Obama hails courage of nation's police officers

Praises police officers for everyday acts of courage, saying they often rush into danger to do "some really tough stuff."
Associated Press
May 12, 2013


In a White House ceremony honoring some of the bravest, he said America need look no further than the Boston Marathon bombings to know what police are made of: "Police officers ... running towards explosions not knowing if there was something more on the way. Law enforcement from different agencies in different parts of the country working together as one united team to identify suspects and bring them to justice."

He said few will ever forget the end of the marathon manhunt in Watertown, Mass. Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev died in a gunbattle with police, and residents cheered and gave police high fives after his brother Dzhokhar was apprehended.

"We don't always get that opportunity to stand and applaud the men and women who keep us safe," Obama said. "But they're out there — hundreds of thousands of you patrolling our streets every single day. And we know that when we need you most, you'll be ready to dash into danger, to protect our lives, even if it means putting your lives on the line."

Obama was flanked by award recipients, many in uniform, with families, friends and other officers looking on from the audience in the East Room.

The annual ceremony honored 43 law enforcement officers who are recipients of the National Association of Police Organizations TOP COPS award.

The group included eight officers from the Oak Creek, Wis., police force who battled a gunman at a Sikh temple last Aug. 5. The gunman killed six people before turning his weapon on himself. Obama singled out Brian Murphy, the first to arrive, who, he said, suffered 12 bullet wounds.

He also singled out New York police Detective Ivan Marcano, who was off duty in the Bronx with his girlfriend when he saw muggers attack a cab driver. Obama recounted Marcano being shot inches from his heart yet still giving chase to the suspects — holding his wound with one hand and his weapon with the other. Obama had Marcano's girlfriend stand, saying, "This was his date night! It's unbelievable."

Other honorees included officers from California, Illinois, Iowa, Florida, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Wisconsin, as well as three FBI agents from Nevada.

"They'll tell you they're not heroes. They'll say they were just doing their jobs," Obama said. "Today we honor them as TOP COPS because they're half right."

He said they signed up knowing "they might be called upon to do some really tough stuff. But I think that makes them more heroic, not less heroic."

Obama added America owes police officers all the support it can give — including the resources and equipment to do their work. He said that includes enough money to prevent layoffs and what he termed "common sense" gun measures.

Obama's efforts to enact tighter background checks for gun purchases following last December's Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting have so far failed to make headway in the Senate.




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He's just looking for votes for Hillary in 2016.

Rationally Speaking

Go back to 2009:
"President Obama addressed the arrest of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his Cambridge home during his news conference tonight, saying that "anyone would be angry" and "the Cambridge police acted stupidly."" while investigating a prowler complaint with a belligerent subject. Accusing officers of harassing a person because of his/her ethnic background.
"The president also said that there is a long history of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by police disproportionately." I thought cops enforced the law of the land not ethnic background.

What has changed his mind when he belittled Law Enforcement?

May 15th Law Enforcement Memorial Day - Be safe all officers! Thanks for your service....


He was correct in doing so. Gates did not look threating or like a burglar or prowler. Prowlers usually don't answer the door. It is also true minorities are treated differently by law enforcement and the justice system in general. Your "thoughts" about cops are severely thoughtless. He did not belittle anyone. Cops are great but they all are not great. Recent events prove that. Suck up all you want but don't expect others to be that naive.


Agree 100% deertraker. Todd Corbin - that's what ALL in L.E. should aspire to be!.

There you go again

But what about the IRS and the Benghazi coverup? Just give us some answers, Mr. Obama.


Benghazi has already been investigated by an independent review board, yet the GOP still continues to hunt for a smoking gun that doesn't exist. CNN.com has an interesting article today on this very subject.


Who cares???? -Hillary Clinton.


Yes it was investigated and the answers given during the investigation were not the truth. ABC News a liberal media reported 12 different iterations that the talking points went through before they were released to congress. If it were not for the lies the mess may have been over by now however we must remember that it did happen prior to election time and it seems that the truth may have been damaging. If they did not think it would have been damaging then why did they lie ?????????????

Interesting to note that Gregory Hicks the Benghazi whistleblower is a registered Democrat who voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary election and Obama in the past 2 pewsidential elections. He was the #2 U.S. official in Libya at the time.

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yes lets honor those cops of city sandusky like the tabacco spitting chewing drugs in my locker peeing in the bay accusing two blacks with a gun while im drunk metal


I give it up to most cops.. its s a hard job for little pay, a few arogant, egotistical, and plain out a#$ h#$%s give them all a bad name, but when you really need them they are there to lay their lifecto save ours


coasterfan writes:

"Benghazi has already been investigated by an independent review board,"


It was a State Dept. review board.

So having a Federal dept. investigate ITSELF using former career political bureaucrats doesn't potentially STINK of cover up?


In the event of an industrial disaster, why not allow the respective cos. to perform the safety investigation, fire a couple low level employees and be done with it?




People died, then Obama lied.


In think you forgot "Obama lied" BEFORE the "people died," too. I mean, who issued the "stand down" order? According to what I've heard, only the President has the authority to do that. Additionally, who denied repeated requests for added security? That could have been the White House or it might have been Hillary. Regardless, the most important words in your comment (or anybody else's) are PEOPLE DIED. The fact that any number of people then LIED about it doesn't make it any less important that we find out what happened, WHY it happened, and who's responsible.

Richard Nixon was wrong: It IS illegal, even if you ARE the president!



It was Sept. 11th for Christ's sake!!! Those Islamic nuts place a lot of importance on symbolism.

H*ll, bin Laden thought that by destroying the Twin Towers as a symbolism of capitalism, that it would make the U.S. see the error of their ways and turn to Islam! (Cuckoo, cuckoo.)

Wanna bet that security isn't beefed up around the world next yr. on Sept. 11?

The problem is that the majority of the public doesn't care about Benghazi. And Watergate was ‘just’ a break-in right?

On-the-other hand, this IRS story might get some traction.

'Course, the Clintons had the FBI files on their political enemies and that story went nowhere too.

The Big Dog's back

winnie writes that the "IRS story" might get some traction. Yep, that horrible Commissioner of the IRS back then. Oh, wait a minute. He was a BUSH appointee. Bush, the gift that keeps on giving.


You all keep saying that things today are the result of Bush 43 so if that would be true then I guess we can assume that the good economy that we had during the Clinton years was a result of Bush 41.

You can't have it both ways you know


Christ? From one who said: "I ain't a Christian." You never served too. Hate America?