Mom is best

What is your mom’s name and what makes her special? Share your thoughts here.
May 12, 2013


“She makes me a bunch of food and she eats it, too.”
— Liam Ziegenhagel, 3, Sandusky, about mom Rebecca Ziegenhagel

“She’s the best mom in the world.”
— Benny Byington, 4, Sandusky, about mom Heather Byington

“She is a strong, courageous and caring woman. She inspires me to do my best and enjoy every moment of life.”
— Sarah Orlando, 27, Avon, about mom Peggy Herwerden

“She accepts people and doesn’t judge them. She supports me and my siblings in whatever we do.”
— Meg Mischler, 20, Sandusky, about mom Mary Mischler

“She’s always been there for me. Through everyone we’ve gone through, we’ve always been a team.”
— Brian Wood, 17, Kentucky, about mom Pamela Collins

“She never gives up. There’s so much love in her heart and she impacts a lot of people around her.”
— Mary Mischler, 42, Sandusky, about mom Linda Pitsenbarger



John Harville

55 years ago she was a divorced single Mom who made $175 a month but kept the mortgage current, food on the table, and a fire in the stove. Love was all around.
"Mother" stepped into The Light 12 years ago.

Kottage Kat

Adopted when I was 5, she gave life lessons and I am grateful.
Thanks for putting up with me and loving me through the tuff times I gave you
LILA CLARK. 1921- 2005


I miss you Mom


Mother's Day is bittersweet for me. I still have my mom but she has advanced Alzheimer's disease and she's not the strong vibrant woman she used to be. Most days she's more like a child and I'm like the mom since I'm her primary caretaker but I wouldn't trade a moment with her even now because I know one day and probably not very long from now I'm not going to have her any more each day is a precious gift. She was always like a mom and dad to all of my siblings and myself with my dad off working or not wanting to be bothered with us but she always put us first. Well now it's time for me to do that with her every day.


Best Mom In The World
~ Treva Irene Jenkins Sax ~
She gained her Angel Wings in 1999
I miss her Dearly!


You guys are making me cry :'(

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My mother taught me

- That I wasn't stupid, but what I did was stupid
- Not to wear my hair a certain way, because my forehead is to big
- Never put down my looks, because that just means I'm fishing for a compliment
- No matter how someone treats me, kill them with kindness
What she really taught me is I will never be good enough, and she could never be truly happy for me when/if something great comes my way.

I love my mother, but I don't like her


My Ma's birthday was a few days ago, too,

I miss her everyday. I wish she was still here to argue with.