I'd like to say I'm Totally Amazed! Ok, that said....

I think it's great idea. My son is gifted and went to the Sandusky school system. Although he was in college prep classes, distractions were still present that hopefully will be addressed in the new facility. Kudos!


What about the average student? When are their needs going to be addressed? They will still be stuck in a classroom with the behavior problem students. Instruction will still be disrupted by the behavior problem students who don't want to be there. The disruptive behavior diminishes the education of the average student. They need to bring back the "Barker" classrooms.


I agree totally, Samiam! I volunteered in the Sandusky City Schools when they closed Barker and put those kids in the buildings. That former superintendent just didn't want to deal with having to go over to that building for those kids all the time and what have they done since being in the regular buildings??? Caused more disruption and sent our families packing to other districts. I say bring it back if you can open a gifted academy!


I agree. It always amazes me that children are all expected to make A's and B's but the AVERAGE is a C. No one expects every child to be a superstar in sports, but they sure do in academics.

Eda M. Handly

What about the average student? How about their parents get involved, stop making excuses for them and get them to the level of these kids. Maybe they aren't "gifted" per se but it's not impossible. How do I know this? My fiances son has been a C student his entire school career, he's in 3rd grade. He has been with us since December 2012 and this quarter he made the honor roll. Every child has the ability if they make the effort and the parents get involved.


Eda: Good points there..just sayin..

Eda M. Handly



How can they learn in that old building? WWGD? What Would Gunner Do?




Another label meaning nothing. We're all gifted in one way or another. Some have great personalities. Some are attractive. Some can make beautiful things. Some can fix things. Some can sell. Some can draw, paint or sculpt. One is not gifted just because he gets good grades.


Yes but personality and good looks aren't within a public schools realm. Academics however, is.


Good start. Now 'skim the bottom' by creating a creative arts school. Not all students learn in a conformist educational environment- remember the TV show FAME in the 70s-80s? Then combine ALL Erie County High Schools. Further option, to reduce the # of traditional students, is to open a computer-based classroom. Skim the top, skim the bottom, separate the traditional learner from the non-traditional learner, keep EHOVE open for the job training and this area would really have something. Great education tailored to the needs of specific groups, unbelievable sports teams (elementary thru junior high represent their HOME school district, and you severely cut administrative costs. To realistic to ever happen!


How about we have a special school for every individual child. God made us different with it.


This new academy won't be able to keep the thuglets out. All they'll need to get in is an IEP - the new trend is to use the ADA to get kids into gifted programs: