CCW permits double in Ohio

Current debate in Washington has no impact on state law. Click here for video.
Jessica Cuffman
May 11, 2013

The number of Ohioans who have obtained concealed-carry permits has almost doubled across the state ever since the Sandy Hook shootings and ramped-up talks on gun control. 

The number of new permit holders in Erie County increased by 173 percent in the first quarter of 2013, compared to the same period last year, according to figures from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

In Ottawa County, the increase was even more significant: a 207 percent increase in the number of people receiving concealed-carry licenses, compared to the same period last year. Both counties topped the percentage increase statewide, 87 percent.

“Just statewide in general, the numbers are up,” Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. “People are interested in exercising their rights under that state law to obtain a license.”

Part of the increase in Erie County may be attributed to the fact Sigsworth’s office accepts permit applications six days a week, with half days on Saturdays to accommodate the demand. People who apply for concealed-carry permits can apply in any county bordering their county of residence, Sigsworth said.

Click here for news video with Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine. 

In Washington, D.C., meanwhile, the debate over gun control continues, with President Barack Obama and others pushing to tighten gun access following the December massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Locally and across the nation, guns flew off of shelves and manufacturers were backed up as Americans reacted to proposals for stricter gun control, including proposed background check expansions, legislation that Congress failed to approve last month.

The Associated Press contributed to this story. 

Concealed Carry Licenses issued       First quarter 2012           First quarter 2013       % increase            2012 total        
Erie County                                                         301                                 822                               173                          1,221              
Huron County                                                      59                                    78                                  32                             222                 
Ottawa County                                                     94                                  289                               207                             430                  
Sandusky County                                              201                                 335                                 67                              599                 
Statewide                                                    16,823                                 31,407                           87                              64,650                 


The Big Dog's back

Kind of a nerdy thing to say.


What a big man you are. Guns are not the problem, it's the way people feel when they have one in their hands. Guns make it too easy to kill. If people looked at guns as a "sub male's" toy, then a lot of people wouldn't use one, or even own one. Point and pull a trigger. You people better hope an attacker doesn't know how to disarm a weapon.


Ahh yes, the old what if the attacker takes away your gun. Let's see the survey I'm looking at says that only happens 0.875% of the time. Tells me that over 99% of the time it ain't gonna happen. With those odds, I will take may chances and carry my gun.

looking around

Just a few comments on issues raised here by a few bloggers. Many states do have reciprocation in recognizing CCW permits here is a link for a interactive map.

The interesting thing to me is the wide variance in requirements state by state to obtain the permit.

Having personally observed these training sessions in several states I can tell you that I see a need for uniform training guidelines nation wide.

I have been told by many people going through the process that the reason they are applying is not that they fear criminals but that they personally know of people who have obtained permits that they feel were unqualified for various reasons. Could it be that these folks have contributed to the growing numbers we have seen? In example one woman told me her brother had recently been issued a permit and in her words " if that idiot is going to have a gun....I want one also, he scares me!"

In a few instances I am aware of some gun advocates in a position to sponsor groups of people or employees interested in taking the required course at no cost to themselves have helped boost the numbers even that some of the attendees didn't actually apply for the permit after successfully completing the course criteria.

As for the ammunition shortage , it's like anything else in manufacturing, capacity and capability, raw materials availability, lead time and process changeover etc. With limited availability come price increase. Believe me the industry is feeding off this feeding frenzy.


Eat a gold bar. Force Recon.

getit right be4...

In ohio you do not have to get a permit (permission slip) to carry a gun. Open carry is 100% legal. I open carry every day. For the most part I open carry every place I go. I have been doing so for over a year now. I have had zero issue with this. I have had no one run in fear or call the law. Most people do not even notice.

The only reason I even have a CCW is so that I do not have to store my gun and mag separate in a vehicle. Unfortunately in ohio there is no way to carry a loaded gun in a vehicle without a permission slip from the state.


What do you plan on doing if someone disarms you?


You mean on the less than 1% chance it will happen? I call DERP on the repeat of the same comment you made above. Please do some research before posting. You sound as ignorant as Toby Hoover.


Yes, OC (Open Carry) is a right under the Ohio constitution. I have had my CHL (Concealed Handgun License) since 2004, and I carry every day. When I see some one OC my comment is if TSHF(The S**t Hits the Fan) the OC people will be the first ones the bed guys will take out, and that gives me to react to them before they know I'm there. Keep up the good work.


Tough guy can use a gun, congratulations!


Do you have a point?

swiss cheese kat

The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It seems like this should be easy enough to understand. Most conceal and carry laws restrict a right that is guaranteed by the Constitution.

When Obama stands before crowds of zombie-like hippies, freaks, and union employees, and uses the mantra “We can’t wait”, he’s bypassing a check purposely placed on his office by our Founding Fathers.

looking around

Funny thing about the Constitution and the rights, there have been 27 amendments ratified since our founding fathers drafted the document. Laws have been enacted, regulations put in place and further amendments proposed. There never seems to be a need for rules. laws, regulations or considerations of amendments until some A-Hole creates one by literally taking his or her supposed rights to the extreme and abusing the rights of others protected by the same constitution. Things have changed dramatically since our founding fathers sat down to pen the constitution, it's a shame they can't be around to clarify their thoughts based on where our country has evolved. In the meantime we will continue to create, amend and defend the constitutional rights of the masses in the best interest of all.


We shouldn't have to get a permit if it is our "right". Now the government knows where to go to first and after they publish the list of holders the bad guys will know where to get guns and who doesn't have them.


Who has the most to lose with the increase in CCW permits? Those who oppose these armed citizens all have something in common. They lose something with an armed populace. One way or another, they profit and thrive when there is no resistance to their criminal actions. There may be excuses offered up, like "Kids find them, and there are accidents", but that's a smokescreen, they want easy pickings when they commit crimes. Or they are reaping the benefits of those committing crimes. Either way, that's the reason they want the public unarmed. We are already seeing a drop in violent crime since the upsurge in CCW permits across the country. You won't see it reported though, but the stats don't lie.

your master

I took that ridiculous class and now I carry. the only thing I took from it is as you can basically kill anybody as long as you feel and I use the word feel your life is in danger. in fact the instructor said it was my duty to eliminate the streets of rubbish.

your master

and I will tell you another thing those stupid little signs on the front door businesses that say I cant bring my gun in here I ignore them any real American will